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Data Architecture. TOGAF. IT Planning. Architecture Frameworks. EA Tools. Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC) in enterprise architecture. EA - Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture. Architecture.

Application Architecture

Hadoop. Togaf. TC Subgroup Directory. OWL. Protege Ontology Library. OWL ontologies Information on how to open OWL files from the Protege-OWL editor is available on the main Protege Web site. See the Creating and Loading Projects section of the Getting Started with Protege-OWL Web page. Other ways to search for OWL ontologies include using Google: or the new Semantic Web search engine called Swoogle. AIM@SHAPE Ontologies: Ontologies pertaining to digital shapes. Frame-based ontologies In the context of this page, the phrase "frame-based ontologies" loosely refers to ontologies that were developed using the Protege-Frames editor.

Biological Processes: A knowledge model of biological processes and functions that is graphical, for human comprehension, and machine-interpretable, to allow reasoning. Other ontology formats Dublin Core: Representation of Dublin Core metadata in Protege.


EA Resources. Entreprise Architecture Principle. Research Volumes :: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT) Modeling. OSATE help. Osate 2 - AadlWiki. From AadlWiki Introduction Osate 2 is an open-source tool platform to support AADL v2. In January 2012 correction to a number of errata to AADL v2 have been approved. These revisions, referred to as AADL v2.1, are supported by OSATE 2 and are summarized in AS5506B. This tool intends both end users and tool developers. For the formers, it provides a complete textual editor for AADL and a set of simple analysis tools. For the laters, it provides a full support for the AADL meta-model on an Eclipse platform. Download OSATE2 comes in two versions: the stable and testing. Graphical Editor A graphical editor is available in OSATE. Documentation Editing a first AADL model: Small tutorial to show how to create a first AADL model with Osate 2.

The core The core consists in supporting the language in Eclipse. Official Plug-ins The official plug-ins are part of the OSATE2 releases and included in update site. External Plug-ins Adele Graphical Editor: as OSATE2 plug-in from ElliDiss. Using OSATE2. Predictable model-based engineering. Tool Integrators |Toolsets | OSATE. The SAE AADL accommodates OSATE, which provides a low entry-cost solution based on Eclipse and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).

The SEI has developed OSATE as a set of plug-ins on top of the open-source Eclipse platform to provide a toolset for front-end processing of AADL models. The OSATE front-end has been augmented with a set of plug-ins (see Figure 1), including an AADL to MetaH converter, several analysis plug-ins for performing various architecture consistency checks and distributed resource allocation and scheduling analysis. Figure 1: OSATE Plug-In Development for AADL For information on getting started with OSATE plug-in development, check out the OSATE resources page. Technology Roadmap Builder. CEB IT Roadmap Builder. Register for our webinar on May 7 to learn more about Six IT Roadmaps for Better Business Outcomes. Register for the Webinar Learn more about the six common IT roadmaps, as well as how to create, maintain, and communicate better IT roadmaps. Download the Whitepaper Watch organizations improve how they create, visualize and communicate their IT plans.

Watch the Video See what your IT organization's roadmap looks like with CEB IT Roadmap Builder. Take the Diagnostic Watch how various parts of an IT organization use CEB IT Roadmap Builder. Watch the Video Featured in MIT Technology Review. Read the Article. HSSP - home. Moving ahead with Hadoop YARN. Apache Hadoop with MapReduce is the workhorse of distributed data processing. With its unique scale-out physical cluster architecture and its elegant processing framework initially developed by Google, Hadoop has fostered explosive growth in the new field of big data processing. Hadoop has also developed a rich and diverse ecosystem of applications, including Apache Pig, which is a powerful scripting language, and Apache Hive, which is a data warehouse solution with a SQL-like interface.

Unfortunately, this ecosystem is built on a programming paradigm that cannot solve all problems in big data. MapReduce provides a specific programming model that, although simplified with tools like Pig and Hive, is not a big data panacea. A short introduction to Hadoop and MRv1 Hadoop clusters can scale from single nodes, in which all Hadoop entities operate on the same node, to thousands of nodes, where functionality is distributed across nodes to increase parallel processing activities. Figure 1. NIST Validator. Home | PolarSys - Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems. OSATE help. Main Page - AadlWiki.


SoaML. Building Sustainable Banking Architectures. Mike Walker Microsoft Corporation February 2007 Revised March 2007 Applies to: 2007 Microsoft Office System Microsoft BizTalk 2006 Sustainable Banking Solutions Summary: In this article, we will use a banking scenario to focus on some of the specific needs for financial services. This scenario will provide means for partners and customers to integrate banking applications and establish consistency in this integration.

This article describes the Loan-Origination Reference Architecture Pack. (25 printed pages) Contents IntroductionLoan-Origination Office Business ApplicationTechnical ArchitectureEnabling ScenariosConclusionReferences Introduction This article will show architects how to design sustainable banking solutions using the latest Microsoft Technologies.

The article includes comprehensive guidance for making architecture decisions around real-world business and technology challenges. The first and most mature way to integrate is by focusing on data integration. Enabling Technologies. SOEA – Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture: Before talking about success in the public sector it is necessary to take a brief look at what success is within the public sector – a question with different answers depending on who you ask. A manager within the public sector success is typically based on the size of his/hers budget and/or number of staff. As SOA and EA potentially promises to reduce both of these, SOA is really not that appealing to public manager. As it will only reduce next years budget and number of personal it is not an appealing career move.

However what is happening in many governments is that the public tasks are not protected by the traditional organizational boundaries – as might have been. This means that different agencies potentially can take over tasks from other agencies if they can perform the same task cheaper – which for a manager in the public sector is a god career move! And where does SOA then fit into all this? In Denmark this is not commonly seen – yet!


OASIS Emergency Management TC. Enabling information exchange to advance incident preparedness and response to emergency situations Elysa Jones,, ChairCamille Osterloh,, Secretary Table of Contents Announcements On 11 April 2013, the Emergency Management TC approved Emergency Data Exchange Language Situation Reporting (EDXL-SitRep) 1.0 and EDXL Distribution Element (EDXL-DE) 2.0 as Committee Specifications. Visit the Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM-TC) Activities page for more current topics. Overview The EM-TC creates vendor-neutral and platform agnostic standards for organizations and agencies to more easily exchange emergency information.

The Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) is a broad initiative to create an integrated framework for a wide range of emergency data exchange standards to support operations, logistics, planning and finance. EM-TC standard efforts include: For more information, see the TC Charter and FAQ Subcommittees TC Liaisons. OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR. Defining a federated document transport infrastructure for business document exchange Kenneth Bengtsson,, ChairSven Rasmussen,, Secretary Table of Contents Announcements The OASIS Business Document Exchange TC approved a revised charter on 19 April 2012 ( and begins work under its new charter on 02 May 2012.

The record of the TC's activities under its earlier charter remains publicly available at: The TC email archives will also remain permanently available at: and Overview The OASIS BDXR TC advances an open standards framework to support public e-procurement and e-invoicing. The original OASIS BDX TC was formed to advance the messaging portion of PEPPOL. For more information, see the BDXR TC Charter. Subcommittees No subcommittees have been formed for this TC. A Trace in the Sand, Software Architecture Journal by Ruth Malan. April 2014 It's Me Day! Woohoo! What's a Trace? My Trace is a playground for developing ideas, for exploring architecture and the role of architects. It is a journal of discovery, and traces my active reflection.

I've been journaling "out loud" here for over eight years. To get a sense of the span, calibre and contribution of this body of work, there's a selection of traces linked here. Oooo, look: I'm a people, I'm a people!! And look what Peter Bakker did! Image by Sara B. No Point Left Unmassacred [my modus operandi] [The first bullet brought to you by Brenda Michelson. ] More? Oh. Here, have a meeting (via Kai Schlüter) My Trace. "Bang your head against the wall, to activate your brain" -- Thea, lyrics to a song about school :-) You're welcome.

Um. “The primary indication, to my thinking, of a well-ordered mind is a man's ability to remain in one place and linger in his own company. 2. Abstraction Powertools Naming Architecture Sustainability Measuring Architecture Sustainability, Koziolek, H.


Technology Evaluations | CMS DAM Social Portals WCM | Real Story Group. The Open Group. The Open Group Webinars. Let’s Not Forget Survival Skills - Andy Blumenthal. To Solve a Social Problem, You Need More Than a Theory — You Need a Randomized Controlled Trial - Wired Science. In 1993, after five years of grad school and low-wage postdoctoral research, Michael Kremer got a job as a professor of economics at MIT.

With his new salary, he finally had enough money to fund a long-held desire: to return to Kenya’s Western Province, where he had lived for a year after college, teaching in a rural farming community. He wanted to see the place again, reconnect with his host family and other friends he’d made there. When he arrived the next summer, he found out that one of those friends had begun working for an education nonprofit called ICS Africa. At the time, there was a campaign, spearheaded by the World Bank, to provide free textbooks throughout sub-Saharan Africa, on the assumption that this would boost test scores and keep children in school longer.

ICS had tasked Kremer’s friend with identifying target schools for such a giveaway. While chatting with his friend about this, Kremer began to wonder: How did ICS know the campaign would work? The trainees chuckle. On Customer Insight. Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK) | Home. Enterprise Modelling.

Data Architecture

Infrastructure. Architecture Frameworks. Enterprise Architecture for Emerging Technology: Build, Buy or Open Source. As companies transition to more flexible IT platforms, they are searching for guidance on how to determine whether they should build their own application, use packaged applications from an ERP vendor, adopt an open source platform, or leverage a SaaS solution. It’s not an easy decision to make. Whether custom-built or vendor-based, projects can fail. Before making the transition, you should carefully consider the following differences surrounding support, customization and deployment.

All things being equal, the primary difference between open source and vendor products is the source of support. Open source support options are “do it yourself.” Open source enhancements are usually quicker if you have a vibrant community. SaaS versus installed in-house is essentially a deployment difference. You have a host of Enterprise Architecture choice points to consider surrounding the adoption of proprietary, emerging or packaged software. LinkedIn. Business Architecture Guild - Home. Business Model Gallery - The World's Largest Business Model Database. Digital Transformation — Enterprise Architecture examples. ITAG : Enterprise Architecture Guide.

The MIT Enterprise Architecture Guide (EAG) documents MIT's architectural principles and goals, the current state of MIT's enterprise architecture, and a future state architectural vision. The EAG also includes information regarding the ITAG architecture review process. Since this document serves to inform developers about available enterprise tools and services, we expect the EAG will be useful to enterprise system developers across the institute. Because this is a constantly evolving document, community feedback will drive future ITAG agendas and thus influence content in future versions. ITAG expects to update the EAG on a quarterly basis. Intended Audience The intended audience of the EAG includes project teams making enhancements to existing systems, project teams developing new systems, sponsors of initiative, ITAG Members, and DLC Leadership.

How to Use the Guide Key to Documents All sections of the EAG are available in PDF format (.pdf). Enterprise Architecture - Homepage. Turn on more accessible mode Skip Ribbon Commands Skip to main content Contact Us | Help About Your Part Architecture Library Tools & Resources Homepage NIH Marketing Box Image Area These are links to each NIH Marketing Box Image Displayed Image Title Business Process Models Button Technology Bricks Standards and Patterns Button Data Models Button IT Button News & Events Latest News View all news articles NIH Requests for Comment (NIHRFC) There are currently no NIHRFCs out for comment View all approved NIHRFCs Case Studies The NIH Business System (NBS) used the NIH service design principles to realize benefits of SOA in the implementation of the Patient Travel Management System.

View NBS Patient Travel Management System SOA Case Study View all case studies Home | Contact Us | Privacy Statement | Accessibility | FOIA About | Your Part | Architecture Library | Tools & Resources National Institutes of Health The US Government's Official Portal US Department of Health and Human Services. Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Enterprise Architecture & Design. Workgroups:cloud:big_data - The Open Group Members Wiki. Forums:platform3.0:use-cases:business-use-cases - The Open Group Members Wiki. Patterns. Technology and software. Big data.


OpenDataModel. The end of enterprise-architecture? In terms of ‘means and ends’, what’s the end of enterprise-architecture – its real, practical purpose? [Don't worry! - this isn't yet another round in those interminable arguments about 'What is enterprise-architecture? '... What follows would apply just as much to IT-architecture, or business-architecture, or just about any other form of architecture, as it does to EA at a whole-of-enterprise scope.] What got me going on this was a conversation with a colleague, who was pondering whether his new organisation needed an enterprise-architect – a full-time or part-time enterprise-architecture role. That they were going to need some form of enterprise-architecture was not in doubt; but the need for an explicit person to do that work was a bit less certain. The more we looked at it, the more blurry it became. As with other ‘pervasive’ themes such as quality, security, health-and-safety, knowledge-sharing, environment and suchlike, it’s more of a discipline than a ‘job’.

Comments, anyone? Summary of FDTF Projects. Start [OMG FDTF Wiki] Enterprise Reference Model for thin top down approach. ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 : Architecture Descriptions. 搜尋. Scientific publications | DYA. DyA Infrastructure Introduction - DYAINFRAWiki. BBIB Scenario. ADML Backgrounder. Download AcmeStudio and Acme Tools. xADL - A Highly Extensible Architecture Description Language for Software and Systems. ArchStudio - Getting Started - Easy Setup. MEGAF :: Downloads. EA Infrastructure | LEA: Planning. Publications. ADOit:Community - the free enterprise architecture tool. Sebis TU München : Downloads. ArchiMate Reference | Wallchart | Corso.

Do Enterprise Architecture Frameworks matter? | Intact Technology Blog | HP Elite Software Partner | IT Consulting. Enterprise Architects and Portfolio Managers: Do We Need Both? Model Driven Engineering. Software Development Practice and Theory – A Chicken and Egg Story | Form Follows Function. Blogs.


Outsourcing and TOGAF 9.1 - What is the connection? - Architects Corner. Enterprise Architecture is Dead. Michael Margolis on story (and business)