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Granta Home TLR Index The New York Times - Sunday Book review This is so liberating! Under consideration in this essay is “The Lifespan of a Fact,” which is less a book than a knock-down, drag-out fight between two tenacious combatants, over questions of truth, belief, history, myth, memory and forgetting. In one corner is Jim Fingal, who as an intern for the literary magazine The Believer in 2005 (or it might have been 2003 — sources disagree) signed on for what he must have thought would be a straightforward task: fact-checking a 15-page article. The book presents, line by line, D’Agata’s original essay, as well as Fingal’s staggeringly meticulous annotations. “You don’t want to come in contact with reality when you’re here for a fantasy,” D’Agata quotes a Nevada state senator as saying. From D’Agata’s first sentence, which says that at the time of Levi’s death there were “34 licensed strip clubs in Vegas,” Fingal detects trouble. The discrepancies mount. Minor fibs? No, D’Agata argues. In short, he plays God. No text is sacred. Jennifer B.

Bookslut | Issue 117 | February 2012 Gossamers This article provides a brief guide to ebook conversion, covering what it involves and how to select a conversion service, with an emphasis on maintaining quality. For discussion of when ebook conversion – as distinct from ebook production – makes sense, see the related article ebook conversion or ebook production? A combined version of these two articles was published in IBPA Independent July 2011. What is ebook conversion? Ebook conversion is the process of taking a book that is either in analog (print) format or in a digital format that is incompatible with ebook readers (apps, devices, browsers, etc), and converting it into one or more digital formats optimised for digital delivery. An example of an incompatible digital file is the press-ready PDF that is supplied to an offset printing press. Whether converting from analog – ‘hard copy’ – or from an existing digital file, the process involves substantial work in quality control. Digitising hard copy From digital file to ebook Like this:

100 Places to Find Your Next Great Read By Caitlin Smith Whether you’re into classics, mysteries, or a fluffy romance novel, it can sometimes be a challenge to find new books to fall in love with. However, the Internet is full of great sites that can help you get connected with books that you’ll really enjoy reading. Check out these communities, review sites, and other outposts of quality books to discover great stories. Communities Discuss books you love, swap titles, and share your opinion on these sites. Search Use these search sites to carefully locate the book you want to find. Book Finders With the help of these websites, you can find the book you’re searching for. Shortcovers: This book is designed to make it easy for you to find your next great read.Scholastic Book Wizard: Using this wizard, you can find the perfect book for a certain grade level, topic, and more.Book Sale Finder: This site will help you keep an ear to the ground for book sales.Based on the Book: You’ve seen the movie, now read the book. Lists Freebies Reviews

View all books The Lindisfarne Gospels – Complete The Lindisfarne Gospels is one of the most magnificent manuscripts of the early Middle Ages. It was almost 400 years old when the Domesday Book was compiled, 500 years old when Magna Carta was witnessed, and over 700 years old when Gutenberg invented movable type. It was written and decorated at the end of the 7th century by the monk Eadfrith, who became Bishop of Lindisfarne in 698 and died in 721. Its original leather binding, long since lost, was made by Ethelwald, who succeeded Eadfrith as bishop, and was decorated with jewels and precious metals later in the 8th century by Billfrith the Anchorite. This is an eBookTreasures edition which includes all pages from the manuscript and audio narration and interpretation on selected pages. More… Buy Now from iTunes £3.49 The Lindisfarne Gospels – Highlights This is an eBookTreasures edition which includes selected pages from the manuscript and audio narration and interpretation on all pages. More… More… More… More…

Reddit everydayishumpday comments on Books B&P BigAl's Books and Pals Reader Privacy Act of 2011 The California Reader Privacy Act (SB 602) passed in October 2011 and will be going into effect on January 1st 2012. EFF and the California affiliates of the American Civil Liberties Union sponsored the bill, as it brings a much-needed digital rights upgrade to state law. It mirrors the strong privacy and free speech standards that are already in place and extends them to digital books and electronic reading records. As Californians increasingly rely on online services to browse read and buy books it is essential that state law keep pace to safeguard readers. The United States has a long and proud history of legal protection for reading privacy, and the California Constitution has had especially strong privacy and free speech protections.

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