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User Interface Design Search Engine, UI Inspiration, UI Elements, GUI Design, Freebies

User Interface Design Search Engine, UI Inspiration, UI Elements, GUI Design, Freebies

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Downloads If you still haven't received it, please try refreshing the page. You can reach our premium Wordpress themes and HTML templates by clicking on the thumbnails below. Moose WP A flat, responsive and multipurpose Wordpress theme for business, portfolio or personal use. Go to item page → Slowave WP A flat, responsive and multipurpose Wordpress theme for business, portfolio or personal use. Go to item page → Rufio WP A responsive and multipurpose, 2 in 1 Wordpress theme for business, portfolio or personal use. Go to item page → Marble WP A flat and responsive onepage Wordpress theme for any purposes, built with Twitter Bootstrap.

Free textures for your next web project The seigaiha or wave is a pattern of layered concentric circles creating arches, symbolic of waves or water and representing surges of good luck. Made by Olga Libby Download A friend gave me a cork wallet. I scanned it and made this. Storyboard Eval Page Try a full version of Storyboard Suite Download a free 30 day evaluation of a fully functional version of Storyboard Suite by filling out the information below. An e-mail containing an evaluation key and the product download information will be sent to the address you have provided. All information collected is for Crank Software internal use only.

Bootstrapping an AngularJS app in Rails 4.0 - Part 1 The full GitHub repository for this tutorial is available here Introduction I was in the process of building a blog for myself as an exercise to try out Rails 4.0. At the same time, I happened to be reading Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. One of my favorite pieces of advice they gave was to focus not only on the main task of what you are doing, but also to recognize the byproducts. While I have a fair amount of experience with Rails and AngularJS, there is never a shortage of new things to learn. Making the Transition from Development to Design—My Experience and Advice A couple months ago, a person emailed me asking for tips for transitioning to design from a development background. As someone who had loosely gone through the same path (from programming to design to programming then back to design), I wanted to share any advice I could possibly give. After writing the letter, I thought it may be useful to a few other people out there. So if you are a developer looking to get into design, this is written specifically for you. To preface, this article is not why developers can be good designers. This article does a great job of articulating those ideas.

150 Free Photoshop PSD Files Web Designers need some quality elements to use in their latest designs. These free PSD resources can be a real timesaver. For this post, I have showcased an exclusive collection of a great number of high quality PSD files which were created by the well-experienced and talented designers all around the world. A free photoshop .psd file with a "toggle button" in Off and On mode.

Special Characters for HTML, CSS and JS My name is Neal Chester and I'm a web developer and consultant. Sometimes I use special characters as an alternative to images; many of these characters I never knew existed. When I surfed the Web, I always ran into 3 problems with character listings: How to Create Landing Pages That Convert We talk a lot about landing pages these days, but what exactly are they? Broadly, a landing page is any page that visitors can get to or “land” on. When we refer to landing pages in a marketing context, we’re usually talking about standalone pages that are separate from your main website. We use landing pages to further one, specific goal – usually conversion, or getting visitors to take a particular action on the page. Whether you’re already using landing pages or not, taking a good look at how you can optimize pages for conversion is definitely a worthwhile investment. VividBoard, a company that makes custom whiteboards, committed to improving their landing pages and saw conversion rates rise from 2% to 27%.

Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects All Hover.css effects make use of a single element (with the help of some pseudo-elements where necessary), are self contained so you can easily copy and paste them, and come in CSS, Sass, and LESS flavours. Many effects use CSS3 features such as transitions, transforms and animations. Old browsers that don't support these features may need some extra attention to be certain a fallback hover effect is still in place. Licenses Hover.css is made available under a free personal license and paid commercial license. The Free Personal License allows you to use Hover.css for personal use only.

The Basics of Typography Typography is a central component of design. It gives us an understanding of the heritage behind our craft. It’s one of the primary ways we, as a society, pass on information to others. Imagine a website, a magazine or even TV without text. Typography is a subject that raises passions and it can become a consuming obsession.

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