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Corporation: Robots that Make a Difference

Corporation: Robots that Make a Difference
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Robotics Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots,[1] as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition. Many of today's robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics. The concept of creating machines that can operate autonomously dates back to classical times, but research into the functionality and potential uses of robots did not grow substantially until the 20th century.[2] Throughout history, robotics has been often seen to mimic human behavior, and often manage tasks in a similar fashion. Etymology[edit] History of robotics[edit] Robotic aspects[edit] Components[edit] Power source[edit]

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Robotics Companies Look to Near Future - Disruptions Nick Bilton/The New York Times MENLO PARK, Calif. — Millions of people watched a robot descend last week on Mars, about 154 million miles away, while it shared video, photos and status updates from its own Twitter account. I had my own encounter with a robot last week. I had dinner with one — right here in Silicon Valley. The dinner was at Willow Garage, a robotics company in Menlo Park, and was intended to introduce some reporters to the robots the company is building. The main attraction was the PR2, which can pick things up, fold laundry, open doors and bring cups, plates and other small objects to people. At the dinner, one of the PR2s dropped a soda can on the floor and just stood there, befuddled. It is hard to know how many robots are in use today because roboticists disagree on what a robot is. Robotics companies give various estimates for the numbers of robots in use. Mr. Soon, Mr. “Today’s telepresence robots let you be somewhere,” he said. Robert S.

Otherlab! Tactically Expandable Maritime Platform (TEMP) During natural or manmade disasters, the U.S. armed forces, with rapidly deployable sealift, airlift, logistics, and medical care capabilities, may be called to supplement lead agencies or organizations providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief support. The goal of DARPA’s Tactically Expandable Maritime Platform (TEMP) program is to investigate and develop modular technologies and modular systems that leverage globally used International Organization for Standardization (ISO) shipping containers. The vision is to enable humanitarian assistance and disaster relief over broad coastal areas without dependence on local infrastructure, using unmodified commercial containerships, thus freeing military ships to carry out other military missions. DARPA completed the first phase of the program, which developed four key modular systems, all of which are transportable using standard 20-foot or 40-foot commercial shipping containers. The elements include:

NASA Robotics - Robotics Alliance Project EXPO EDU How to Learn NI LabVIEW Hands-On Learning NI LabVIEW Academy Gain a hands-on experience with LabVIEW at select academic institutions who provide instructor-led training paired with classroom curriculum. LabVIEW Hands-On Campus Workshop Gain a hands-on introduction to LabVIEW programming taught by a National Instruments engineer on a campus near you! NI LabVIEW Training Courses Find the right LabVIEW course for you based on your application or interest area. Self-Paced Learning LabVIEW 101: Video Instruction Instructional video modules with detailed explanations, LabVIEW VI snippets, exercises, and quizzes. Student Community See technical information, peer discussions, and training and certification options. LabVIEW Introduction Course - 3 Hours Get a brief introduction to the LabVIEW programming environment with hands-on exercises.

StarBot Inc. Robotics In both an impressive display of innovative technology and a glimpse of a future in which humans could be redundant, Volvo has shown off its Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling (ROAR) project. The system uses drones to locate refuse bins and robots to collect and empty them. Read More Two marine scientists have shown that autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) can be programmed to make independent decisions and trigger new missions in real time based on data coming from multiple sensors. They believe this could reveal much about the life of squid and other marine creatures. Read More Boston Dynamics has showcased its evolving robot family in a new video of the Atlas humanoid robot. Read More Farms tend to conjure up images of flat prairies crammed with corn, but a surprising amount of farmland is situated on hillsides that are difficult to get to or maintain. Read More If you try talking to young children about the joys of programming, you may witness eyes glazing over faster than ever.

Home - TakkTile FRC Manual Students must submit their team’s Chairman’s Award submission through the FIRST Student Team Information Members System (STIMS) ( Follow the directions shown on the site to submit your team’s entry. Submission dates are listed in Section 6.3.1. Submitters must enter information, save it, and return to the site to edit the Chairman’s Award submission until they are ready to finalize it for final judging. Chairman’s Award submitters will go into STIMS ( and enter the following required information: Chairman’s Award submissions are posted on a private, password-protected site where only the judges and authorized FIRST staff can read the entries. Judges at each regional and district event will be interviewing the candidates who successfully completed the submission process.

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