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Olia lialina cv

Olia lialina cv
On the 22nd of April 2013 Olia Lialinabacked her first ever cake, for somebody very special. Still fun to be a GIF But when retired I want to be a JPEG Tiled In the background of your profile Olia Lialina is a frequent Internet Cafe visitor bio: Born in Moscow. Net Artist, one of pioneers. Related:  olia lialina

PAGES IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (former FIRST AND THE ONLY REAL NET ART GALLERY) Curriculum Vitae - Heath Bunting. irational Curriculum Vitae. (Go To: Top: Biography: References: Projects: Presentations and Exhibitions: Teaching: Media Reports: Sponsorship) Member Details. Biography. Heath Bunting is a co-founder of both and sport-art movements. References. Bronac Ferran <>, London, United Kingdom. Projects. Total projects: 157 Presentations and Exhibitions. Total presentations and exhibitions: 195 Teaching. Total teaching: 50

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eagereyes – Visualization and Visual Communication Olia Lialina Olia Lialina (born in Moscow) is a pioneer Internet artist and theorist as well as an experimental film and video critic and curator. Lialina studied film criticism and journalism at Moscow State University, then followed with art residencies at C3 (Budapest,) and Villa Walderta (Munich,).[1] She founded Art Teleportacia, a web gallery of her work, which also features links to remakes of her most famous work "My boyfriend came back from the war" [2] and was one of the organizers and later, director of Cine Fantom, an experimental cinema club in Moscow co-founded in 1995 by Lialina with Gleb Aleinikov, Andrej Silvestrov, Boris Ukhananov, Inna Kolosova and others. In 2012 Lialina coined the term Turing Complete User in an essay of the same name.[6] The piece was well received internationally and got reviews by Bruce Sterling [7] and Cory Doctorow [8] among others. Works[edit] Olia Lialina created the netart work My Boyfriend Came Back From The War. References[edit] Further reading[edit]

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Olia Lialina, 'Summer' (2013) Summer (2013). Olia Lialina. Screenshot of animation comprising individual GIF images displayed across multiple websites. In a 2006 interview with Valeska Buehrer, artist Olia Lialina observed that her early web-based works, particularly My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, have been irrevocably changed by the accelerating speed of the internet. Though the work is still as it was: same files, same address, links -- it is now more like a documentation of itself. It wasn't that Lialina was inspired at the time by the creative possibilities of the slow-to-load early web (she recalls being as frustrated as any user); it was that the work functioned within a specific technological context. Lialina's increasing awareness of the interplay between technological context and artwork is at the forefront of her latest work, Summer (2013). In other words: MTAA, Simple Net Art Diagram, c. 1997.

Hi Carrie Gates Kisik Acimowina - by Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Michael Red Video by Carrie Gates Illustrations by Jason Baerg Sound by Michael Red 2013 Kisik Acimowina (translated most often as Sky Story in Cree) Kisik Acimowina is an experimental collaborative multimedia piece created for exhibition purposes by New Media Artists Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Music Composer, Michael Red. Red's music was inspired by the image of the calling of a rattle and an outdoor fire, while the individual illustrations by Baerg are abstractions of the Cree cosmological world. This piece is the first collaboration in a larger project between Gates, Baerg, and Red. Ectocism - Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn Video by Carrie Gates Sound by Jon Vaughn Illustrations by Jon and Carrie 2013 Visceral and mind-melting, Ectocism takes you on a freestyle trek through a realm of blinged-out slime and gut-wrenching visual drama.

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