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Cliché - The largest collection of clichés or cliches, phrases and sayings with definitions and explanations.

Cliché - The largest collection of clichés or cliches, phrases and sayings with definitions and explanations.

SF Citations for OED This site is maintained by Jesse Sheidlower, Editor at Large of the Oxford English Dictionary. The content side of things is handled by Jeff Prucher and Malcolm Farmer. The project grew out of regular work that was being done for the OED's reading programs. Briefly, research for the OED takes two main forms: general reading, in which a variety of texts are read for any interesting words that are encountered, and targeted research, in which particular terms are specifically analyzed. This can consist of doing searches in electronic databases, sending general researchers to a library to see what they can find, or asking specialists for help in their subject fields. The site was started under the guidance of Mike Christie, an OED volunteer, and Sue Surova, a freelance researcher for the OED. The site is run by Jesse Sheidlower; please direct any comments about the site's functionality or design to him.

Proofreaders and People willing to proof-read Instructions for hiring proofreaders below the linebreaks! Beta [CURRENTLY DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE] GROUP RULES:1. Before posting any threads refer to THIS THREAD2. No harassing any users at any time for any reason. This is not tolerated under any circumstance and YOU WILL BE REMOVED from this group, its documents and an instant ban without warning.3. To all new and recently joined members: keep thread notifications on. Some things you might want to know before hiring your first Proofreader: Advice Have any questions about the group? How Our Group Works/How to Use Our Services Please read our instructions as thoroughly as you expect someone to proofread your story. This group is dedicated to providing an easy-to-use method for authors to contact proofreaders or readers. How to find a proofreader:Step 1. How to become a proofreader:Possible Proofreaders: When you join, please fill out the application located in this Google form after reading the following information: 1.

French Terms of Endearment French has all kinds of interesting terms of endearment, including a rather odd assortment of barnyard animals. Check out this list of French terms of endearment to use with your loved ones (both romantic and familial). For the most part, these all mean something along the lines of "sweetie," "darling," or "poppet," so I've provided the literal translations as well as a few notes (in parentheses). French love language | Love language quiz | French terms of endearment mon amour my love mon ange my angel mon bébé my baby ma belle my beautiful (informal) ma biche my doe ma bichette my little doe ma caille my quail (informal) mon canard my duck mon chaton my kitten ma chatte my cat (familiar) mon cher, ma chère my dear mon chéri, ma chérie my dearie mon chou my cabbage, my pastry (informal) mon chouchou my favorite, blue-eyed boy/girl, pet* (informal)*as in "teacher's pet" mon cochon my pig mon coco my egg ma cocotte my hen (informal) mon cœur my heart ma fifille my little girl (informal, old-fashioned)

Author Support Here are the Group Rules, Punishments, and Extra Information. To go along with that, here is the Author Support Help Desk, where you can ask any question you have about the group! List of People Willing to Help: Go there first if you're looking for help! The Thread Directory We here at Author Support have a common goal, and that goal is to support and help out any author that comes our way. A simple task often made to look complicated by the sheer number of threads and people we have. As it is our purpose to help any author with any conceivable problem, we have well over fifty threads*, all designed and fitted to specific purposes or services often required of authors. Of course, we can't help someone who isn't willing to help themselves, and no matter how easy we make it to find the information you need, some effort is required of you to at least find the information. Another purpose of our group, besides helping you as an author, is to be a friendly community to all who come our way. - slangs dictionary - slang meaning - acronym meanings and definitions SALT /fic/ - Fanfic Review & Creation Just dropping in to drop a quick advertisement. The Lunaverse is the largest collaborative universe on - while Fallout: Equestria may have more total stories and authors none of them necessarily connect to one another in the vein of a true series - they're almost entirely independent stories that contradict or trip over one another with no cohesion. Which is perfectly fine, but the Lunaverse is a little different: we're armed with Canon. That is to say, most stories in the Lunaverse connect in some way to an ongoing larger story in the Lunaverse. The basic premise of the Lunaverse is simple: 1,000 years ago, Celestia fell into greed and paranoia, becoming Corona, the Tyrant Sun. The Lunaverse's Season 1 is "complete," in that 22 of its 26 stories are finished, including all the ones important to the plot. Anyway, that's all the shilling I'll be doing. Happy reading!

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