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Curated creative design and development resources

Curated creative design and development resources

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7 Tips for Creating Professional PowerPoint Templates A boring PowerPoint presentation has no merit. If the information isn’t presented well, your audience won’t take it in, so it’s crucial to put together something that people can really engage with. A balance of visual interest and well presented information is key to a successful PowerPoint. By taking the time to make a well-crafted Template, you can save yourself a lot of effort later on. Follow these tips, and you can be confident that every PowerPoint you make will hit its mark. 200+ Backgrounds Freebies from Dribbble Looking for cool, fresh backgrounds for you app, web and graphic design projects? Check out this massive list with over 200 backgrounds freebies from Dribbble! These awesome backgrounds freebies were created by some very talented Dribbble designers. In this list of over 200 backgrounds freebies from Dribbble, you’ll find polygon backgrounds, blurred backgrounds, image backgrounds, geometric backgrounds and more! Want more?

Side Comments - style commenting 1. Download SideComments.js Install with Component You can install SideComments via component. Convert CSV or Similar Text Data into a HTML Table This tool takes any chunk of predictably structured text info like CSV spreadsheet text (you can export this format out of an Excel spreadsheet) and it formats the cell info into a HTML table. Basically it takes the CSV text you input and makes every new line of the file a row in the table. It takes the separator you choose to break the data cells up into items that get placed into HTML table cells. If you have or find some regularily structured data that you want to quickly put into a HTML table and proudly display on your website then this is the tool for you. As a bonus, the CSV conversion process produces clean HTML code for you to use.

TextMaster Raises Further €1M To Crowdsource Translation, Copywriting And Proofreading TextMaster, the crowdsourced platform for content translation, copywriting, and proofreading, has raised €1 million in a second round of funding. Money it has pegged for further International expansion, specifically Germany and Asia. The fresh capital comes from previous backer Alven Capital, eFounders and Cédric Siré (the founder of Webedia group). It brings total funding for the Brussels-headquartered company to €2.64m, having raised an earlier round back in late 2012. We’ve previously described TextMaster as akin to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk but for a very specific niche. It offers a platform for content creators to crowdsource their copywriting, translation and proofreading needs via a community of ‘professionals’ who have each gone through a quality vetting process and are paid per-word.

rangeslider.js Features Touchscreen friendly Recalculates onresize so suitable for use within responsive designs Small and fast The rangeslider.js API is compatible with the standard HTML input methods. How to create Fixed Menu When Scrolling Page with CSS and jQuery In this Tutorial I will explain how to create fixed menu when scrolling page with CSS and jQuery, you already know jQuery right? A short description about jQuery, jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. The aim is to have the navigation fixed when user scrolling the page and back to its original position when scrolling back to top. Demo

Circle of Growth — Growing + Scaling Startups “Circle of Growth” is a concept launched by Leo Exter and Omar Mohout in Belgium. Concept behind the Circle of Growth The concept is pretty simple: bring together 5 technology Startups that are in the same stage of growth, i.e. product/market fit.

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