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Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show!

Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show!
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A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources "There were more than 135 million adult makers, more than half of the total adult population in America, in 2015." What is a makerspace? You’ve no doubt been hearing that word more than a few times over the past several years. Makerspaces, also called hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs, are collaborative spaces where people gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas. Since the first official makerspace convened six years ago in a library in upstate New York, libraries have remained an ideal setting for makerspace events across the country.

Anchorage students find advantages participating in FIRST Robot Rendezvous The old saying goes, "You can't judge a book by its cover." That axiom proved true for kids and machines alike at South Anchorage High School this weekend. Tiny robots made from Legos whirred, rolled and inched their way around courses set up on tabletops Saturday afternoon as part of the Anchorage Robot Rendezvous. More than 500 kids competed in the event, all in fourth through eighth grades, with high school students pitching in as volunteer judges.

Compass Education Education is the key transformer to a more sustainable world. Compass Schools is a collaborative movement to embed sustainability as a core mindset and value system in schools and educational systems. Graduates from schools in which sustainability is deeply understood and fully embraced will be instrumental in discovering how we can successfully decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, ensure socially equitable and just development for everyone, restore and regenerate vital life-supporting ecosystems, and reorient the global agenda from a primary focus on GDP to one that is focused on significantly improving overall human happiness and wellbeing. To facilitate this collaborative movement, Compass Education offers School Sustainability Leadership Training to equip the entire learning community to effectively understand and act for sustainability. Learn how to apply this whole-school approach to sustainability education.

Tinkering Space Interview: Megan Schiller Today I’m joined by Megan Schiller of The Art Pantry, as part of our ongoing series of inspiring conversations that center on how to set up creativity hubs, or tinkerspaces. If you’re scratching your head because you can’t figure out where to put your child’s art materials, want to turn your laundry room into an art zone, or tend to shift furniture to make room for creative supplies, these interviews are sure to give you food for thought. Megan Schiller is a creative parent with an impressive background in art education, who now runs an amazing online kid-friendly art store called The Art Pantry where she also consults families on how to set up their very own Art Pantry (check out her very generous giveaway at the end of this post). I’ve drooled over pictures of Megan’s child-friendly tinkering space in her Instagram feed and also on her blog, and I asked her if she’d be so kind to share it with us today. Yay! We’re in for treat.

Educator Innovator Following Hack Your Notebook Day, a nationwide paper circuitry and applied STEM learning event held this summer that brought together makers from around the country, libraries and other connected learning spaces have continued “hacking” notebooks by holding independent events for diverse groups of learners around the country. In August, a group of teens gathered at the San Francisco Public Library, a member of the YouMedia network, to do some electrical engineering. But they probably didn’t realize that’s what they were doing. If they had they might have been too intimidated to sign up for the program. After a short video orientation, the students—five girls and five boys—were drawing and illuminating text and images in their notebooks using copper tape, conductive thread, 3-volt coin batteries, and LED lights.

KidZania – Get Ready for a Better World KidZania is the global leader in children's edutainment. Our mission is to provide the highest quality role-playing experiences for children around the world. We seek the finest candidates, on a country-by-country basis, to become franchise licensees for KidZania facilities. Our licenses are granted to a single, exclusive licensee for each country. KidZania has successfully owned and operated its facilities in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico for the past 14 years, and will be opening numerous locations in the United States starting in 2014. RAFT Bay Area - Resource Area For Teaching RAFT Needs Your Support Join RAFT and Silicon Valley Community Foundation for Silicon Valley Gives, a one-day event to bring community and nonprofits together in a big way. Donations will be matched 1:1, $10 becomes $20! Read More

Light It Up! 15 Awesome LED Projects Speaking of bright lights and big balloon-filled celebrations, what about getting into some DIY action with LED lights? LEDs are awesome and make it easy to turn household items like bottles, jars, and cotton balls into gorgeously illuminated pieces of decor. 1. Illuminated Bouquet: For this bit of floral illumination, you use a doily dimensional flower punch and an LED branch! (Tutorial and photos: Saved By Love Creations) 2.

Air Shark™ - The Remote Controlled Fish Blimp – Faraday Science Shop The amazing Air Shark is back, and 70% off for the next few hours! Moves up, down, full 360 degrees up to 40 feet away.Made from a durable nylon and simply bounces off of walls and other items it bumps into. Doesn't break! Autodesk Launches Tinkerplay App, Making 3D Modeling & Printing Easy & Fun We all know how important 3D modeling and printing will be in the years to come. If I had children, I would be teaching them at the earliest age possible how to model with CAD software, and ultimately how to use a 3D printer, as the world our children will be entering as adults will likely be foreign to what we are all familiar with today. Autodesk realizes the importance of 3D modeling and printing on future generations, and how important it is to get younger generations using their products and services at an early age. The best way to teach children, and even adults, about a new concept or how to use a new technology is by creating a learning experience which is fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Why the Future Will be Made by Creators, Not Consumers donnieray/Flickr Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States and former Google executive, wants every child to be able to code. That’s a sweeping but practical vision. If we’re teaching students the languages of letters and numbers to be able to speak, understand, and impact this world — math, science, technology, and code must be part of that knowledge.