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Investigative Reporter
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The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 2: The Fall An electronic wiretap on Ross’ email would require a court order—but at that point there wasn’t probable cause to search the account. So they decided to use the physical surveillance to see if they could line up Ross’ Internet usage with DPR’s activity on Silk Road. The activity matched; DPR and Ross were in lockstep. Tarbell started planning. Nob: You are like one of my family. But Ross wasn’t going anywhere. On the evening of September 28, the FBI’s surveillance team watched DPR log off as Ross stopped working, closed his computer, left the house with his housemates, and headed for the beach. It looked like a brochure for San Francisco living, a group of kids sitting around a campfire at Ocean Beach beneath a crescent moon, listening to their friend Ross play his djembe. Toward midnight, the soiree was interrupted by three cops who told them to kill their fire. “Let’s go inside and jam,” Alex said. Online, Ross’ stewardship of Silk Road was also off-balance. Holy fuck!

CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names Secrecy News The number of chronically homeless persons in the U.S. dropped from more than 120,000 in 2008 to around 84,000 in 2014, a new report from the Congressional Research Service notes. The federal government has undertaken to end chronic homelessness by 2017. “One of the reasons that federal programs have devoted resources to ending chronic homelessness […] Read More The national census in 2020 will be the first to rely primarily on the Internet for collecting census data, thereby creating new avenues for fraud and disruption. Read More Employees of the U.S. intelligence community are expected to be bold, innovative and imbued with moral courage. Read More The guiding principles for implementing and operating the Intelligence Community (IC) Information Technology Enterprise (ITE) were set forth in a 2013 memorandum from the Director of National Intelligence that was recently released under the Freedom of Information Act. Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Tomorrow Ronald W.

Derrière la dette grecque, par Thierry Meyssan Joseph Retinger, ex-fasciste polonais devenu agent britannique. Dans le cadre de ses fonctions au MI6, il fonda l’European League for Economic Cooperation dont il devint le secrétaire général. À ce titre, il est le père de l’euro. Par la suite, il anima le Mouvement européen et créa le Club de Bilderberg. Le référendum grec a donné lieu à de vifs débats dans l’Union européenne qui illustrent l’ignorance générale sur les règles du jeu. Les participants se sont déchirés pour savoir si les Grecs étaient ou non responsables de leur dette tout en veillant à ne jamais accuser leurs créanciers d’usure. L’euro : un projet anglo-saxon de la Guerre froide Depuis le Traité de Rome, il y a soixante-quatre ans, les instances administratives successives du « projet européen » (CECA, CEE, UE) ont dépensé des sommes colossales et sans équivalent pour financer leur propagande dans les médias. Les archives sont pourtant désormais accessibles à tous. Le Congrès adopta le principe d’une monnaie commune.

Television Without Borders Depth Reporting Les trois virages d'Erdoğan, par Thierry Meyssan Le rêve de M. Erdoğan touche à sa fin. Les États-Unis veulent se débarrasser de lui et il a perdu les dernières élections législatives. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan était un voyou, qui vécu durant deux ans dans la rue à la tête d’un petit gang. Il se convertit à l’islamisme et rejoignit la Millî Görüş, une organisation nostalgique du califat. C’était alors un militant d’extrême droite anti-communiste qui participait à diverses manifestations anti-juives et anti-maçonniques. À sa sortie, il déclara avoir renoncé à imposer sa vision de l’islam à la société. Arrivé au pouvoir, M. Le premier virage d’Erdoğan eut lieu durant la guerre contre la Libye. Lorsque, en juillet 2012, l’Axe de la Résistance réagissait à l’assassinat des membres du Conseil de sécurité national syrien en tentant d’assassiner le prince saoudien Bandar ben Sultan, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan saisit sa chance. M. Signe de cette alliance, M. Le troisième virage eut lieu en septembre 2014. Pour cette élection, M.

Home - Progressive Radio Network Investigate This! Blog & Resources Investigative Journalism|News, Tips, Media Resources, Research Greg Palast | Investigative Reporter Ψηφίσαμε «ΟΧΙ» στη σκλαβιά αλλά «ΝΑΙ» στις αλυσίδες μας Greek journalist Michael Nevradakis and US investigative journalist Greg Palast have a different take on the Greek ‘No’ vote against Europe’s cruel austerity demands. By Michael Nevradakis in Athens with Greg Palast in New York | Oped-News We Greeks have voted ‘No’ to slavery – but ‘Yes’ to our chains. Not surprisingly, by nearly two-to-one, Greeks have overwhelmingly rejected the cruel, economically bonkers “austerity” program required by the European Central Bank in return for an ECB loan to pay Greece’s creditors. What’s simply whack-o is that, while voting “No” to austerity, many Greeks wish to remain shackled to the euro, the very cause of our miseries. Resistance, not Crisis Before we explain how the euro is the cause of this horror show, let’s clear up one thing right away. But unlike Greece, these other suffering nations have quietly acquiesced to their “austerity” punishments. But, so what if we lose the euro? ShareThis

On Rosa Parks’ 100th Birthday, Recalling Her Rebellious Life Before and After the Montgomery Bus This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: A hundred years ago today, civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was born. It was February 4th, 1913. On December 1st, 1955, when she was 42 years old, she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She was arrested, convicted of violating the state’s segregation laws. We want to go to a clip of Rosa Parks, in her own words. ROSA PARKS: I left work on my way home, December 1st, 1955, about 6:00 in the afternoon. I want to make very certain that it is understood that I had not taken a seat in the white section, as has been reported in many cases. The driver said that if I refused to leave the seat, he would have to call the police. AMY GOODMAN: That was Rosa Parks speaking in April 1956 in the midst of the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks is often described as a tired seamstress, no troublemaker. AMY GOODMAN: Marcus Garvey was? AMY GOODMAN: These are black boys— AMY GOODMAN: Girls.

Johann Hari - Home Greg Palast | Investigative Reporter by Greg Palast for In These Times Here's what we're told: Greece's economy blew apart because a bunch of olive-spitting, ouzo-guzzling, lazy-ass Greeks refuse to put in a full day's work, retire while they're still teenagers, pocket pensions fit for a pasha; and they've gone on a social-services spending spree using borrowed money. Now that the bill has come due and the Greeks have to pay with higher taxes and cuts in their big fat welfare state, they run riot, screaming in the streets, busting windows and burning banks. I don't buy it. I'll cut to the indictment: Greece is a crime scene. This is an adaptation of an excerpt from Vultures' Picnic, Greg Palast's new book, out next week, an investigator's pursuit of petroleum pigs, power pirates and high-finance fraudsters. In 2002, Goldman Sachs secretly bought up €2.3 billion in Greek government debt, converted it all into yen and dollars, then immediately sold it back to Greece. Goldman took a huge loss on the trade. Is Goldman that stupid?

Purring Frequencies for Healing This preset utilizes binaural beats based on the approximate range of purring frequencies of domesticated cats, 27 to 44 Hz, which researchers now say can have restorative effects on the body, particularly the healing and strengthening of bones. From the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Healing and the cat's purr - Fauna Communications Research Institute Scientists have discovered that the purring of cats is a "natural healing mechanism" that has helped inspire the myth that they have nine lives. Doctors and scientists in a number of different medical fields are researching the healing properties of sound, and the results are pretty promising. Solving the Mystery of the Cat's Purr using the World's Smallest Accelerometer Elizabeth von Muggenthaler and Bill Wright Ever since the Egyptians started worshipping the cat, philosophers, scientists and cat lovers worldwide have wondered why cats purr. It is commonly believed that cats purr when content.