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The XX Factor Thanks to the BuzzFeed quiz, we now all know which city we should live in (Paris), what kind of sandwich we are (grilled cheese), and which Twin Peaks character we are (Agent Dale Cooper). BuzzFeed quizzes exploit our urge to belong, to categorize ourselves into an identifiable group that we are instantly a part of. (Oh, you’re a Miranda? Me too!) Which is why the latest BuzzFeed quiz, “How Metal Is Your Period?” is such a masterpiece of the form. The questions range from the mundane (Q: “Have you ever tried to put in a tampon only to discover you forgot to take the old one out?” Women, take this quiz and rejoice: You are not alone.

Geek Feminism Wiki Hoyden About Town: a mixed bag of uppity women blogging from Australia Links - Feminist Webs Want ACCESS to more and the best links available online? Suffrage Movement The BBC have put a fantastic new archive of materials on the British suffrage movement online: Then and Now Bolton Women’s Liberation Group existed from 1971 until 1986. In the twenty first century we are developing a project to make our archives accessible. Violence and Safety Chris Green, the UK Director for the White Ribbon Campaign. Also a short video trailer to help explain what the campaign is about, available on You Tube: Interestingly and perhaps logically, on a dating website, there is a good guide to personal safety that can be adapted to use with young people. Work and leisure Here is a link to the women and employment section on the new Equalities and Human Rights commission website.

Women's Electoral Lobby Geek Feminism Blog | Women, feminism, and geek culture The Dawn Chorus feminism "Es un centro que desde hace nueve años, promueve el uso del video como una herramienta de educación, organización, capacitación y expresión. Nuestro trabajo está encaminado a que las mujeres se apropien de dicha herramienta y la apliquen en su labor en defensa de: Los Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres, La educación popular, La salud reproductiva La libre opción sexual. La creación de Políticas Públicas que nos beneficien. Alternativas Ecológicas y de Desarrollo Sustentable La creatividad y la complicidad." "Since 9 years ago, this center promotes the use of video as a tool of education, organization, capacitation and expression.