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Digging into WordPress

Digging into WordPress

Automatic Updates For Private And Commercial Plugins Since time immemorial, only plugins hosted in the official plugin directory have supported automatic updates. Now, I’ve written a PHP library that you can use to add automatic update capabilities to any plugin. Public, private and commercial plugins alike – all can now enjoy the benefits of automatic update notifications and one-click upgrades. Contact Form 7 The only thing that caused me to ding it down to a 4-star instead of 5 what the learning curve was a bit challenging. Ninja Forms has it beat for use-of-use, but Ninja Forms requires a bunch of really expensive add-ons to do what I wanted. This was for a non-profit club for which I was building a website, as a volunteer, and they don’t have a huge budget. I would have given it a 4.5, but that’s not an option. The setup of a membership registration form with email notification, conditional redirection to a thank-you page, and a downloadable database took me about 3 hours total, most of which was spent researching the support forum and finding other (free) plugins to provide the missing functionality.

How to Write a Copyright Notice One of the most common questions I get asked is “Does the copyright notice in my footer look ok?” Though I’m quick to remind everyone that you don’t need to have a copyright symbol or any kind of notice on your work for it to be copyright protected, at least not since 1978 in the U.S., having a copyright footer on your site is probably a good idea just because of the large amount of confusion on this issue and it does put potential infringers on notice, reducing “innocent infringer” claims. Besides, you don’t want people believing that your work is available for copying freely if it isn’t.

29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business Looking for ways to grow your list of newsletter subscribers? There are a ton of ways to get people to sign up for your weekly or monthly email marketing campaigns. I’ve put together a list for you to read, so you have heaps of options for growing your list. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in the main navigation bar of your website and/or blog. Creating a Custom WordPress Shortcode Creating your own WordPress shortcodes is a nifty way to build dynamic elements into your website without relying on 3rd party developers or plugins. This tutorial offers a beginner’s guide to creating your first WordPress plugin which will be referenced by a custom shortcode. In this example we’ll be creating a basic random quote generator plugin. This can just as easily be achieved through your themes but I prefer to be able to turn items on and off in WordPress without having to edit blocks of code. Creating the WordPress Plugin File If you’re familiar with WordPress plugins and have installed them before, you’ve probably seen folders chock full of complicated PHP classes.

25 Free Google Analytics Alternatives In my last post, I had a little rant about the Google Analytics Opt-out add-on. Obviously, I am a little disappointed in the direction, but I have a general rule that I like to live by, “Don’t just complain about the problem, give me a solution.” There is an inherent difficulty of providing timely content and following this rule in the same post. Basically, the amount of time to research a solution or alternative would make the original content stale. 8 Alternatives to Google Analytics Ever since Google Analytics launched back in 2005 it has empowered us to track almost every aspect of how our visitors interact on our sites. Google Analytics was not the first organization to offer free site performance tracking but their ability to pair this technology with their popular advertising platform AdWords instantaneously made them the 800 pound gorilla for online analytics. I've attempted to outline a couple alternatives and why you might want to choose them over (or in addition to) to Google Analytics. In Conclusion I think there are some really great players in the analytics industry other than Google Analytics. The biggest issue I see with them is most have added cost or are limited to a certain point before you have to start paying.

Prefer to own your data? Here are some alternatives to Google Analytics - iwantmyname Domain Blog Google Analytics has become somewhat of the tool of choice for most people who run their own website . After all, it's free, and what's better than free, right? You're always giving something in exchange for Google offering a service for "free" and in this case, that's data on your website. There are some great alternatives out there that many aren't aware of so we've made a short roundup of the ones we liked most. Think of Clicky as Google Analytics' slightly worse looking cousin. It's got a great set of tools that won't leave you wanting alternatives and guarantees your data isn't disappearing into somewhere to be used for research.

DJDESIGNERLAB - Find All Your Design Inspirations From This Laboratory All WordPress users should keep updated with the newly development of plugins and useful tips and tricks shared by other developers. In this article we are going to share some updated and useful WordPress tips and tricks and plugins for developers. Enjoy! WP e-Commerce You will install WP e-Commerce in minutes.