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Problem Solving Teaching Ideas

Problem Solving Teaching Ideas
Understanding Word Problems - Use your comprehension time to discuss strategies for understanding word problems! Teaching Problems - Some advice and tips for teaching problem solving to children. Bingo Investigation - Maths investigation based around a short play (scripts and information is included). Nim! An interactive version of the popular puzzle game. Contributed by Planet Primary. Magic Squares - Can you children complete these magic squares? <A HREF=" Widgets</A> More Resources:

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The Next Penelope - Construct 2 Games Visit Website The Game "The Next Penelope" is an original 2D racing and action game for PC and console, set in a futuristic Odyssey. As Penelope is looking for Ulysses through the galaxy, the player is free to explore the planets in any order. Mathematics & Numeracy, Investigations & Word Problems for ks1 & ks2 Line-Ups Instructions for Line-ups These are good fun and can be used at the start of a lesson as a recap or at the end of a lesson as a consolidation. They create a considerable amount of mathematical discussion amongst the children. Give a card to each student; the teacher decides whether the front of the classroom is the smallest number to the back being the largest number; the children have to line up from front of classroom to back in order of their answers. Line-Ups can be played as a two-team race, as long as teachers give out 2 sets of cards labelled A or B or coloured differently; or Line-Ups can be played against the clock - the class has to try to beat its time on the next occasion.

Problem Solving Topics Kindergarten These problems are designed for students in kindergarten. Pattern Problems: visual patterns that require students to draw what comes next. Teachers should ask students to explain how they know what comes next to develop students' ability to explain their thinking. Activities Level 1 and 2 Place Value Activities Children at these levels can experience:· employing place value to recognise, order and record three-digit numbers· developing rounding ideas to 10· recognizing zero as a number· constructing models of three-digit numbers· grouping objects in tens to count larger collections· using place value to work with patterns on a hundreds chart. Materials needed:· base 10 materials· a hundreds chart

Why is A4 paper the size that it is? Tangrams You will need Copy of the printout Scissors Pens or pencils (optional) What to do Cut out each of the pieces. Arrange the pieces on a surface so their positions match the arrangement in the printout. The pieces make two squares that are the same size. Five-Minute Film Festival: Arts Integration Turns STEM to STEAM We have all heard the dire statistics about how we're not preparing American kids for the STEM careers of the future -- but there are many who say that a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math alone is not the answer. What about integrating creativity and the arts as a path to better engagement in, and understanding of, the STEM subjects? Or bring some humanities in, for the (somewhat unfortunate!)

Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present KS2 Songs Welcome Teachers, Children and Parents! We've been seeing huge numbers of hits from teachers lately but also a growing number of children and parents logging onto our blog, leaving comments and sharing songs with their friends. Thank you, one and all.This week Mr A, who is becoming more obsessed with funky beats by the day, has a song about fractions to help you understand a complex issue in maths. Wait! Hold on! Math Word Problems for Kids Solve math word problems with Thinking Blocks, Jake and Astro, and more.Model your word problems, draw and picture, and organize information! advertisement Addition and Subtraction

Place Value Activities Number Line-Up This activity is designed to actively involve students in using place value concepts to build numbers. Objective: LWDAT use place value to form 3-6 digit numbers to satisfy different conditions. Materials: Demo digit cards, one set for class use Small digit cards, one set for each student Directions: How to Calculate a Square Root by Hand Edit Article CalculatorUsing Prime FactorizationFinding Square Roots Manually Edited by NatK, Maluniu, Luís Miguel Armendáriz, Webster and 44 others In the days before calculators, students and professors alike had to calculate square roots by hand.

VoiceThread Portfolios: Capturing the Creative Process - My VoiceThread This is a guest post by educator and VoiceThreader Jonathan Lewis. As a classroom teacher, sound assessment practices have always been a challenge, especially as we strive towards meeting the diverse needs of all of our learners. This challenge becomes even more complex due to differentiation, descriptive feedback, and the diverse technological tools our students are using to communicate their learning. Multiplication - Times Tables The 12 Times Table Print one and put it on your wall, or paste it in an exercise book. How to Learn Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the multiplication tables.

Test Prep Welcome to the Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests! All of the questions on this site come from test materials released by the Virginia Department of Education and are used here with permission. All questions on this site are copyrighted by the Virginia Department of Education and may not be used by other persons or organizations without their permission. Attention Teachers! Read the FAQ to learn how to view the questions a student missed and what their answers were!