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Investigative Reporter

Investigative Reporter
You know I rarely ask you... ....for donations to our foundation, so you can take my word for it when I say, we need it. The Theft of the 2016 race is under way –– and the vote rustlers expect to grab Congress in 2014 as an appetizer. Plus, the billionaire boys club is sucking our financial blood as if the world economy is their vampire blood bank. Donate at least $80 right now, and I'll send you, as thanks, the Vultures Combo: our new film on DVD, Vultures and Vote Rustlers AND a hardbound copy of Vultures Picnic, and I'll sign both. Check out the trailer.

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The counter-terrorist corrida opposing the West and Islam In many of my past articles I have tried to show that the terrorists which have committed the recent atrocities in the USA, Europe and elsewhere were not really motivated by Islamic values at all and that the rulers of the AngloZionist Empire are trying to create a “clash of civilizations” narrative in which the western world and the Islamic world are on a collision course. They way they do that is simple: they identify psychologically weak individuals, the types that religious sects always prey on, and they then provide them with a thin layer of pseudo-Islam to rationalize their alienation and give them an ideological pretext to strike out and murder members of the society they hate so much. My evidence is simple: if you look at what we find out about the perpetrators you will see that they are typically sexually promiscuous, often homosexuals, that they drink, use prostitutes and engage in many types of activities which are categorically forbidden in Islam. Why is all this important?

Fear and Loathing in Modern Media: Hunter S. Thompson on Journalism, Politics, and the Subjective by Maria Popova “There is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” An iconoclastic hero of the written word, Hunter S. Daily Kos Labor at Daily Kos Remember green jobs? They were supposed to be a win-win for America, simultaneously creating new skilled jobs and moving us toward sustainability. But, as Michelle Chen details, the momentum has died: Though federal green initiatives have provided vital seed money for wind farms and solar-generation projects nationwide, the blue-collar workers who have the most to gain from the projected clean-tech boom are still struggling to find any job, much less a green one. Of course, green jobs are not the boondoggle portrayed by right-wingers.

Assassination Politics - by Jim Bell Assassination Politicsby Jim BellI've been following the concepts of digital cash and encryption since I read the article in the August 1992 issue of Scientific American on "encrypted signatures." While I've only followed the Digitaliberty area for a few weeks, I can already see a number of points that do (and should!) strongly concern the average savvy individual: 1. How can we translate the freedom afforded by the Internet to ordinary life?

I. F. Stone Isidor Feinstein Stone (December 24, 1907 – June 18, 1989), born Isidor Feinstein, better known as I. F. Stone and Izzy Stone, was an American investigative journalist and author.[1][2] He is best remembered for his self-published newsletter, I. F. About Lawfare: A Brief History of the Term and the Site The Lawfare Blog went live on September 1, 2010. Ben’s first post set forth our general aims and, relatedly, our reasons for selecting our title: Welcome to Lawfare, a new blog by Robert Chesney, Jack Goldsmith, and myself. For those readers familiar with our prior writings, our subject will come as no surprise: We mean to devote this blog to that nebulous zone in which actions taken or contemplated to protect the nation interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions. We will, I am sure, construe this subject broadly to include subjects as far-flung as cybersecurity, Guantánamo habeas litigation, targeted killing, biosecurity, universal jurisdiction, the Alien Tort Statute, the state secrets privilege and countless other related and not-so-related matters. . . .The name Lawfare refers both to the use of law as a weapon of conflict and, perhaps more importantly, to the depressing reality that America remains at war with itself over the law governing its warfare with others.

HISTORY OF SYRIA AND PALESTINE Syria and Palestine: from the 6th century BC The Roman rulers are not the first to link Syria administratively with Palestine. In the late 6th century Darius makes Syria and Palestine, together with Cyprus, the fifth satrapy of his empire. During the Seleucid dynasty Syria and Palestine are under joint control in the 2nd century.

Paul Jay This article is about the television journalist. For the literary theorist, see Paul L. Jay. Paul Jay (born 1951) is a journalist and filmmaker who founded and is CEO of The Real News Network. I cite A primary issue for CPUSA in 1930 was membership -- recruiting members, keeping members after they were recruited, and enhancing leadership. These problems were addressed yunder the generla theme of improving the organizational and political of shop and street nuclei. As a way of addressing the problem The Party Organizer published experiences from the specific districts. Chicago: a meeting was described wherein 'old leading members' argued over whether unemployment was developing on a mass scale and over whether workers were radicalized.

Murder in Nice, Coup d’Sultan or Genie out of the Imperial Bottle. – SYRIAN WAR UPDATE So we have another tragedy, pinned of course on ISIL. Eighty four people, ironically, celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, southern France, a day of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have been massacred, ran over by a big rental truck, by a Frenchman (Tunisian origin) divorced, drunkard, practicing atheist a petty criminal that stooped onto reality of shadow/black economy to feed his children and his vices, mostly gambling and prostitution, hardly a picture of devoted pious jihadist ISIL is presenting itself to be and what western propaganda is buying namely an an utter lie But nobody is really interested in that side of the story in the French society that deteriorated to the level of America when such orgies of rage are quite often, while as a response to the carnage in Niece French government followed absurdly illogical logic of the US by killing innocent civilians as they just did at Manjib, Syria as senseless expression of bold thuggish fury executed by the so-called civilized states.

Allan Nairn Allan Nairn (born 1956) is an award-winning American investigative journalist who became well known when he was imprisoned by Indonesian military forces under United States-backed strongman Suharto while reporting in East Timor. His writings have focused on U.S. foreign policy in such countries as Haiti, Guatemala, Indonesia, and East Timor. Biography and career[edit] Greek Success Story: The latest Orwellian Turn of the Greek Crisis Greece’s Prime Minister recently flew to China, to woo Chinese investors. In his bid to be persuasive, he adopted a radical narrative: Greece is a Success Story. A country that almost perished in 2012 is now on the mend; on the road to stabilisation and growth; a wonderful opportunity, currently, for investors to pick up ultra cheap investments and to benefit from the forthcoming growth. How much of this is true, however?

The TSA's state-mandated molestation The holiday brought bittersweet news: unless the Transportation Security Authority disbands, I'll never see a certain friend of mine again. His long-term unemployment finally ended, and next month, he starts a great new job. But it's in Texas, too far to drive; from my place in Connecticut to his new home in San Antonio is 2,000 miles – 500 more than separates London from Moscow. As an American – that is, someone considered lucky to get seven consecutive days off work – the only way I could possibly travel such distance is to fly. But flying includes the legal obligation I submit to having my genitalia groped by some TSA thug wearing the same latex gloves already shoved down nine dozen other strangers' underwear.

WikiLeaks: Hillary Took $12 Mil for Clinton Foundation from Country She Declared Human Rights Violators Washington, D.C. – Hidden within the cache of emails recently released by WikiLeaks is hard evidence of the pay-for-play operation of the Clinton Foundation. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while operating as director of the Clinton Foundation, orchestrated a $12 million dollar donation to her charity from King Mohammed VI of Morocco in exchange for the North African nation being allowed to host an international meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), according to an emails released by WikiLeaks on Thursday. King Mohammed VI of Morocco agreed to give the money to the Clinton Foundation, on the condition that it hold the CGI conference on May 5-7, 2015 in his country and that Clinton appear as the keynote speaker.