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Take your WordPress skills to the next level.

Take your WordPress skills to the next level.

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Link Shell Extension Creates Windows Symlinks With Ease @Cam Jamieson: It's pretty confusing, isn't it? I come from the Linux world where there is only symbolic links and hard links. The situation in Microsoft-land is more complicated because... well... never mind. I'll give it a shot here, although I'm only interpreting what I read from the documentation, not speaking from a lot of experience. 20 WordPress Tricks to Improve Your Blog - Web Design Blog – Des Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is because of its flexibility. Designers, developers, and bloggers have plenty of options. In this post we’ll look at a combination of tutorials for improving a WordPress-based site, and plugins that can provide added functionality that will bring new possibilities. UPDATE: We recently launched a gallery site that showcases the best blog designs for your inspiration – Blog Design Heroes.

Mastering Conditional Statements and Tags for Tweaking WordPress Blogs The conditional statements feature is an extremely useful and powerful feature in WordPress; still it remains unused in the development process. You can achieve many things by the simple and smart use of these statements. Sometimes when you need specific text or a unique image to appear on a specific page and not on any other pages in your site, by using conditional statements along with WordPress conditional tags you can achieve this easily without creating multiple pages or templates.

A Beginner's Guide To WordPress Website Maintenance Most website owners don’t think about maintenance. Instead of it being viewed as a necessity, it’s often looked at as a chore. And unfortunately, it’s often a chore that never gets done. By not properly maintaining your site you expose it to a variety of potential problems, such as increasing the likelihood it’ll be hacked, increasing load speeds, and reducing your search engine rankings. In this post we’re going to explore the most important areas of your site that need to be maintained, as well as our recommended course of action for each.

JPG to PDF - Convert your Images to PDFs online for free! Drop images here Choose file Uploading Add more images Generating PDF... Allow contributors to upload files If you have contributors to your blog, you probably got annoyed to see that they can’t upload files and images while writing guest posts for you. Today’s recipe will solve the problem, allowing contributors to upload files to your blog. Nothng hard with this code: The only thing you have to do is to paste it in your functions.php file: if ( current_user_can('contributor') && !current_user_can('upload_files') ) add_action('admin_init', 'allow_contributor_uploads'); function allow_contributor_uploads() { $contributor = get_role('contributor'); $contributor->add_cap('upload_files'); } Big thanks to Altaf Sayani for his contribution to WpRecipes!

Custom Query Shortcode: Run a Loop inside Any Post/Page I had the occasion yesterday to have a page with a section on it where it would output a very specific set of other pages, which would need to change dynamically. What I could have done is built a special page template for this page, and inside that template run a query_posts() to get these posts. But I wanted this page to remain editable from the admin. Besides, creating a special page template every time you need to do something like this is too cumbersome. WordPress is extensible enough to do better. Hence, the Custom Query Shortcode! Top 10 Front-End Development Frameworks (Editor’s note: purely for reasons of length and readability, this article is the first of two parts. This one focuses on the Bootstrap family, more will be profiled in the second part.) As the Web matures and the range of mobile devices we use to access it rapidly grows, our jobs as web designers and developers get considerably more complicated. A decade ago things were much simpler. Then, it was almost certain that most of our users were visiting our sites while sitting at their desk, looking at a large monitor. 960 pixels was more or less considered as a good width for a web page.

Wordpress Security Tips and Hacks Feb 17 2008 We all agree that having a secure wordpress weblog should be our first priorities when keeping a successful blog. In this post we’d like you to share your knowledge and help us create the WordPress Security guide to keep the bad guys out. Below are 10 security tips that you can easily implement on your WordPress blog.

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