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WEEK 5: SUCCESS AND SUSTAINABILITY. Irradiated Software - DropVox - Record Voice Memos to Dropbox. Using DropVox Features and Benefits Universal app, running equally well on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Irradiated Software - DropVox - Record Voice Memos to Dropbox

MP3 audio files sound great while saving bandwidth and Dropbox storage. RMC: Android Call Recorder – Android Apps on Google Play. PicCollage. Create Fanfiction & Beautiful Quote Photos - Photo Editing, Collage Maker, Graphic Design.


WEEK 3: BUILDING AN ENGAGED COMMUNITY AND CHOOSING A PLATFORM FO. WEEK 2 Types of Publication & their Content. - Your guide to navigating eyewitness media, from discovery to verification. Volume 1: Basic techniques. In the first volume of ‘The News Manual’ we concentrate on the basic skills of journalism.

Volume 1: Basic techniques

We start with a chapter describing in simple terms what news is, then take you step-by-step through the process of structuring and writing a news story. In the middle chapters we give guidance on writing styles for journalism and the correct ways of presenting what you have written. We also discuss some useful books and other resources for journalists. Finally we introduce basic reporting skills such as interviewing and reporting speeches, skills which every good journalist needs.

The first six chapters are the most important for journalists new to the profession. Chapters 7 to 15 cover the basic techniques of researching and presenting news while Chapters 16 to 24 cover basic reporting skills, which you must practise too. The structure of this volume of 'The News Manual' has changed slightly from the book version. BBC Academy - Journalism.

Jeffrey Friedl's Exif (Image Metadata) Viewer. TinEye Reverse Image Search. WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools. WebMii. Pipl - People Search. Lessons to learn from Trinity Mirror's latest regional sales figures. If anyone wants to understand why Trinity Mirror is turning away from newsprint to digital-only then take a look at the latest set of circulation statistics for the publisher’s regional titles.

Lessons to learn from Trinity Mirror's latest regional sales figures

All of them registered substantial year-on-year falls, November 2014 compared to November 2013, according to the official ABC audit. Yet, once digital editions are added to the totals, four did manage modest month-on-month, November compared to October, growth. Contemplate first the double-digit print declines over the course of a year for 10 titles. Birmingham Mail (-17.8%), Birmingham’s Sunday Mercury (-18.2%), South Wales Echo (-18%), Wales on Sunday (-17%), Liverpool Echo (-13.5%), Western Mail (-13.2%), Coventry Telegraph (112.7%), Huddersfield Examiner (-12.3%), Newcastle Chronicle (-12%) and Newcastle Journal (-10.3%). These figures, for newspapers selling round about 20,000 apiece (with the exception of the 68,000-plus MEN), indicate a clear direction of travel. Local news in numbers: Exploring the history of Britain’s regional press.

This is the year (a fair old time ago) that English merchant William Caxton introduced England to the printing press.

Local news in numbers: Exploring the history of Britain’s regional press

The first ‘news papers’ were then published in the early 16th century. As of January 1 this year there were 1,054 regional and local newspapers being published across the UK. They look a lot better now than they did back in the 1500s. Approximately 44 million people in the UK bought a regional or local newspaper on a weekly basis at the start of this year. The average cost of a daily, local, paid-for newspaper is only 59p today. History of Newspapers by the NMA. Voices for Change and Peace: Taking Stock of Community Radio in South Asia.

Policy recommendations to include non-limited access in all bands of the spectrum and technology platforms, and de-licensing of low power community broadcasting were passed by seminar participants.

Voices for Change and Peace: Taking Stock of Community Radio in South Asia

Other recommendations address sustainability at grassroots and training. Setting up of a community radio fund, bridging resources at regional levels, including through existing platforms such as the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, developing training consortia and sharing of training capacities in the region are strategies underlined by equitable benefits to women and the marginalized. The seminar welcomed community radio broadcasting leaders, advocates, policy makers, representatives of civil society groups, academics, and media activists from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Community radio: a voice for the poor. Their transmitters may reach only a few miles, but community radio stations are enabling isolated communities across Africa to voice their own concerns.

Community radio: a voice for the poor

On air, ordinary citizens discuss issues that are central to them, such as gender relations and combatting HIV/AIDS. They share farming tips and income generation ideas and explore ways to improve education. “Development work at times can be like sleepwalking in fog,” Ms. How to be a Community Radio Station. Community Radio Toolkit - A place for community radio people to learn, talk, and share.

A guide to community radio. What are community radio stations?

A guide to community radio

Community radio stations typically cover a small geographical area with a coverage radius of up to 5km and run on a not-for-profit basis. They can cater for whole communities or for different areas of interest - such as a particular ethnic group, age group or interest group. Community radio stations reflect a diverse mix of cultures and interests.

For example, you can listen to stations which cater for urban or experimental music, while others are aimed at younger people, religious communities or the Armed Forces and their families. What services must a community radio station provide? A community radio station's programmes will reflect the needs and interests of its audience. Community Media Association. If you’re inspired to start your own community radio station in your area, it can seem like a daunting prospect.

Community Media Association

The CMA is here to assist organisations of all sizes across the UK in providing community media services. Palestine: New discussion platform for Nablus citizens. The portal went online late last year, initially with its own Facebook page and since January as a wordpress-based website.

Palestine: New discussion platform for Nablus citizens

Dooz is a multimedia news and exchange platform focusing exclusively on local topics; it's also unique given that Palestinian media mainly focus on major international issues. "We report on topics that directly affect people, on topics that literally happen on their doorsteps," says Dooz editor Majdoleen Hassouna. "Citizens can also use the platform to voice their concerns.

" Majdoleen Hassouna is one of three editors in charge in the young Dooz team. Bringing Hyper-Local, Citizen-Driven News to South Africa. Is hyper-local journalism interesting enough to engage its own audience?

Bringing Hyper-Local, Citizen-Driven News to South Africa

And is the prospect of being more “in the know,” and more connected and more involved in one’s community, attractive enough to inspire people to take the time out to do citizen journalism? The old adage that “all news is local” does hold a great deal of truth. News can be locally generated or outside news can be made local. The implications of any big news story – like H1N1 virus, a.k.a. swine flu – can almost always be localized to create stories about how this impacts on you, where you are right now. Media Helping Media's Free Training Resources. Social media kitbag. International Statistics By Country. Library Links Quick Links Quick Links Contact Lynne Rudasill Global Studies Librarian 303 International Studies Building MC-402 910 South Fifth Street Champaign, Illinois, 61820, USA (217) 265-6879 Office Hours Tues. 2:00-4:00 p.m. Friday 9:00-11:00 a.m. Center for Global Studies, 910 South Fifth Street, Neighbourhood Statistics - Home Page.

Neighbourhood Statistics - Home Page. Feedly. Send Better Email. Hyperlocal Voices. In our Hyperlocal Voices series we speak to hyperlocal publishers about their journey as they seek to build a successful hyperlocal offer. From time to time we also check in again on some of the more established players to see what’s changed and how their operation is evolving. One such example is Brixton Blog in South West London. Great Content Meets Great People. Smart Automation for Social Sharing. Talk About Local. Local Web List – An index of the local web.

Rhondda People. SEO.

How to Get Content

5 ways hyperlocal sites can do more with data. Credit: Image by Arbron on Flickr. Some rights reserved.