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Everyone's Welcome. About-Face. Not Your Exotic Fantasy — Feminist Frequency. This episode explores the ways in which sexist, racist stereotypes about Black women and tribal cultures that date back for centuries are often still perpetuated today in representations of women from indigenous and tribal cultures in video games.

Not Your Exotic Fantasy — Feminist Frequency

The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies. Coming Out Twice. Golden - A short film by Kai Stänicke. If We Lived In A Genderless World. 6 facts about American fathers. As the American family changes, fatherhood is changing in important and sometimes surprising ways.

6 facts about American fathers

Ending Media Bias. Paula Broadwell: Marine Corps Nude Photo Scandal ‘Doesn’t... A Girl Like Me. Commercial: GROWING UP SKIPPER (1975) Baby Storm Raised Genderless, or Without a Gender, a Dangerous Experiment, Say Child Development Experts. Baby Storm five years later: Preschooler on top of the world. By Jessica Botelho-UrbanskiStaff Reporter Mon., July 11, 2016 As a baby, Storm Stocker-Witterick drew attention from around the world.

Baby Storm five years later: Preschooler on top of the world

Now, as a 5-year-old, she’s more likely to be getting attention from her parents and siblings. We know working women get penalised for motherhood. What if there's a 'daddy track' too? Few people would disagree that many women face barriers, if not outright discrimination, when they transition to the role of working parent.

We know working women get penalised for motherhood. What if there's a 'daddy track' too?

There is some emerging research, however, that suggests discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace may not be entirely grounded in gender and it is the “caring element”, or more precisely the reduction in work intensity this entails, that drives the differential treatment and outcomes for men and women. This infers that the change point for improved gender equality may need to shift from a focus on becoming an “employer of choice for women” to a more sophisticated understanding of gender and the re-construction of the ideal worker paradigm. Fathers, work and care Men as fathers have been a neglected area of research in the work and care debate. Genderbread Person 3.3. “There are lots of people at the place where I work, but there is one person who is really special.

This person is really, really smart,” said Lin Bian. “This person figures out how to do things quickly and comes up with answers much faster and better than anyone else. This person is really, really smart.” Bian, a psychologist at the University of Illinois, read this story out to 240 children, aged 5 to 7. She then showed them pictures of four adults—two men and two women—and asked them to guess which was the protagonist of the story. Beautiful by Choice. The Concordian – Caution: Guerilla art ahead. Guevedoces: ‘Girls’ In Dominican Republic Growing Penises at Age 12. Facebook’s New Options for Gender Identity: A Comprehensive Guide. Facebook’s message was clear when the social media network added new gender options for users on Thursday: the company is sensitive to a wide spectrum of gender identity and wants users to feel accommodated no matter where they see themselves on that spectrum.

Facebook’s New Options for Gender Identity: A Comprehensive Guide

What might be less clear to many people is exactly what the approximately 50 new custom options for gender—like trans*, pangender and cis—actually mean. Sam Killermann, a self-described “social justice comedian,” is very serious about how far the complexities of identity go beyond the traditional binary of male or female. Force Factor GNC Test X180 Ignite TV Commercial, 'Manliness' - This Comic Illustrates The True Meaning Of 'Husband Material'

Judith Butler: Your Behavior Creates Your Gender. Jutith Butler Short Speech on gender. "My Shirts Aren't Going To Iron Themselves": Conservatives Launch Attacks On Women’s March. Hundreds of thousands are protesting President Donald Trump’s administration and his hateful rhetoric during the campaign in the Women’s March on Washington and at numerous other marches across the United States and the world.

"My Shirts Aren't Going To Iron Themselves": Conservatives Launch Attacks On Women’s March

Donald Trump, JFK, Masculine Mystique. Political observers ignore culture at their peril.

Donald Trump, JFK, Masculine Mystique

We like to think that political decisions and voting choices by citizens in a democratic republic such as the United States are the result of thoughtful considerations of policy or ideological commitment. But that is true only partly, or occasionally. In fact, underlying beliefs and commitments, fears and yearnings, visions of aspiration and decline, standards of beauty and truth, and hazy dreams of opportunity and fulfillment consistently intrude to shape our political choices. Long ago, Walter Lippmann described this cultural influence as voting according to “the pictures in our heads.” The recent presidential election provides a case in point. In this regard, Trump bears an interesting resemblance to an earlier president who in many ways created the template for modern holders of that office: John F.

President Kennedy aboard his yacht Manitou, August 1962 (Robert Knudsen/White House/JFK Library) John F. On MSNBC, Laverne Cox Explains The Human Reality Of Trump's Rescinding Of Trans-Inclusive Policies. CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): Give us a sense, you're not here to argue, you're here to explain the human reality of being transgender and what this reversal basically in and the progress made in the Obama administration would mean to real people?

On MSNBC, Laverne Cox Explains The Human Reality Of Trump's Rescinding Of Trans-Inclusive Policies

LAVERNE COX: First of all, thank you so much for having me here today and when Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch made that incredible statement last year, I was so moved and I felt for the first time our federal government was acknowledging the humanity and dignity of trans people and it felt like we were turning a corner. And the current administration is revoking of these guidelines yesterday feels like we are moving backwards. I'm Glad I'm a Boy - I'm Glad I'm a Girl. How To Be A Man. Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing (Extended Version)

Always #LikeAGirl - Unstoppable. Always #LikeAGirl. How to Make Love: A 1936 Guide to the Art of Wooing. Putting North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law to the Test-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. My best friend in UCD is a serial-hugger.

He hugs indiscriminately – men, women, children, dogs, senior lecturers and even heads of state! Sometimes there’s a bit of cheek kissing, other times not. With men he meets it’s usually a big strong hug; one arm over your shoulder, the other under the opposite arm pit. #DressLikeAWoman: Twitter backlash over reports of dress code for Trump staff. A report that Donald Trump wants his female staff “to dress like women” has brought the president widespread derision online.

A source told the news website Axios that women working for the Trump campaign felt pressured to wear dresses. The claim is one of several about how the reality-star-turned-president expects his staff to present themselves. Dr. Michael Flood: Senior Lecturer in Sociology. Gender Bias Learning Project. Welcome to XY online. 6 Things To Know About 4th Wave Feminism.

The feminist movement is arguably too vast and protean to package into neat, ideologically distinct boxes, and yet, the idea of sequential "waves" is useful when analyzing its development. The first wave centered around suffrage and property rights, while the second moved from de jure rights to de facto rights — and we've been stuck there ever since. While the third wave introduced more nuance and complexity to the movement through queer theory and Kimberle Crenshaw's concept of intersectionality, has there been a big enough sea change since to warrant a new wave? According to Feministing founder Jessica Valenti in 2009, "maybe the 4th wave is online. " In the years following her proclamation, there has been more discussion about the internet being a force for fresh feminist discourse, and there was an entire class dedicated to the subject at The New School in 2014 (which, coincidentally, I taught). 1. 4th Wave Feminism Is Queer 2. 4th Wave Feminism Is Sex-Positive.