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Transit - CSS transitions and transformations for jQuery What about older browsers? Transit degrades older browsers by simply not doing the transformations (rotate, scale, etc) while still doing standard CSS (opacity, marginLeft, etc) without any animation. Delays and durations will be ignored. // Delegate .transition() calls to .animate()// if the browser can't do CSS transitions.if (!$.support.transition) $.fn.transition = $.fn.animate; Fallback to frame-based animation If you would like to fallback to classic animation when transitions aren't supported, just manually redefine .transitition to .animate. (Note: if you're using custom easing, you may need to also use jQuery Easing, and restrict your use of easing options to the ones defined there.) $.fx.speeds. Default duration Transit honors jQuery's default speed, $.fx.speeds. Custom easing Define custom easing aliases in $.cssEase. Webkit: prevent flickers Having flickering problems in Webkit? Antialias problems in Webkit? Force hardware-acceleration in Webkits to prevent text flickering.

Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins Best Free Open Source Web Resources for Web Developers | WebAppers jQuery Popup Plugins for Developers Being able to serve up quick information to your users effortlessly is an advantage for your website. jQuery Modal dialogue pop boxes or windows are widely used for displaying : alerts, warnings, errors and static content, media files, webpages , messages, forms etc in a nice looking overlay. These jQuery popup (modal) plugins can easily be integrated into your website to create cool and visually appealing modal windows. Dialogue Windows are a very common scenario in web development, especially where a parent-child type of UI is set-up. Most times these Pop Modals tend to contain mostly static content and the dynamic elements in it will be a few text changes. There are use-cases where a jQuery dialog window should open up dynamic content (including elements rendered) based on certain criteria selected in the parent page. 1. PopEasy is a light weight jQuery plugin that is a must have for any developer to easily create modal windows. Source 2. Source 3. Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 10. So, you’ve spent some time building your e-commerce brand. You’re making a handful of sales each month, but it’s not taking off the way you hoped it would. You do a little digging into your analytics and you learn people who spend 20 minutes on your site almost always buy something. But those who check out just one or two pages, well, they don’t stick around long enough to spend any money. What gives? Being faster and more efficient is the goal of all web designers and developers. According to Statista, the global mobile payment revenue is expected to reach over 1 trillion US dollars in 2019. In the world of today, having a website is a must. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code server-side. Since the Internet is around, affiliate marketing has always been one of the most efficient ways to make money online by promoting third-party products.

40 Fresh jQuery Plugins To Make Your Website User Friendly Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Lots of jQuery plugins are available in the internet market. Some give you outstanding results and reduce your work load with their awesome functionality while some give you only tension and increase your work load. And as you see every year so many latest and new jQuery plugins are released. All these jQuery plugins offer different functionalities and therefore, it is difficult for the users to choose which jQuery plugin is suitable for his work or which one is not. You do not have to worry anymore, in this assortment we are showcasing 40 new and outstanding jQuery plugins for you. Flexisel – Responsive Carousel Plugin ( Demo | Download ) Resize your browser window to see how you the plugin can adjust to the window width. Swipebox – A Touchable jQuery Lightbox ( Demo | Download ) Swipebox is a jQuery “lightbox” plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet. ( Demo | Download ) MultiDialog

Position Absolute - Waves of front-end, product and entrepreneurship articles git - 간편 안내서 - 어렵지 않아요! git - 간편 안내서 git을 시작하기 위한 간편 안내서. 어렵지 않아요 ;) Roger Dudler가 만들었어요. 설치 OS X용 git 다운로드 Windows용 git 다운로드 Linux용 git 다운로드 새로운 저장소 만들기 폴더를 하나 만들고, 그 안에서 아래 명령을 실행하세요. git init 새로운 git 저장소가 만들어집니다. 저장소 받아오기 로컬 저장소를 복제(clone)하려면 아래 명령을 실행하세요. git clone /로컬/저장소/경로 원격 서버의 저장소를 복제하려면 아래 명령을 실행하세요. git clone 사용자명@호스트:/원격/저장소/경로 작업의 흐름 여러분의 로컬 저장소는 git이 관리하는 세 그루의 나무로 구성돼있어요. 추가와 확정(commit) 변경된 파일은 아래 명령어로 (인덱스에) 추가할 수 있어요. git add <파일 이름> git add * 이것이 바로 git의 기본 작업 흐름에서 첫 단계에 해당돼요. 변경 내용 발행(push)하기 현재의 변경 내용은 아직 로컬 저장소의 HEAD 안에 머물고 있어요. 가지(branch)치기 가지는 안전하게 격리된 상태에서 무언가를 만들 때 사용해요. 아래 명령으로 "feature_x"라는 이름의 가지를 만들고 갈아탑니다. git checkout -b feature_x 아래 명령으로 master 가지로 돌아올 수 있어요. git checkout master 아래 명령으로는 가지를 삭제할 수 있어요. git branch -d feature_x 여러분이 새로 만든 가지를 원격 저장소로 전송하기 전까지는 다른 사람들이 접근할 수 없어요. git push origin <가지 이름> 갱신과 병합(merge) 여러분의 로컬 저장소를 원격 저장소에 맞춰 갱신하려면 아래 명령을 실행하세요. git pull 이렇게 하면 원격 저장소의 변경 내용이 로컬 작업 디렉토리에 받아지고(fetch), 병합(merge)된답니다. 꼬리표(tag) 달기 소프트웨어의 새 버전을 발표할 때마다 꼬리표를 달아놓으면 좋아요. 로컬 변경 내용 되돌리기 댓글

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