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Great Big Story - Robert Lang is a physicist who worked at... Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away. When Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a dilapidated cement factory in 1973, he immediately saw a world of possibilities.

Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

La fábrica was born, and almost 45 years later, the structure has been completely transformed into a spectacular and unique home. Show Full Text The factory, located just outside of Barcelona, was a WWI-era pollution machine that had closed down, and came with many repairs to be done when Ricardo Bofill and his team purchased it. After years of partial deconstruction, the determined architect proceeded to lace the exterior of the property with vegetation, and furnish the interior as a modern living and work space.

La fábrica is a work in progress to this day, to which Bofill likens his own life, as his visions for the future continue to change shape. MasterClass - As close to Frank Gehry’s design studio as... Dezeen. Over 500 houses featured on Dezeen in 2016.


Continuing our review of the year, editor Amy Frearson picks out the 10 most exciting properties, including a home-studio with a pyramid garden on its roof and an idyllic rainforest retreat with an infinity pool. Jungle House, Brazil, by Studio MK27 Nestled in a clearing of a coastal forest in Brazil, this house by São Paulo firm Studio MK27 features elevated living spaces that open out to a roof terrace and infinity pool. The house is built from concrete, textured by timber boards, and has extensive glazing that can be screened by wooden shutters. It also boasts an outdoor hot tub and sauna. Read more about Jungle House › Dezeen. Next up in our review of the year, architecture editor Jessica Mairs selects the 10 architecture trends that defined 2016, from the resurgence of minimalism to the next generation of prefabs and the advent of co-living.


Minimalist interiors This year we saw an abundance of austere interiors – from apartments and bathrooms to offices – finished with cool-toned marble, uniform woodwork and block coloured walls. XS architecture vs XL furniture by Worapong Manupipatpong. Thai graduate designer Worapong Manupipatpong has created an installation that is halfway between furniture and architecture.

XS architecture vs XL furniture by Worapong Manupipatpong

The two-level, wooden structures have small ladders leading to their upper platforms and form various places to sit. Manupipatpong built the structures for his graduation project while studying at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden. "This project is about investigation between the notion of architecture and furniture design," says the designer. TI Design - These futuristic beach homes were inspired by... OpenIDEO. Design Kit: The Human-Centered Design Toolkit. In April 2015, launched an exciting new evolution of the HCD Toolkit the Field Guide to Human-Centered Design.

Design Kit: The Human-Centered Design Toolkit

The Field Guide is the latest in’s suite of teaching tools and a step forward in sharing the practice and promise of human-centered design with the social sector.

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Palimpsest – Collective memory through Virtual Reality / @ialab. Created at the Bartlett School of Architecture / Interactive Architecture, Palimpsest uses 3D scanning and virtual reality to record urban spaces and the communities that live in them.

Palimpsest – Collective memory through Virtual Reality / @ialab

The project aims to question/test the implication if the past, present, and future city could exist in the same place, layering personal stories and local histories of the city at a 1:1 scale. In 1998, researchers discovered that mathematical proofs by Archimedes had been overwritten with biblical texts by monks in the 13th century. Documents such as this, with previous erasures still visible beneath the primary text, are known as palimpsests. Architecture can also be a palimpsest: as cities and buildings are modified and re-purposed, traces of their previous lives remain visible.

Their first initiative, The Camden Palimpsest, uses the UK High Speed Rail 2 project as a case study. In order to create the palimpsest, the team relied on 4 types of 3D data capture. One man turned nursing home design on its head when he created this stunning facility.


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Galeries: 65 images Graphisme, design et craft : la créativité de la Corée actuelle à l’honneur Paris Design Week Paris Design Week 2015 Une semaine où on se concentrera de préférence sur la jeune création et les nouvelles tendances. Arts & Métiers Invention Design Le design, mise en forme d’une intelligence plus que d’une esthétique. Gaîté Lyrique Oracles du design Le pouvoir prophétique du design, révélateur de nos aspirations. Philharmonie de Paris David Bowie is Galerie : 15 images David Bowie, designer fertile autant que chanteur Fondation Louis Vuitton et Centre Pompidou Frank Gehry à Paris Ouverture de la Fondation Louis Vuitton, exposition au Centre Pompidou : Frank Gehry est chez lui à Paris.

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