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How-To Geek - Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek Internet Download Manager: the fastest download accelerator uGet Download Manager uGet - Download Manager How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers Web browsers are the most widely used software. In this primer, I will explain how they work behind the scenes. We will see what happens when you type in the address bar until you see the Google page on the browser screen. The browsers we will talk about There are five major browsers used on desktop today: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The browser's main functionality The main function of a browser is to present the web resource you choose, by requesting it from the server and displaying it in the browser window. The way the browser interprets and displays HTML files is specified in the HTML and CSS specifications. Browser user interfaces have a lot in common with each other. Address bar for inserting a URIBack and forward buttonsBookmarking optionsRefresh and stop buttons for refreshing or stopping the loading of current documentsHome button that takes you to your home page The browser's high level structure The browser's main components are (1.1): Syntax:

TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index TIOBE Index for January 2016 January Headline: Java is TIOBE's Programming Language of 2015! Java has won the TIOBE Index programming language award of the year. This is because Java has the largest increase in popularity in one year time (+5.94%). Java leaves runner ups Visual Basic.NET (+1.51%) and Python (+1.24%) far behind. Java's rise goes hand in hand with Objective-C's decline (-5.88%). So what is the outlook for 2016? The TIOBE Programming Community index is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages. The index can be used to check whether your programming skills are still up to date or to make a strategic decision about what programming language should be adopted when starting to build a new software system. TIOBE Programming Community IndexSource: Java Python Visual Basic .NET JavaScript Assembly language Ruby Other programming languages The complete top 50 of programming languages is listed below. The Next 50 Programming Languages Very Long Term History

Text to Speech | TTS SDK | Speech Recognition (ASR) FreeTTS NOTE: This module now supports using espeak, and includes cck support. espeak install tutorial -> Who is this module for Drupal sites that want to provide the text content of nodes in a downloadable audio format, primarily as an mp3 How does it work When a node is created / edited there is an option to create / re-create an audio file. Installation install FreeTTS and LAME on the choosen machine. copy the remote php files to a web available directory. Other Similar modules: Dixerit embeds a web-based TTS service and streams the audio over the web Differencies: freetts downloads the audio allowing for podcasting abilities, the ability to create albums etc. Further development possibilities: a further developed api for FreeTTS LAME and MBrola integration of similar TTs systems ( Festival ) Greater File management capabilities and options

What is the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2013? An interesting article caught my eye at — the programming language trends review. The company analyzed more than 60,000 job vacancies during 2012 to produce a chart of the most sought-after technologies: Despite developer complaints, demand for PHP and Java (server/Android) remains strong. But there are a number of surprises: Even if we combine ASP.NET and C# figures, why is Microsoft’s technology stack so low? Part of this can be explained if we look at the relative changes in demand from the beginning of 2012 to the end: JavaScript demand has increased faster than any other language. iOS and Android have also increased at an identical rate. Before you make too many judgments, consider how this data is collated. In addition, there can be significant regional differences. If you were expecting this article to recommend the most lucrative language of 2013 you’ll be disappointed. Never use job vacancy statistics as a reason for learning a language!

untitled Signing up for Akismet with I already have a account! Not sure what this is all about? We can help clear that up for you. Triple-check your email. This is what we’ll call you. Don’t be afraid to use symbols like !" You agree to the fascinating terms of service by submitting this form. How to Judge a Good Web Designer? Business owners that are looking for getting a website designed must do a thorough market survey and select the best website designer, who gives them value for money and helps them achieve the desired objectives. While considering a website designer or website developer, there are two aspects that you must focus on: his technical expertise and the soft skills. While you can be certain of one’s technical expertise by browsing through their website, work portfolio and by communicating with their clients, you still need to ensure how well they communicate with you. The way a web designer interacts with his clients suggests how well he knows the business and the skills of handling his clients. When planning to hire a web designer or developer, you must consider the following points to ascertain that you are making the right choice:

How Do You Judge a Website? - Redswish Many people will disagree with me I’m sure, but I’ve always thought that web design is an art. Seriously, apart from the aesthetic design side – I also feel that the technical coding and functionality of websites, and the process of combining and integrating this into the design is an artistic process in itself. Oh how the traditionalists scream! So how do you judge a website? But how do others judge sites? I’m fortunate to be able to review hundreds of websites each day. If you feel Pete’s missed anything there please let me know and I’ll tell him off! Personally I dislike most of the sites I build.

The Official ‘Successful Website Checklist Challenge’ If your website doesn't stand out and do a heck of a lot of things right, then chances are it's going to crash and burn. Take our "Successful Website Checklist Challenge" (below) and see what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and what you're forgetting to do. We've even included notes and resources for nearly every item on the checklist (just to make your life easier). This page doubles as a comprehensive article/checklist. Although, by default, descriptions and notes under all of the checklist items are visible, you can hide them. If you wish to toggle the descriptions and notes under all of the checklist items "On" or "Off", Toggle Descriptions Now!. Although our "Successful Website Checklist" is pretty thorough, we consider it a work in progress.

Twitter Bootstrap 101: Introduction Twitter's Bootstrap is an excellent set of carefully crafted user interface elements, layouts, and javascript tools, freely available to use in your next web design project. This video series aims to introduce you to Bootstrap; taking you all the way from downloading the resources, to building a complete Bootstrap-based website. When Mark Otto (@mdo) and Jacob Thornton (@fat) released Twitter Bootstrap to the world in August 2011, their announcement explained what its value would be: empowering front-end developers to kickstart projects more efficiently and effectively. The Bootstrap stylesheet provides an easy-to-implement 960 grid for efficient layout, as well as expertly crafted styles for typography, navigation, tables, forms, buttons, and more. Together, these interface elements provide all the trappings of a standards compliant, user-friendly, professionally built HTML5 website, right out of the box. And yet none of it gets in the way of further customization.

Clean interface, easy to use. Simply adjust with the wysywyg editors and download the code. by jjsanto Sep 25