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10 Future Technologies That Already Exist

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count down to » Mark of the beast tech exposed remote control living organisms become a reality and chips which can read your mind Imagine a world where one person’s brain could be used to control the hand movements of another through electrode stimulation… Imagine machines that could be triggered and told what to do just by one man’s thought… Scientists are on their way to making this happen. A new report published in Nature Communications shows how US scientists are making progress in the remote control of living organisms. Their demonstrations on monkeys have been described as “a key step forward” in controlling living organisms from a remote brain. The progress is not as advanced and creepy as it sounds. Instead, these Harvard scientists believe that this progress could help paralyzed people regain control of their own body. For those with spinal cord damage and movement paralysis, this is great news. The scientists at the Harvard Medical School installed a chip, capable of monitoring the activity of up to 100 neurons, in the awake, or “master,” monkey’s brain. Sources for this article include: Learn more:

Accueil | La Réalité Augmentée, un nouvel outil marketing {*style:<i> Bienvenue sur le blog « La réalité augmentée, un nouvel outil marketing » </i>*} ! Avec la montée en puissance de la grâce à la démocratisation des de nouvelles façons de consommer et de communiquer sont en train d’émerger. En effet, la réalité augmentée offre la possibilité d’être immergé dans un environnement virtuel avec des perceptions tactiles, auditives ou encore olfactives, . C’est pourquoi nous avons décidé de consacrer un blog entièrement dédié à la réalitée augmenté, afin de comprendre comment elle peut servir le marketing. Nous nous sommes donc posé la question suivante : {*style:<b>Comment intégrer la réalité augmentée dans une stratégie marketing ? </b>*} * Pour y répondre de manière approfondie, nous avons traité plusieurs parties : - La réalité augmentée : qu’est-ce que c’est ? - Comment créer le buzz autour de sa marque grâce à la réalité augmentée - La réalité augmentée pour présenter des produits - Quand la réalité augmentée vous fait vivre l’expérience

Topics Reading the opening post of a software question encouraged me to publish the following about Quantism. FOUR EXAMPLES OF ENTANGLEMENT 1.- SPATIUM ENTANGLEMENT Consider the standard elementary geometrization of "absolute" three dimensional physical space. In this context instead of "point in physical space" we will say "spatium state". For a given space coordinate system with XYZ axis, spatium state S corresponds with a point P in geometric XYZ space, that is, S corresponds with a triple of numbers in \R^3. Rolls-Royce is developing drone cargo ships....Drones On The Sea | Breaking Deception February 26th, 2014 (The Verge) Drones are already patrolling the skies, and eventually Rolls-Royce wants to see them take over the seas too. According to Bloomberg, Rolls-Royce Holdings is developing unmanned cargo ships that can be remotely controlled by captains using a virtual-reality recreation of a vessel’s bridge. “Now the technology is at the level where we can make this happen, and society is moving in this direction,” Oskar Levander, a marine engineering and technology executive at Rolls-Royce, tells Bloomberg. While now may be Rolls-Royce’s time to start moving, it’s far from the time when these ships will set sail. Levander acknowledges to Bloomberg that it won’t be a quick transition, and he makes it clear that Rolls-Royce Holdings — the aircraft and ship engineering firm now separate from the BMW-owned automaker — is instead trying to get ahead of the pack.

Les lunettes à réalité augmentée La réalité augmentée fera bientôt partie de notre vie quotidienne, que ce soit sur téléphone, sur console de jeux, … ou sur une paire de lunettes ! Vuzix, fabricant de lunettes pour l’armée et spécialiste de la réalité augmentée a sorti, en mai dernier, ses lunettes STAR 1200. Pour la première fois, les lunettes ont un display transparent : les verres sont totalement transparents, et ne sont pas remplacés par des écrans qui retransmettent ce que filme une petite caméra embarquée enrichie avec des éléments virtuels. Ci-dessous, les lunettes en question : [Voir les spécifications] La vidéo de démontration de Vuzix : Pour info : le modèle est proposé à 4999$, donc si vous en voulez une paire il va falloir la budgéter. [Sources : 1 / 2] Vous aimez cet article ? Partage

Deepak Chopra: Good News: You Are Not Your Brain By Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP, and Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D., Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School Director, Genetics and Aging at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Like a personal computer, science needs a recycle bin for ideas that didn't work out as planned. In this bin would go commuter trains riding on frictionless rails using superconductivity, along with interferon, the last AIDS vaccine, and most genetic therapies. The next thing to go into the recycle bin might be the brain. But then overreach crept in. In this scheme, the brain is in charge, having evolved to control certain fixed behaviors. The flaws in current reasoning can be summarized with devastating force: 1. 2. 3. 4. It's a massive struggle to get neuroscientists to see these flaws. We've become excited by a flawless 2008 article published by Donald D. It is degrading to human potential when the brain uses us instead of vice versa. deepakchopra com

Dragonfly: World's Smallest Autonomous Drone Takes Flight Nicholas WestActivist Post The mimicking of nature heralds a new focus in the development of drones. While DARPA and their contractors have been working on true nano surveillance with biological components, it is the modeling of insects that is currently being released to the public. Recently we have seen Robobee take flight as a possible replacement for our rapidly dwindling natural pollinators. But the dual use applications for surveillance and even human targeting are ever present. As drone expert, P.W. The following Air Force video leaves no doubt: Enter the Dragonfly "DelFly" explorer drone recently developed by Dutch scientists. The Dragonfly drone is part of a growing category of Micro Air Vehicles and their smaller counterparts Nano Air Vehicles. Developed during the 1970s, the CIA has displayed a mock-up of the micro UAV in its museum at its headquarters in Langley, Virginia since 2003. …. The micro aircraft has now been fitted with a new system of binocular vision. Crazy?

5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012 2012 promises to be a very busy year in all things digital, but, as with any annum, there will be just a handful of big, memorable trends. Here, I’ve collected five such movements that are likely to make a big impact in our technologically-enhanced lives. Augmented Reality It’s now in games, location apps, business cards and coffee shops and could start showing up in cars and even eyeglasses. Augmented Reality, which puts a virtual view on top of your real world, is really just a cool way of saying, “Reality with Style.” According to a report from Visiongain, 25% of all app downloads will feature some sort of augmented reality. The Micro-Payment Economy App manufacturers are not the only ones who can make money selling tiny wares and incremental upgrades. Sites like RedBubble do everything for the artist; all they need to do is upload the content. RedBubble is just one of many destinations popping up to help the aspiring entrepreneur. The Rise of the UltraBook Social/Digital Exhaustion