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Zara Genderless Clothing Line 2016 - Non Binary. It's not the first time Zara's parent company, Inditex, has added genderless clothing to its inventory: Inditex-ownedPull&Bear has offered unisex apparel in past seasons, according to Harper's Bazaar Spain.

Zara Genderless Clothing Line 2016 - Non Binary

Recently, more and more retailers have dabbled in gender-free offerings. Last year, British department store Selfridges introduced a pop-up called Agender at both its London flagship and online. Stateside, Target announced a few months later that it would remove any gender-specific signage and colours from its children's bedding and toy sections. (Also, let's not forget that American Apparel has stocked unisex inventory for quite some time.) Zara's announcement represents a huge step in the mainstream fashion space. One Major Department Store Will Be Going Completely Gender-Neutral. On March 12, London's famed Selfridges department store is launching Agender, a three-floor pop-up that will treat customers to something revolutionary: a gender-neutral shopping experience.

One Major Department Store Will Be Going Completely Gender-Neutral

Instead of using traditional male and female mannequins, the store's windows will feature figures dressed in non-gender-specific clothing; the project will also incorporate photography, film, music and décor that examines the idea of gender. Women's Wear Daily reports that Agender will feature a variety of unisex lines, including collections from Bodymap, Nicola Formichetti and footwear label Underground. "[Agender] is not about harnessing a trend, but rather tapping into a mindset and acknowledging and responding to a cultural shift that is happening now," Linda Hewson, Selfridges' creative director, told Women's Wear Daily. This concept is already familiar to the fashion world.

For years, the fashion industry has been on the forefront of gender fluidity. Can this pioneer a new, plausible path? Inside Selfridges' radical, gender-neutral department store. We live in a world where Facebook and Google+ have introduced "infinite" gender options for users, trans models like Andreja Pejic and Hari Nef are burning up the runway; and designers like Hood By Air and Telfar break new ground in fashion every day.

Inside Selfridges' radical, gender-neutral department store

Is it any wonder that walking into a store and only heading for your gender-assigned aisle is starting to feel a little passé? Enter Selfridges latest initiative, Agender, a pop-up department that aims to create a "genderless shopping experience" within the London department store. I went down to visit Agender on the opening day to see what a gender-neutral store actually looks like. Is it lightly watered by the tears of queer unicorns; adorned with the statues of LGBT heroes and feminist icons who sought to destroy gender stereotypes at every turn? Does a giant, kindly bust of Judith Butler look over you and your gender non-conforming boyfriend as you peruse unisex Stan Smiths and HBA sweatshirts? Agender - The Concept Store. As part of Agender, Selfridges is creating a unique genderless shopping experience across fashion, accessories and beauty.

Agender - The Concept Store

The Concept Space, devised by renowned designer Faye Toogood, is an environment in which you are given the freedom to transcend notions of 'his' and 'hers', as you simply find your most desired item by colour, fit and style. Including exclusive designs by both world-renowned and upcoming designers, complemented by exciting beauty launches, these products mark a significant turning point in the way we think about fashion, beauty and style. Welcome to the future of genderless shopping. What does 'agender' mean to you? Agender literally means 'without gender', but it also suggests a plan of action or an ideological goal. Tell us about the space you've designed in store. Why do you think this campaign feels right for now? We are increasingly aware that gender is not a simple binary, yet clothing is still marketed along those lines.

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