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Home - thingd The Gates Foundation Funds Facebook Apps for Students The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed $2 million in funding to a Facebook application with the hope that it will help improve postsecondary education graduation rates in the U.S. This is the first time the Foundation has made a direct equity investment in a for-profit company as part of its charitable mission. Inigral's Schools App creates a closed community of students within Facebook's platform. Retro Venture Partners and Founders Fund also contributed to what totaled to a $4 million round of Series B funding. About 11 schools use customized versions of the app, which Inigral's CEO and founder Michael Staton describes as "a cross between Yammer and Twitter." Essentially, each student gets access to two real-time streams. “The key is the way that we’re designed is to help people who don’t know each other get to know each other," Staton says. Engagement with peers and school activities is widely regarded as one of the most important factors in whether a student graduates.

NeighborGoods Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff – 0 Comments October 14, 2010 By: David Andrade Oct 14 Written by: 10/14/2010 1:41 AM ShareThis There are some really great Web 2.0 Resources for Students out there that can help students with their school work, getting organized, and using other Web 2.0 resources. Trackclass is a great, free resource for students. There is also a version for mobile phones and the iPhone, so students can stay organized no matter where they are. I found it very easy to use, with a great help section. Shoshiku is another free class organizer, similar to Trackclass. Dweeber is a homework collaboration site that also has tools to help students learn better. This is a great resource for students who can't get together physically to work on homework or projects. Google Student Blog: I am a huge user and fan of Google's many applications and their use in education. Google recently launched the Google Student Blog. Scribblar: Scribblar is an online meeting room / white board. Scribblar can now support PDF files. Dropbox

Quickly creating a Google Map from a Spreadsheet of data « Dave Foord’s Weblog Posted on September 7, 2009 by davefoord I think that Google Maps are a really useful tool, and everytime that I need to visit somewhere new, the first thing I do is put the postcode into Google Maps, and save the location. This way if I visit that town or city again, but to a different location I can see where the new location is in relation to the previous one, which helps me with my navigating. I recognise that many will use their in car sat nav systems, but because I mainly use the train I still use paper maps for these purposes. One thing though that I have found hard in the past, is uploading lots of points to a map – which done manually takes an age, so I was relieved when I found a technique that does this for me. We start of by using which looks a bit scary on first inspection, but is OK once you have used it a few times. This I find very useful. Like this: Like Loading... Filed under: e-learning, google, How do I...?

Hire Cars on WhipCar - Local Car Rental, Put Your Car to Work ... Notes sharing by students, for students Help your students help each other with our 24-hour peer-support network. As your students share and collaborate, their engagement and confidence will grow. Just invite your students to join their class on - they can start immediately using their existing facebook accounts or school email. Link to from your LMS, or we'll do the simple integration for you. Learn more (pdf download) Facilitate peer-support, class communities and student collaboration to increase student engagement and retention. We host it, we integrate it and we implement it. [GradeGuru] creates critical bonds between students and allows them to build on each other's strengths in ways that raise the performance level of the entire class. ~ Noelle M. For student collaboration to be effective, the method must be intuitive, user-friendly and designed with students in mind. ~ Dr. 99 % Agree "Seeing the feedback and ratings on notes other students have posted has been helpful for studying purposes."

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