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Quickstart In one hour you will create the beginnings of a 3D Frogger game that you can share with your friends. Of course, you don't have to build a 3D Frogger game. You can create anything you like! You can make a simple game or a super-sophisticated one that includes 3D layers, and multiple levels. When you are done make sure to submit your game so that no one else can edit it and you can continue working on it later!

Mixing Reading with Coding in Early Childhood As a librarian, my goal is to expose students to all forms of literacy. Coding, to me, is just another form. Teaching coding allows me to integrate multiple disciplines together. Coding is a process just like the research process. That is why it fits so nicely in the library. Additionally, coding teaches problem solving, cooperation, and how to overcome failure. Course Overview - CompuScholar Course Overview Put a Computer Science Course on Your Transcript Start any time No set class schedules

Makerspaces: On Scanning the Road & Gently Easing the Brakes As school librarians, we are driven by our mission and our vision, by our national standards, by the needs and interests of our communities, and to some degree, by our own talents, passions and dispositions. We are all about inspiring learners to think, create, share and grow. We are all about becoming empowered leaders who transform teaching and learning. But, there is NOT just one right way to do library. And there is not one right way to inspire creative culture. And, while there are so many wonderful ways to inspire authentic, hands-on learning by doing, some of us feel a very strong pressure to radically transform already effective programs and spaces for a prescribed and limited vision of making.

MIT App Inventor Get Started Follow these simple directions to build your first app! Tutorials Step-by-step guides show you how to create even more apps. Learn Computer Science Basics From Bubbly Zines Design Available to Professional & Basic Members Amy Wibow's hand-made booklets use drawings, comics, and slang to teach the ABCs of programming Despite its utility in every aspect our daily lives, for many, learning how to code is a daunting task. Papert's Big Ideas Seymour Papert's Big Ideas Seymour Papert was the founder of the Constructionist Learning Lab, and he had 8 big ideas that were crucial to the undertaking of this type of teaching and learning. These big ideas are found in Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the classroom. We have created a poster to hang in your classroom makerspace to use with both teachers and students as they approach a new understanding of creativity, inquiry and makerspace in the classroom! Going Deeper into the Big Ideas...our thoughts, experience and research! Idea 1Learn by Doing!

5 Tips for STEM Learning with Sphero Robotics — Vivify All my middle school students came back to school this year bragging about their newest Christmas gift - a Sphero robot! Since we have spent the last couple months programming SPRK+ robots in our afterschool Space Club program, I will take this as a positive sign of success! Students love how quickly they can learn to program, never get bored with the endless games and challenges, and have fun showing off their dancing, flashing, spinning robot. Read on for more tips and tricks on teaching with Sphero robots in your classroom, home, or program. Teachers need help teaching computer science Teachers believe computer science can aide to their students’ success, but 75 percent are concerned the federal and state governments aren’t doing enough to equip schools to build students’ skills. Teachers also believe big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple should help schools build those skills. An October report from examines the state of K-12 computer science education and notes that, despite half a million computing jobs sitting open in the U.S., schools still have a lot of progress to make. Across 24 states, just 35 percent of high schools in the U.S. teach computer science—and minority, rural, and economically disadvantaged students are even less likely to go to a school offering computer science. To make coding instruction a bit easier, Microsoft launched a new Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial, the Voyage Aquatic, which takes learners on an aquatic adventure to find treasure and solve puzzles with coding.

Get coding in your classroom! Enter the Challenge. 1. Pencilcode Draw is for everyone and works much like the old Logo program where you write simple commands to make a turtle move on a grid. forward 10, right 90, forward 10, right 90 forward 10, right 90, forward 10. Her Code Got Humans on the Moon—And Invented Software Itself Margaret Hamilton wasn’t supposed to invent the modern concept of software and land men on the moon. It was 1960, not a time when women were encouraged to seek out high-powered technical work. Hamilton, a 24-year-old with an undergrad degree in mathematics, had gotten a job as a programmer at MIT, and the plan was for her to support her husband through his three-year stint at Harvard Law. After that, it would be her turn—she wanted a graduate degree in math.

Computational Thinking for Educators - Course What: A free online course helping educators integrate computational thinking into their curriculum Who: Humanities, Math, Science, and Computing educators When: All of the course materials are available as a self-study program. The goal of this course is to help educators learn about computational thinking (CT), how it differs from computer science, and how it can be integrated into a variety of subject areas. As a course participant, you will increase your awareness of CT, explore examples of CT integrated into your subject areas, experiment with examples of CT-integrated activities for your subject areas, and create a plan to integrate CT into your own curricula. The course is divided into five units, each focusing on the following:

7 Fun and Creative Apps and Websites That Teach Kids to Code These iOS and Web Apps are Visually Oriented and Kid-Friendly and Help to Build Critical Logic and Problem Solving Skills Computer coding is becoming an increasingly popular activity for today’s technology oriented kids. Even kids who do not plan to grow up and become computer programmers are enjoying the control and autonomy that coding delivers. Coding encourages kids to be creative, think logically and develop critical thinking skills that they will need throughout their lives. The skills young students develop through these early coding experiences can also help them to succeed in their education. With coding, kids get to try out new solutions to problems and tinker around with what can happen in various situations.

12 Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free There was a time when knowing how to program was for the geekiest of geeks. That’s not exactly the case today. As most entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers will tell you, learning how to program can help you succeed.