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How to Create an Instagram RSS Feed and 3 Ways it can Instantly Boost Traffic This post was first published on October 17, 2013. We’ve updated it with new solutions and added a guide with a bonus infographic to help you grow on Instagram. Have you ever wanted to share your Instagram photos or videos with your social media audience or display them on your blog or website? One of the biggest challenges with Instagram is determining how to maximize your content outside the Instagram app. An RSS feed is an easy solution. Creating a feed of your Instagram content provides flexibility to extend the reach of your images and video taken inside the app.

Hyperlocal Voices In our Hyperlocal Voices series we speak to hyperlocal publishers about their journey as they seek to build a successful hyperlocal offer. From time to time we also check in again on some of the more established players to see what’s changed and how their operation is evolving. One such example is Brixton Blog in South West London. Bringing Hyper-Local, Citizen-Driven News to South Africa Is hyper-local journalism interesting enough to engage its own audience? And is the prospect of being more “in the know,” and more connected and more involved in one’s community, attractive enough to inspire people to take the time out to do citizen journalism? The old adage that “all news is local” does hold a great deal of truth. News can be locally generated or outside news can be made local. The implications of any big news story – like H1N1 virus, a.k.a. swine flu – can almost always be localized to create stories about how this impacts on you, where you are right now. You might want to know about local stocks of anti-virals, and you would certainly be interested if the hospital near you started treating cases.

Boost Social Media Success Social media was born from the need and desire to share news and ideas (aka content) with lots of people as quickly as possible. Email and bulletin boards arguably served this purpose for a long time before early internet sites like GeoCities and Friendster. These new approaches emphasised personal interests and encouraged users to create profiles for themselves, including photographs.

International Statistics By Country Library Links Quick Links Quick Links Contact mmunity journalism in the UK: the emerging evidence base By Damian Radcliffe | 9th Sep 2015 Today Cardiff University’s Centre for Community Journalism is hosting a one-day ideas exchange, in partnership with Nesta, on the topic: ‘What next for community journalism?’ Alongside the event we’re also launching a new report, Where are we now? UK hyperlocal media and community journalism in 2015. Report author Damian Radcliffe explains why. Simple Marketing Ideas Simple Marketing Ideas for Small business owners As the owner of a small business, you might think it is too hard for you get the word out about what you have to offer, but that’s not a solid excuse. You don’t need to throw in big bucks or use gimmicks to gain a market presence. Instead you can use these simple marketing ideas for small business to market your small business to your targeted audience.

Palestine: New discussion platform for Nablus citizens The portal went online late last year, initially with its own Facebook page and since January as a wordpress-based website. Dooz is a multimedia news and exchange platform focusing exclusively on local topics; it's also unique given that Palestinian media mainly focus on major international issues. "We report on topics that directly affect people, on topics that literally happen on their doorsteps," says Dooz editor Majdoleen Hassouna. "Citizens can also use the platform to voice their concerns." Majdoleen Hassouna is one of three editors in charge in the young Dooz team.

Lessons to learn from Trinity Mirror's latest regional sales figures If anyone wants to understand why Trinity Mirror is turning away from newsprint to digital-only then take a look at the latest set of circulation statistics for the publisher’s regional titles. All of them registered substantial year-on-year falls, November 2014 compared to November 2013, according to the official ABC audit. Yet, once digital editions are added to the totals, four did manage modest month-on-month, November compared to October, growth.

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