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Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain de la Région Centre

Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain de la Région Centre
Université populaire Découvrez avec Richard Klein les grands mouvements de l'architecture du 20e siècle. 1er cycle : France 1917-1939 : de la Reconstruction aux monuments de la modernité Mars 2014 Gratuit Inscrivez-vous dès le 15 janvier ! Merci aux 20 000 visiteurs que Les Turbulences - Frac Centre ont accueilli en deux mois ! Une œuvre Un mois

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The House on the Cliff / GilBartolome Architects Architects Location Architects in Charge Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolomé (GilBartolome Architects) Area 210.0 sqm Project Year 2015 Photographs Collaborators Alfonso Peralta, Fabián Andrés Lizarazo, Blanca Perez On Site Architects Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolomé Quantity Surveyor Juan Diego Guarderas Project Manager Beatriz Moreno, Grupo S.C.O Main Contractor José Manuel Jiménez, Hispánica de Morteros Structures Juan Rey , Mecanismo S.L. / Manuel Rojas, Elesdopa S.L Soil Works Jose Santos , SITE Roof Deck Zacarías Timón, Cerrajería Salinero S.L. Interior Design and Furniture Design Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolomé, GilBartolome Architects Carpentry and Furniture Fabrication Jorge Alcalde, S’Decor Zinc Supplier ElZinc, Asturiana de Laminados S.A Fabrication of Special Features Francisco Lajo From the architect. The House as a Joyful Domestic Stage The comeback of craftsmanship

EXPO en ligne Intelligence Artificielle & Architecture - Pavillon de l'Arsenal Intelligence Artificielle & Architecture Une exposition produite par le Pavillon de l'Arsenal An exhibit produced by the Arsenal Pavilion & conçue par Stanislas Chaillou, Architecte & Data Scientist & conceived by Stanislas Chaillou, Architect & Data Scientist CUAC ARQUITECTURA, Fernando Alda - · Gabba Hey Rock and Roll Music School This slogan, rescued from the cult movie Freaks 1928, was fixed to a huge banner to reclaim the pride of the marginal. The whole band starred the musical Rock and Roll High School (1979), centered in the crazy disintegration of an american high school where the students would take the total control of institution turning the Ramones in their new improvised teachers. 35 years after this funny and educational pionering experience a well known group of musicians from Granada musical scene have decided to move the same spirit to their own city.

Mecanoo, Michael Van Gessel, Pedro Kok · Villa 4.0 A simple bungalow dating from 1967 on a hexagonal ground plan had been radically altered and modi ed through the years. Although this had made the house bigger, it had also become increasingly inward-looking. The expanding wings were steadily enclosing the heart of the house with the hall and living quarters, and direct contact between the house and the magni cent surroundings was largely lost.

CUAC ARQUITECTURA, Javier Callejas Sevilla - · The Route of Balconies. Isabel the Catholic The still black and white photo in which the nation of Sylvania appears, comes from an image from the 30´s of the city of Loja. An image that shows the superb situation of this beautiful Andalusian town, located between the two sides of the valley of river Genil, in the East part of the province of Granada. Topography defines the particular scenery of the city of Loja. To understand this characteristic, it´s necessary to connect all of the city´s district topographical features that are combined to make up the city´s identity. The need of recovering different abandoned places in the city of Loja, arised the opportunity of creating a network of public areas, designed as balconies to leant out to the city.

Glenburn House / Sean Godsell Architects Location Glenburn VIC 3717, Australia Architect Sean Godsell Project Team Sean Godsell, Hayley Franklin Contractor António Dias Ribeiro, Lda. Area 270.0 sqm Project Year 2007 Glenburn is approximately 1.5 hours drive north east of Melbourne in the rolling foothills of the Yarra Valley. The site is 20ha of re-invigorated farmland with a national forest abutting the north boundary. Capilla del Retiro / Undurraga Devés Arquitectos Architects Location Santuario de Auco, Calle Larga, Región de Valparaíso, Chile Architect Undurraga Devés Arquitectos - Cristián Undurraga Team Design Undurraga Deves Arquitectos, Cristián Larraín Bontá, Pablo López, Jean Baptiste Bruderer Altar Design José Vicente Gajardo Structural Engineer José Jiménez, Rafael Gatica Engineers Constructor Terrano S.A. Area 620.0 sqm Project Year 2009 Photographs From the architect. dark, inmemorial things whose fragments remain lodged in the soul of the artist" Paul Klee

New York Architecture Images- Storefront for Art and Architecture Constructed in 1993, the facade renovation for the Storefront for Art and Architecture was constructed on a budget of only $45,000. Architect Steven Holl's concept for the project of inside becoming outside is achieved by composing the facade mainly of revolving panels. Each panel's unique shape, relation to other panels, and open or closed condition creates, in effect, a different facade each day. The design takes its concept and finds a clear solution within a small budget, but the project is also indicative of much of Holl's work in its focus on creating space through detailing, proportion, and the manipulation of light. Pie-shaped in plan, the design opens to the street on one facade, the other walls part of the building the Storefront is encased in.

Unit 03 - Metamorphosis: Steven Holl - Storefront for Art and Architecture In 1993, The Storefront for Art and Architecture commissioned a collaborative building project by artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl. From the Storefront website: "The project replaced the existing facade with a series of twelve panels that pivot vertically or horizontally to open the entire length of the gallery directly onto the street.

STOREFRONT RENOVATION (WALL MACHINE) by Acconci Studio Site: a narrow triangular space that serves as an alternative gallery for architecture and art. Program: an artist / architect collaboration that results in a new façade for the gallery. Project: an adjustable and variable façade, a usable wall. 15 Architects Who Have Been Immortalized on Money 15 Architects Who Have Been Immortalized on Money In terms of memorialization, being selected to represent your country as the face of a banknote is one of the highest honors you can achieve. Even if electronic transfer seems to be the way of the future, cash remains the reliable standard for exchange of goods and services, so being pasted to the front of a bill guarantees people will see your face on a near-daily basis, ensuring your legacy carries on. In some countries, the names of the faces even become slang terms for the bills themselves. While “counting Le Corbusiers” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, a select few architects have still been lucky enough to have been featured on such banknotes in recent history. Read on to find out who the 15 architects immortalized in currency are and what they’re worth.

Binh House / Landmak Architecture Binh House / Landmak Architecture Architects Location Hòa Lạc, Thạch Thất, Hà Nội, Vietnam Architect in Charge Ta Tien Vinh, Truong Tuan Chung Project Year 2015 Photographs Manufacturers Lava VN, Vietnam Window Design Team Le Minh Hoang, Ngo Hung, Tran Viet Phu, Nguyen Thao, Vu Nam Son, Pham Dinh Hanh, Dang Viet Anh More SpecsLess Specs From the architect.

4 Ways You Can Dress Like an Architect 4 Ways You Can Dress Like an Architect 1. All black.2. Black with a bit of grey.3. Black with a bit of white.4. Life House / John Pawson Architects Location United Kingdom, Llanbister, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1, UK Design Team Shingo Ozawa, Justine Bell, Chris Masson, Charlotte Moe Area 334.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs From the architect. From the beginning, the thinking behind the Life House was an uncompromisingly modern design where it would be possible to inhabit a different sort of architectural space.

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