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All tools. All the time. Your source for news, information, and reviews of hand tools, power tools, and tools of all kinds.

All tools. All the time. Your source for news, information, and reviews of hand tools, power tools, and tools of all kinds.

Old Woodworking Tools and Machines wanderingspace Tool Snob - The Online Source for Tool News and Reviews DIY Vibration Polisher So, if your thinking about making this project I would only advise you try it if you already have or have access to the more expensive parts that you will need (motor, springs, hardware). If you had to buy everything new you would just be better off buying a cheep commercially made machine. But if you think you can make it on the cheep and you need a project to take up a weekend, than go for it! To make the vibration Polisher you will need: Automotive valve springs X4 new or used. Drilled gum rubber carboy stopper x4 about $5. total "J" Bolts with nuts and washers x16, 3/8" to 1/2" carriage bolts with nuts and washers X4, length of all thread rod at least a couple inches longer than your bowl is tall x1, and miscellaneous wood screws, nuts, bolts and washers. total $10. Some scrap plywood. total $0.00 A decent size motor. Plastic bole with lid. x1 total $0.00 Automotive funnel. x1 total $1.00 Total cost for me was about $25.00 not including the polishing medium witch was another $25.00 1-800-PIPE-DOC - For all your plumbing needs... Harbor Freight Dust Collector Mod - by Cory After buying the Harbor Freight 2hp dust collector right after Christmas, I knew I was going to be making some changes to it. First, I dumped the upper bag and added a Wynn 35a filter. Second, I really wanted to put a pre-separator on the unit to keep from having to change the lower bags as often. But, I didn’t really have a lot of room in my shop/garage for the can. The Delta 50-760 seemed like a good set up with the can/separator underneath the blower, so I set out to imitate that set up. That led me to build a frame to mount the HFDC motor/blower and raise it up so I can get a can under it. Next came the Thien lid on a 30 gallon galvanized trash can. I did a couple of tests on the unit to see how much was staying in the can and it’s working quite well. BTW: I added weather stripping on the area where the lower bag connects to the donut ring. I hope this helps you guys. Cory -- The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Cake Wrecks - Home At you'll find power tools, power tool reviews and cordless power tools at, Your tool crib online. Here's the drill: You can use it as a chisel initially and cut a square hole the width of the tip, remove that, then tap and turn, tap and turn. I used a branch to hit the top with. You don't want to POUND it into the wood as the tool may not break but will be hard to turn. Be patient, periodically work it out of the wood while turning and remove some of the chips. Incidentally, as you may notice this is actually a exposed root (on a guava tree- fairly hard wood) but for some reason, I couldn't get some of the pictures to stay oriented correctly so it looks like a branch or trunk...which I guess is Ok because it may have more uses going into a vertical surface.... The root is about 4" thick but I was able to make it through in less than 5 minutes. If you don't need to go through but just want to sink it into a trunk to use it as a hanger or lifting point, that would work too.

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