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CSS Table Generator | CSS Table If Hemingway wrote JavaScript The following article was written by my good friend and colleague, [Angus Croll](// Angus works on the web core team at twitter, talks at conferences around the world, and runs an amazing [blog](// on javascript. Beyond this, he’s also a huge book nerd, so I thought it would be fun to get him to write about code from that perspective. Check it out! And let us know what you think on [twitter](//! The New Book “If Hemingway wrote JavaScript” is out in September 2014. I loved literature long before I ever wrote a line of code. What is it about JavaScript that attracts so many literature devotees? The Mother of all Code Reviews Recently I had a dream in which I asked Hemingway and four other literary luminaries to write some JavaScript for me; specifically a function that returned a fibonacci series of a given length. Ernest Hemingway No surprises here. William Shakespeare Andre Breton Roberto Bolano Charles Dickens

Best CSS Button Generator: Create CSS-only Buttons Algorithm Writes People's Life Histories Using Twitter Twitter allows anyone to describe their life in unprecedented detail. Many accounts provide an ongoing commentary of an individual’s interests, activities and opinions. So it’s not hard to imagine that it’s possible to reconstruct a person’s life history by analysing their Twitter stream. But doing this automatically is trickier than it sounds. Today, Jiwei Li at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Claire Cardie at Cornell University in Ithaca say they’ve developed an algorithm that does this. The key behind this work is a technique for separating the wheat from the chaff in any twitter stream. A tweet about starting a new job would be a good example. Equally, tweets about other non-personal events fall into a similar two categories–time specific and time general. The problem that Li and Cardie have solved is to find a way of automaticallydistinguishing tweets in the first category from the others. At least, that’s the theory. But it is by no means perfect.

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Clean interface, easy to use. Simply adjust with the wysywyg editors and download the code. by jjsanto Sep 25