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Abbotsford Police create dark domestic violence video aimed at students The Abbotsford Police Department has teamed up with the drama program at W.J. Mouat Secondary School to create a dark and disturbing short film about domestic violence called Reveal'ution. The idea is to get teenagers talking about healthy relationships at an early age. "We've already been trying to figure out how do you talk to kids in school about how to start respectful relationships that aren't abusive or violent?" said Abbotsford Police Chief Bob Rich. "We realized that we needed some tools." Abbotsford Police Chief Bob Rich says his department receives one to two calls per day about domestic violence. Rich says Abbotsford police gets a call or two about domestic violence per day, but the vast majority of incidents go unreported. "The interesting goal the Abbotsford Police Department has is to increase the number of reported incidents of domestic violence, so we want the number to go up, not down," he said. The cast of Reveal'ution comes from W.J.

Medialized: Behind bars Det är bara 17% av världens befolkning som lever i länder där det råder pressfrihet. I övriga länder styrs och kontrolleras journalister på olika sätt, och i många länder riskerar journalister våld, hot och övergrepp. Vi besöker tre av de värsta länderna. Här kan du skapa egna klipp ur programmet Hjälp Stäng 1. Se en film om hur man skapar klipp. DelaKopiera länken genom att trycka ctrl+C på PC eller cmd+C på Mac. The Marlboro Man, Present at the Creation Oct. 21, 2002 -- Somewhere, there exists an America inhabited solely by characters from product advertising campaigns. Imagine Mr. Clean taking up residence in our country's kitchens, resting his bald pate in the broom closet and renting out cabinet space to the Jolly Green Giant, who rumbles off to tend the farmlands with the dawn. In such a landscape, a single character would surely dominate the American West. For Morning Edition, NPR's Kathleen Schalch reports on the origins of the icon that helped to transform Marlboro from the lowliest of brands in Philip Morris' stable of cigarettes into the company's prize money winner. In the 1920s, Marlboro was first advertised as a premium cigarette for women, a milder version of the smokes well dressed men might puff on after dinner. After deciding to introduce filters to the brand, Marlboro executives still had the brand's feminine image to deal with. For help, Marlboro turned to Leo Burnett's advertising company. In Depth Other Resources

What High School Taught Millennials About the War on Terrorism - Politics The threat can be eliminated, the Patriot Act was uncontroversial, and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Reuters Some time ago, I got curious about what the high school kids are reading these days in history class. How have they been taught our shared past? As I flipped through the table of contents, pondering where to begin, I suddenly felt foolish, for I hadn't anticipated that the last chapter would be titled, "The War on Terrorism." Here is the first paragraph that I read: The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, killed all 266 passengers and crewmembers on the four hijacked planes. That's a confusing way to compare the events for any student whose touchstone is Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. But as I said, the book was published in 2003, and soon I began to fully realize what that meant. With that in mind, what followed was fascinating. Isn't that the sort of myopia historical study is supposed to gird us against? The style of writing here is remarkable.

Уређивање, креирање, генерисање .Уређивање, креирање и генерисање звучних записа Алати се крећу од забавних алата за генерисање речи у музику и звуке природе, преко конвертовања формата, наснимавања гласа уз аватар или одређене слике, до креирање одређене врсте музике, музичког жанра и слично. Продукти могу бити само забавни, а могу бити и сјајна подршка настави музичког и неговању културе говорења и комуникативних вештина. Гласови из света (Woices - world voices) јун 2013. из света су услуга која омогућава корисницима да креирају, деле и слушају аудио-информације које су повезане са конкретним географским локалитетом. mp3 хватач (Mp3 Grabber) апликација ће вам омогућити да на три једноставна начина одвојите звук од видео-записа и сачувате га у mp3 формату. Трећи начин обезбеђује хватање звука са видео-записа који се налази на рачунару корисника. Видео у mp3 (Video2mp3) Аудио сецко, спајалица и конвертер (Online Audio Cutter, Joiner, Converter) април 2013. Јодио (Yodio)

Coming clean: Sean Dooley launches mental health program - Nelson Star By TYLER HARPER January 13, 2016 · Updated 1:04 PM Nelson Leafs assistant coach Sean Dooley wants to help young athletes suffering from mental illness. / Tyler Harper photo It's taken Sean Dooley 25 years to admit what he's known all along. A quarter century to look in the mirror and speak aloud about what has haunted him, what he's denied over and over to friends, family and himself. Dooley was sexually abused as a child. Dooley isn't afraid anymore. This week, Dooley and the Leafs will launch Breakout, a player assistance and mental health awareness program for young athletes, coaches and parents. "When I was ready to give up on myself and I said that, I had people who weren't ready to give up on me," said Dooley. "And that's what we want to do with this program for these young athletes. Dooley was born in Nelson and grew up in one of the city's most public families. He was five when he was sexually abused. In retrospect, Dooley wishes he had said something about the abuse. "I felt bad.

Media Watch | Improving the image of gender and race in the media Trans woman's choice: Change your life or die Wendi Cooper can tell you how much has changed for transgender women. It’s what she tells the women she works with on the streets of New Orleans. “I tell them, times are changing. Transgender people are being heard,” Cooper, 36, told msnbc. “Even by the president.” Cooper’s life has been mapped by those changes. These days, she works as a community navigator for Women with a Vision, a community-based nonprofit founded by African-American women in New Orleans to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. But before she worked at Women with a Vision, she was a client. For years, Louisiana enforced a two-hundred-year-old felony prostitution law, part of an anti-sodomy law known as Crimes Against Nature, that disproportionately criminalized LGBT people, and in particular women of color. But in 2012, Women with a Vision successfully argued in federal court that the law was unconstitutional – with Cooper, who had been convicted under the law twice, as one of the plaintiffs. “It’s a process,” said Cooper.

A Citizen's Vocabulary | iCitizenForum Accountability Accountability means that the government in a democracy is politically answerable to the people. Specifically, both appointed and elected officials of the government are held responsible to the people by the laws that regulate the use of the government’s power. Authority Authority is the legitimate use of power by government over its citizens. Back to Top Bicameralism Bicameralism is the organization of a legislative body based on two chambers. Capitalism Capitalism is an economic system characterized by ownership of property and capital (i.e., accumulated facilities and goods used as the means of production) by individuals and corporations. Citizen Citizens are “the People” to whom legitimate democratic governments are accountable. Citizenship Citizenship is the legal relationship between citizens and their government and country. Civic Education Civic Virtue Civic virtues are the ideals and principles of a democracy. Civil Society Common Good Commonwealth Communism Congress Country | brainstorm and mind map online

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