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Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health

Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health
Raising children in societies that adhere to rigid gender roles, with fixed ideas about what should be considered “masculine” and “feminine,” can actually be detrimental to their physical and mental health, according to a study that observed 14-year-olds’ interactions over a three month period. “Usually we think of gender as natural and biological, but it’s not… We actually construct it in ways that have problematic and largely unacknowledged health risks,” lead researcher Maria do Mar Pereira, the deputy director for the University of Warwick’s Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, explained in an interview with ThinkProgress. Pereira drew her conclusions after being embedded in a class of teenagers in Lisbon, Portugal. Pereira observed both boys and girls regulating their behavior in potentially harmful ways in order to adhere to gender norms. “All of the girls were within very healthy weights, but they were all restricting their intake of food in some way. Related:  Gender IIIIdentity and sexualityMulticultural Literature for Adolescents

Skirting Ochobo: Big Business Finds a Way around Local Customs Ten women marched in defiance of the stigma against women smoking cigarettes as part of the New York Easter Day Parade in 1929. The interesting thing was, however, it was all a sham. The tobacco industry had set the whole thing up with the help of public relations mastermind, Edward Bernays. American Tobacco Company President George Hill knew cigarette sales would skyrocket if more U.S. women smoked, a behavior reserved for men in the 1920s that had closed off the female market. Within one year of Bernay’s stint, women were smoking. Today, similarly, Japanese fast-food has found a way to bypass the cultural stigmas that impede their profits. The burger chain invented a wrapper that would allow women to open their mouths larger, but not be seen: the liberation wrapper. You can watch them introduce the wrapper in this short video: The liberation wrapper was welcomed in Japanese media and social networks, spreading its popularity. The approach has produced results.

The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out of STEM By now, we’ve all heard about the low numbers of American women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Some argue it’s a pipeline issue – that if we can interest more young girls in STEM subjects, the issue will resolve itself over time. But that’s not convincing. After all, the percentage of women in computer science has actually decreased since 1991. Another theory is that women are choosing to forgo careers in STEM to attain better work-family balance—rather than being pushed out by bias. My own new research, co-authored with Kathrine W. We conducted in-depth interviews with 60 female scientists and surveyed 557 female scientists, both with help from the Association for Women in Science. Pattern 1: Prove-it-Again. Experimental social psychologists have documented this type of bias over and over again in college labs, but this is the first time someone has taken that experimental literature and asked women whether it describes their experience in actual workplaces.

Feminism benefits men too – and it’s vital we bring our boys up to be more than victims of gender On 24 May at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, a short distance from where he once governed, Tony Blair resurfaced for a public discussion. Having arrived on an overnight flight, he looked drawn and puffy-eyed but soon warmed to his theme: a robust defence of liberal globalisation. He admitted, however, to bafflement at recent events in the world. "I thought I was pretty good at politics. But I look at politics today and I’m not sure I understand it." Blair lost power in the summer of 2007. His standing is likely to diminish further when the Iraq inquiry report is published on 6 July. Former leaders can ordinarily rely on their parties to act as a last line of defence. Yet outside of the Labour leadership, Blairism endures in notable and often surprising forms. In their defence of the UK’s EU membership, David Cameron and George Osborne have deployed arguments once advanced by New Labour. Among SNP supporters, "Blairite" is the pejorative of choice.

Ta selfies är som att slicka sitt kön | Robert Aschberg Så som skett med alla svunna epoker kommer den tid vi lever i nu att en gång sammanfattas, värderas och döpas efter det som i backspegeln anses ha gjort den typisk. Forntiden. Antiken. Något som syftar på it och massiv övervakning, förmodligen. Den har ju onekligen förvandlat miljoner och åter miljoner människor till patologiska självbespeglare. De sociala medierna är fyllda till bristningsgränsen med förhärligande bilder av människor. Tanken är möjligen att den enskilda dokumentationen av denna auto­erotism ska framstå som unik. i Sahara. Inga misslyckanden här, inte! Så kallade experter på sociala medier drar ofta långtgående slut­satser av stormar i virtuella vattenglas. Varför slickar hundar sina egna könsorgan? Därför att de kan. Har det faktum att så många numera har en bärbar telefon som kan ta bilder och distribuera dem blixtsnabbt gjort att människorna fått möjlig­heten att – i bildlig mening – slicka sina egna könsorgan offentligt? Självbespeglingens gyllene epok.

Diversity/Multi Cultural with Language-Literacy Updated January 2013 Some languages have more than one word for what English speakers think of as a single entity. Since ice is so important in their lives, the Inuit people reportedly differentiate among the various kinds, from slush ice to black ice. Have children choose something important to them – stickers, ice cream or ???– and MAKE-UP WORDS for different kinds. Nodding the head to signify “yes” is not a universal gesture. Each family has its own folklore, a set of beliefs, myths, tales and practices. Regularly READ STORIES that feature other cultures. MAKE “THE CRAYON BOX”... With a black marker on white paper- Draw a large CRAYON SHAPE and make copies for the children to use...Or you can download the pattern Here What You Do: Read the following poem to your students. THE CRAYON BOX THAT TALKED Poem by: Shane DeRolf While walking into a toy store the day before today I overheard a crayon box with many things to say "I don't like Red!" WOULDN'T IT BE TERRIBLE...? PEN PALS!!!

France Just Passed A Sweeping Gender Equality Law To Make It Easier To Get An... by Tara Culp-Ressler Posted on Share this: "France Just Passed A Sweeping Gender Equality Law To Make It Easier To Get An Abortion" Share: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, France’s minister for women’s rights CREDIT: AP Photo/Jacques Brinon Women in France can now end a first-trimester pregnancy for any reason — and the full cost of the abortion will be financed by the government — under a sweeping new gender equality law approved on Tuesday. The new abortion policy, which was proposed by the minister for women’s rights and has been debated among lawmakers since the beginning of this year, is just one of the measures in a broad package of legislation intended to strengthen gender equity in the country. “I don’t believe that history is going to spontaneously take us forward, so going towards more equality needs us to be politically proactive,” France’s minister for women’s rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, explained when the measure was first introduced. Although Roe v.

ACT for Youth - Adolescence - Ethnic and Racial Identity Development Identity development, the growth of a strong and stable sense of self across a range of identity dimensions, is central to adolescent development [1]. While we have many types of identities (religious, cultural, and national, to name a few), ethnic and racial identities are an important part of how we see ourselves and how others see us. Ethnic and racial identities, of course, are not adopted solely by minority populations. Everyone develops a sense of ethnic and racial identity. Visit Toolkit: Identity Development for resources. Ethnicity and Race Ethnicity and race refer to different dimensions of our identities. Ethnicity refers to the idea that one is a member of a particular cultural, national, or racial group that may share some of the following elements: culture, religion, race, language, or place of origin. Race is a social construction that refers to characteristics possessed by individuals and groups. Certain ethnic and racial identities may also confer privilege. References

Why Today presenter Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit for a year Karl Stefanovic in his Burberry knock-off with co-host Lisa Wilkinson. Angered by the sexism he saw being heaped upon his female colleagues – and attempts to downplay it – Karl Stefanovic decided to conduct an experiment. He wore the same blue suit on air, two days in a row. Now, a full year has passed – and he is still wearing the same cheap Burberry knock-off, every morning, on Channel Nine's Today program. Karl Stefanovic wearing the suit in July 2014. Not a single audience member has asked about it, he says. Advertisement Yet co-host Lisa Wilkinson still receives regular and unsolicited fashion appraisals, as she revealed in her well-received Andrew Olle lecture last year. "No one has noticed; no one gives a shit," Stefanovic tells Fairfax Media. "Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear." His frustration at this, he says, sparked his experiment. "She's a mate and she was hurt by that," Stefanovic says, shaking his head. DailyStyle

Blås inte upp barnen - Sverige - Göteborgs-Posten Alla vill sina barns bästa, men att sätta dem på en piedestal har sina risker. Genom att blåsa upp deras egon riskerar de att utveckla en narcissistisk personlighet, som likt den mytomspunna sagofiguren lider av en obesvarad kärlek till sig själv. Mycket tyder på att vi människor tycker allt mer om oss själva. Sedan 1970-talet har graden av narcissism ökat, visar forskning. - Vi vet inte varför, men vi är ganska säkra på att det är så, säger Eddie Brummelman, psykolog vid Universitetet i Amsterdam där han forskar om barns utveckling. Uttrycket narcissism kommer från den grekiska legenden om den unge Narcissos, som var så underbart vacker att vem som än såg honom greps av en passionerad åtrå. Så även den från nymfen Echo, vilket fick kärlekens gudinna att straffa ynglingen till att bli förälskad i den skepnad han såg i vattnet till en silverklar källa. Destruktiv självkärlek Personligheten uppstår i barndomen, men forskarna är inte överens om orsaken. Det finns två dominerande teorier.

Why Teach Multicultural Literature? | The Huffington Post I have taught literature at the college level for almost a decade and at as many as six different campuses. These have mainly been classes that were focused on non-western writing. Why teach U.S. students literature from different countries? Here is the video that set this off, followed by the student’s letter and my response: About the Adichie talk at the TED conference. The problem with these kinds of conversations is that you have to be really careful about how ideas are presented and in particular how things are worded. In my opinion, Adichie perfectly typifies what you could call the ugly side of multiculturalism. Any time we start talking about the “dominant” culture, unless you are very careful and explicit about your terms, it starts to become clear that what is being talked about is white culture. I would have been fine if Adichie kept her discussion to the concept that diversity is good and how lack of it can lead to stereotyping and in the worst case racism.

It's Simple, Invest In A Girl, Invest In The World This infographic, courtesy of UNICEF, Every Woman Every Child and UN Global Education First Initiative, illustrates how investing in women and girls, is an investment in the world. A girl multiplies the impact of an investment made in her future by extending benefits to the world around her. When girls and women earn income, they are likely to reinvest 90% of it into their families. In a recent letter to The New York Times entitled, Help Boys, but Don’t Shortchange Girls, Gloria Steinem, Pamela Shifman and Girls Inc., outline the lack of funding for girls by foundations, “Foundation funding directed to girls and women remains less than 7.5 percent of all foundation funding; funding dedicated to girls and women of color has, to our knowledge, never been counted.” It’s simple, investing in women and girls is the right and smart thing to do! Other Stories You Might Like

Classroom Strategies for Multicultural Literacy August 20, 2015 A lack of early reading skills can result in poor outcomes for students in the classroom and beyond. Students from certain communities tend to have lower literacy levels, which can reduce both academic and career potential. Reading is Fundamental’s multicultural literacy campaign Reading is Fundamental (RIF) is an organization dedicated to increasing multicultural literacy. Providing multicultural reading materials to students of colorEngaging with community organizations in underserved communitiesDeveloping education campaignsEngaging parents and caregivers in the reading process through workshops and take-home materials Reading is Fundamental also focuses on the importance of reading to young children. Multicultural literacy resources include diverse characters Teaching strategies: Multicultural literacy in preschool and elementary school It’s important for preschool or elementary students to see themselves and their communities reflected in the books they read.

Having a working mother works for daughters Negative perceptions around women who combine paid work with parenthood have been comprehensively demolished in a major study by Harvard University, which shows the daughters of working mothers enjoy better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those raised by stay-at-home mothers. Using data from 24 countries including the UK and US, the Harvard study says that while working mothers “often internalise social messages of impending doom for their children”, the reality is that their sons and daughters appear to thrive, with daughters benefiting most from the positive role model of a mother with a career. Harvard Business School professor Kathleen McGinn, lead author of the study, noted that the effect on daughters’ careers of mothers working was particularly marked in the UK and US, where public attitudes to career equality could be more of a barrier than in some European countries such as Finland and Denmark.

Sarah Britz: Normen att dricka starkare än vi tror ”Anders”, ”Anders”, ”Anders”.... Reklamen slår rakt i magen. Arbetskamraterna trugar på en kaka men alla förstår att reklammakarna sätter fingret på hur vi hanterar människor som inte vill dricka alkohol när det bjuds. De som bryter mönstret. Vi är ett taskigt folk, burdusa och inskränkta med liten förståelse för den som vill bryta normen – även alkoholnormen. På Aftonbladets debattsida skriver Systembolagets vd, Magdalena Gerger, om en Sifo-underöskning företaget låtit göra. De avkrävs en förklaring. Med myrsteg lämnar vi berusningsdrickandet, som tydligen inte längre är så accepterat (här är jag inte fullt övertygad) och i stället går mot det kontinentala legitima vardagsdrickandet. Magdalena Gerger ser att det på allt fler arbetsplatser är naturligt att bjuda på alkohol vid festliga tillfällen; vid mingel, avtackningar, konferenser och julfester. Den som svarar nej, blir kanske klassad som en tråkmåns. Normen att dricka alkohol är mycket starkare än vi tror.