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Faceted wooden panels form Mexico City cafe by Esrawe and Cadena. Mexican firms Esrawe Studio and Cadena y Associados have collaborated on the design of Tierra Garat, a new cafe in Mexico City's fashionable Roma Norte district.

Faceted wooden panels form Mexico City cafe by Esrawe and Cadena

The design team overhauled a building in the trendy neighbourhood, which lies just southwest of the city's historic centre and recognisable for its dishevelled colonial architecture. Garat is a well known brand in Mexico, being the first to bring gourmet coffee to supermarkets. "Reinventing itself as Tierra Garat, the brand now introduces an authentic, forthright and contemporary Mexican concept," said the designers. The small coffee house was designed by local firm Esrawe Studio, which took charge of the renovation, and Cadena y Associados, responsible for the store's packaging, signage and graphic identity. "The overall idea takes us on a multi-sensory journey to alluring coffee farms and brings us back to the roots of earth," they explained. 1540 Arquitectura adds cosy cellar and events terrace to tequila distillery. Tequila-fuelled parties can be held at this social venue, created by Mexican firm Quince Cuarenta Arquitectura for a distillery in Jalisco, while quieter sampling sessions take place underneath.

1540 Arquitectura adds cosy cellar and events terrace to tequila distillery

The Terraza Destilería is tucked away within a distillery complex in the town of Tequila, from which the popular alcoholic drink made from the local agave plant takes its name. Capital - Why open offices are bad for us. Four years ago, Chris Nagele did what many other technology executives have done before — he moved his team into an open concept office.

Capital - Why open offices are bad for us

His staff had been exclusively working from home, but he wanted everyone to be together, to bond and collaborate more easily. It quickly became clear, though, that Nagele had made a huge mistake. Everyone was distracted, productivity suffered and the nine employees were unhappy, not to mention Nagele himself. Whether it's noisy personal phone calls or constant interruptions, most of us have been victims of the open office.

Share your stories with us on Facebook. In April 2015, about three years after moving into the open office, Nagele moved the company into a 10,000-square foot office where everyone now has their own space — complete with closing doors. We’re 15% less productive, we have immense trouble concentrating and we’re twice as likely to get sick in open working spaces Small distractions can cause us to lose focus for upwards of 20 minutes. Accessible hotel room concept balances form with function. On the basis that many hotel rooms for the disabled aren't that accessible, can be poorly fitted and have overly clinical designs, two firms have collaborated to create a new hotel room concept.

Accessible hotel room concept balances form with function

AllGo is an approach aimed at creating accessible rooms that are functional, flexible and beautiful. The approach, developed by bathroom design firm Motionspot and architecture studio Ryder, is based on a set of design principles for accessibility, and suggests small changes that can be made to the design and layout of rooms to improve their quality. It seeks to create rooms that are personalized to each end-user and that are adaptable, with features able to be changed based on the access requirements provided to a hotel prior to a guest arriving. Among the features of AllGo are concealed, integrated handrails that can be used to provide support and to help people move around a room. Heike fashion concept store wins World Interior of the Year 2016. A monochrome clothing boutique in China has been awarded the World Interior of the Year prize at Inside 2016.

Heike fashion concept store wins World Interior of the Year 2016

Designed by Shanwei Weng and Jiadie Yuan, founders of AN Design, the Heike fashion concept store occupies a warehouse-like space in Hangzhou. A black box at the centre of the shop marks the location of a staircase, which leads up through a "wedge-shaped" volume to connect the two floors of the 200-square-metre interior. Because of this, the designers call the project Black Cant System. Clothing is presented on geometric clothing rails. Clutter concealed within wooden walls inside French apartment. Concealed storage cabinets create a space-saving solution inside this apartment in Sceaux, which was recently overhauled by French studio h2o architectes.

Clutter concealed within wooden walls inside French apartment

The architects renovated the apartment within a 1960s housing block in Sceaux, an area in the southern suburbs of Paris. Unchanged since its original construction, it featured closed-off rooms and large windows that looked out onto the surrounding green landscape. Schemata Architects creates minimal interior for Blue Bottle coffee shop. Plywood panels are used to conceal storage and serving hatches inside this Tokyo coffee shop by Schemata Architects (+ slideshow).

Schemata Architects creates minimal interior for Blue Bottle coffee shop

Schemata Architects was brought on board to design the interiors for the Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe's fourth Japanese store. Located in the lively Roppongi area of Tokyo, the shop is on a back street away from the the busy main road. It faces a concrete public plaza and a small park filled with shrubs and plants, and is set behind a completely glass facade.

Angled walls used to create blind spots in open-plan apartment. Grey-veined marble is paired with raw concrete and exposed pipework in this Barcelona apartment, in which architect Raúl Sánchez has used angled walls to create visual breaks in the layout.

Angled walls used to create blind spots in open-plan apartment

Sánchez and his studio RAS Arquitectura used angled walls to section up the 110-square-metre space, formerly used as an office. The bends in the walls help to create blind spots within the largely open-plan layout. Corsega Apartment now contains two bedrooms, an open-plan living area and a bathroom designed to be used by more than one person at a time. Jasper morrison unveils first kitchen design with 'LEPIC' for schiffini. May 06, 2016 jasper morrison unveils first kitchen design with 'LEPIC' for schiffini jasper morrison unveils first kitchen design with ‘LEPIC’ for schiffini italian kitchen producer schiffini has showcased a new collection designed by jasper morrison named ‘LEPIC’. the kitchen system is an exercise in detail and finishes, seen through the broad range of different materials and compositions that can be explored. the versatility can be identified in its capacity to be contextualized in different environments inspired by various cultures which are very different from each other but united through the project’s ambiance.

jasper morrison unveils first kitchen design with 'LEPIC' for schiffini

LEPIC is the first kitchen designed by jasper morrison LEPIC: ‘from epicurus who believed that pleasure is the greatest good, but the way to attain such pleasure is to live modestly and to gain knowledge of the workings of the world and the limits of one’s desires.’ see designboom’s instagram coverage 4 Ways Snøhetta’s SFMoMA Expansion Changes the Way You View Art. SAN FRANCISCO — Viewed head-on, the newly-expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA) presents an odd progression of landmark architectural styles in no chronological order.

4 Ways Snøhetta’s SFMoMA Expansion Changes the Way You View Art

First up is SFMoMA’s original home, a 1995 postmodernist red-brick building by the Swiss architect Mario Botta. Behind Botta is San Francisco’s very first skyscraper, Timothy Pflueger’s 1925 Art Deco PacBell building. And now, rising up somewhere between the two is the museum’s Snøhetta-designed, 235,000-square-foot expansion that, following three years of construction, will finally open to the public on May 14. By all counts, the expansion is weird: its all-white facade, comprising 700 individually-molded fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels, ripples and curves in a way that is totally alien to the building in front of and behind it. Mini extends "creative use of space" principle to urban living. Mini, renowned purveyor of cars that aren't necessarily all that miniature anymore, has turned its hand to tackling the problem of urban overcrowding.

Remodelista. Miss’Opo Guest House in Porto, Portugal, likes to think of itself as a home, a happy home where creativity and an interactive community are encouraged through design. The setup includes six guest studios, plus a restaurant and bar that have played host to many a cultural activity, from exhibitions to performances. Set in an overhauled historic building that’s been given a midcentury-industrial vibe, the hotel is well situated near the main square of the city, which itself is having a moment: The New York Times recently dubbed Porto “the Portland of Portugal” and singled out Miss’Opo as the local creatives’ clubhouse. Above: The dining room opens to a bar area designated by its own enclosure.

Photograph by Carlos Trancoso and Mariana Lopes via ArchDaily. 12 Must-Haves for Aging in Place. A Kitchen That Looks Less Kitchen-y. Biancoshock hides miniature underground rooms inside manholes in milan. Apr 04, 2016 biancoshock hides miniature underground rooms inside manholes in milan biancoshock hides miniature underground rooms inside manholes in milanall images courtesy of biancoshock throughout the lodi district of milan, italian artist biancoshock has turned abandoned manholes into subterranean dwellings. the three underground rooms created for the series ‘borderlife’ are situated inside vacant maintenance vaults and hidden beneath heavy metal doors. the spaces include a tiny kitchen, with hanging utensils and a wall clock; a minuscule bathroom, with an attached shower and towel; and a small, wallpapered hallway featuring a painting and hat.

Inside tadao ando's self-built studio in osaka. Apr 08, 2016 inside tadao ando's self-built studio in osaka inside tadao ando’s self-built studio in osakaall images by kaita takemura self-taught architect tadao ando set up his own practice in 1969. since then, he has completed over 200 buildings and was awarded the pritzker architecture prize in 1995. on the occasion of its 5th anniversary, PORT magazine visited the architect’s studio in osaka, which was originally intended as a residence, and discusses the key principles that typify the 74-year-old’s acclaimed work. ‘the real importance of architecture is its ability to move people’s hearts deeply,’ ando says.

‘I am always trying to establish spaces where people can gather and interact with one another.’ The 100-Square-Foot Kitchen: Less Storage, More Cool. Ideo arquitectura adds undulating pink canopy to madrid pastry shop. Feb 19, 2016 ideo arquitectura adds undulating pink canopy to madrid pastry shop ideo arquitectura adds undulating pink canopy to madrid pastry shopall images by miguel de guzmán / courtesy of ideo arquitectura at the heart of the historic city of alcalá de henares near madrid, local firm ideo arquitectura has renovated a 150-year-old plot as a colorful, contemporary bakery. the aged characteristics of the original site are maintained and enhanced with an artistic installation that spreads across the ceiling, suspended above customers as they shop and eat. comprising more than 12,000 pink-painted wooden sticks, the display complements the surrounding brick walls while adding a playful yet polished personality to the overall space.

The Post-Cubicle Office and Its Discontents. Mini Object Lesson: The Airport Restroom of the Future. Yves béhar builds a surf shack in the miami design district. Dec 07, 2015. Teague creates airline concept unhindered by the status quo of flying. Nov 20, 2015. 10 Coolest Items For Bibliophiles. Jvantspijker's renovated office includes an indoor garden. Nov 05, 2015. 10 Incredible Personal Wine Cellars. Convertible apartment increases living space by 70 percent. Pressures on space and money are making space-saving apartments increasingly popular. New Convertible Spaces apartments in Melbourne, Australia, are one such example. Cuba's Unfinished Spaces. In 1961, three young, visionary architects were commissioned by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to create Cuba's National Art Schools on the grounds of a former golf course in Havana, Cuba. Construction of their radical designs began immediately and the school's first classes soon followed. Kitchen of the Week: A Modular Setup from Sweden: Remodelista.

Older. An Ikea Kitchen in a Greenhouse, Paris Edition: Gardenista. Older. A Quiet Hour At The Museum – The Vienna Museum Of Art History. KLM turns jet into a two bedroom apartment. China Airlines' New 777 Features Tea Lounge and Cocktail Bar. Sliding furniture maximizes space in small Spanish villa. Spectacular kaleidoscopic skylight crowns New York’s newest transit hub. Before & After: Makeshift Society in Brooklyn: Remodelista. A Verdant Bakery in Vienna: Remodelista. Outbuilding of the Week: A Tuscan Cliffside Aerie: Gardenista.

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A Teahouse, Charred and Blackened (On Purpose) Gardenista. Design Sleuth: Bathtub as Sculpture. Expert Advice: 10 Essential Tips for Designing the Bathroom. 5 Favorites: Fluoro Brights in the Bath. Cinema Paradiso: An Architect-Designed Theater in Switzerland. A Jewel Box Parfumerie in SF. 12 Most Creative Banisters.

10 Space-Saving Ski Cabin Bunks. A Perfectly Formed Artist's Studio in Dublin. In a Modern London Addition, Books Come First. Climb Real Estate Group Designs A Stellar Office Inside A Classic Airstream Trailer. 9 Coolest Elevators. Oenophiles and Amateurs Welcome. Breathtaking Book Mountain library opens for business. Floating tsunami capsule is designed to save lives. 10 Coolest Dental Offices. 10 Totally Cool Dorm Rooms - (dorm, room...) Michael Jantzen's latest M-Velope transforming shelter.

Tiny Feng Shui mobile cube designed for Zen living. Lorna's 1930s Shepherd's Wagon. Verbandkammer: The compact modular office you can sleep in. Houseboat builder turns his attention to tsunami survival pods. A Modern Kitchen in Austria, All-Seasons Herb Garden Included. Into the Woods: A Museum Cafeteria in Spain.