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Top 10 Cars from the Geneva Motor Show 2015. In Focus: Green Homes of the Future - SOLARFEEDS. The world of building has placed an onus on green solutions for building like never before and the advent of the green home is upon us at last.

In Focus: Green Homes of the Future - SOLARFEEDS

Future homes will offer a range of innovations that will mean they are significantly more energy efficient and vastly greener than the homes we currently reside in. So, let’s take a look at some of the top innovations in this area. Award winning pools - Aqua Platinum. The Magic Of Movable Floor Pools. An indoor swimming pool is one of the ultimate home improvements.

The Magic Of Movable Floor Pools

It’s somewhere to relax, somewhere for a family to play and exercise, and it’s a real treat for guests. The World’s Most Creative Swimming Pool Designs. Swimming pools already provide us with an enjoyable and relaxing way to keep fit, but some can also provide a jaw-dropping wow factor too.

The World’s Most Creative Swimming Pool Designs

Interiors and Home

Aqua Platinum’s Best Swimming Pool Projects. Are you looking to install a swimming pool in your home?

Aqua Platinum’s Best Swimming Pool Projects

Nothing quite compares to diving into the crystal-clear waters of your own swimming pool for a refreshing, early morning dip. Here at Aqua Platinum Projects, no task is too grand. We have a longstanding wealth of experience in supplying a broad selection of innovative heated indoor and outdoor pools for both commercial and residential clients. Past projects have seen the Aqua Platinum crew revitalise an 18th century manor house and install leisure facilities in a series of newly built housing developments. With our team of expert developers, we’ll proficiently engineer a pool that is meticulously crafted to meet your every need and specification; whether that’s a standard indoor/outdoor fitting or an entirely unique and bespoke design with various features and capabilities.

To provide you with a bit of inspiration, we’ve pulled together a few examples of some of our latest completed and upcoming installations. Enjoy. Completed Projects. Ways Of Letting More Light Into Your Home. For all the advances in artificial lighting and the huge growth of energy-saving bulbs, there is still a lot to be said for allowing as much natural light into your home, and for as much of the day as possible.

Ways Of Letting More Light Into Your Home

At this time of year, darkness is reluctant to leave in the morning and quick to creep in again every evening. So, for the moment, long summer days with sunlight streaming into your home until mid-evening are simply memories. However, there are a range of practical steps you can take to increase both the flow of the natural light that is still available, and to make practical, ecological use of artificial light options.

Bringing more outside light into your home There are some obvious ways of allowing more natural light into your home. The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing Flat Roof Lights. How Thick Does Your Roof Light Glass Need To Be? No matter where you choose to install your roof light; you want to know that it will be safe, secure and energy efficient.

How Thick Does Your Roof Light Glass Need To Be?

A large factor in ensuring that these needs are met is in the thickness of the panes that make up your unit. Whether it is being installed to the roof as a fixed, opening, or Eco model, or if you are adding a Walk On unit to your basement or terrace, there are a few factors to bear in mind to make certain that the glass is dense enough for its purpose. The importance of thickness Like windows, roof light performance is covered by building regulations and to comply must meet a minimum U value of 1.8 W/m2K.

Porsche Design Tower In Miami - PG Times. Porsche Design seems to have moved up in the world.

Porsche Design Tower In Miami - PG Times

Having got tired of designing trainers and watches, they have decided to have a stab at the architectural world. As you would expect form Porsche, there is a heavy focus on peoples cars. The 60 storey building that features 132 apartments also has glass car lifts installed. This will allow the residents of the ultra high end apartments to drive their car right into the garage of their apartment, and then admire it through the garages glass walls. Each elevator can hold 2 or 4 cars. EOS Rooflights - Skylights and Roof Glazing. How Installing Rooflights Can Save You Money on Energy Bills. Increasingly, new build projects as well as existing buildings are maximising the use of natural light together with the thermal properties of modern glass, to create a revolution in how we look at heat retention and accessing light sources.

How Installing Rooflights Can Save You Money on Energy Bills

A major factor behind recent innovations is the ever-increasing energy costs for both domestic and commercial properties. The earth receives 94 billion megawatts of power absolutely free of charge from the Sun every single day of the year. To not use this and instead replace it with home-grown electricity is largely unnecessary. The potential ecological waste is only part of the issue. The natural light from the sun is in fact much brighter and cleaner than most sources that we can manufacture. In a working environment, natural light can lead to dramatically increased productivity, and in hospitals there is evidence of faster patient recovery. With vertical windows only, daylight can rarely reach across the whole room. By EOS Rooflights. How to Choose the Right Skylights for Your Home. Want to brighten up your home?

How to Choose the Right Skylights for Your Home

Skylights could provide you with the ideal solution. In addition to bringing natural light into your home, skylights will help you to reduce your dependency on artificial lighting, enabling you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you are looking to brighten up your kitchen, hallway, living room or loft conversion, you will need to choose the best skylight for your needs. Choosing Safe And Secure Glass For Your Rooflights. When it comes to installing rooflights in your home, safety is paramount.

Choosing Safe And Secure Glass For Your Rooflights

The perfect choice should be a blend of contemporary design, thermal efficiency, safety and security. The glass used in manufacture is the best indicator for safety levels so it is essential that you choose the right kind of glass for your rooflight. In order to ensure your utmost safety, the ideal specification should include a double glazed unit with an outer toughened pane and an inner panel of heat strengthened laminated glass. Otherwise known as tempered, toughened glass is specially treated to be far more resistant to breakage than standard glass.

How The Garage Has Changed. Despite the popular image of the garage as a relatively modern invention, garages in one form or another have existed for centuries. The first garages were perhaps better named as carriage houses, used to store the horse drawn carriages of earlier centuries. What You Need To Consider When Purchasing A New Garage - Infographic. How To Choose A Suitable Garage For Your Home. Do You Need Planning Permission When Buying A Garage? So you’ve decided to buy a new garage, then you’ve begun to think about its shape, size, purpose and design. Don’t get too carried away though – before the building starts, you will need to consider whether planning permission is required. If so, it is essential to know what to do in order to get the application approved. What Is Planning Permission? Top 4 Ways How You Can Improve The Security Of Your Garage. While many of us keep a number of possessions in the garage, it’s important to make sure that you have the correct security measures in place to protect your items.

Furthermore, you also want to ensure that you reduce the amount of damage caused and financial costs incurred if someone ever does try to force their way in. Waking up to discover that your car, garden furniture, tools, or other valuable possessions have been stolen is a situation that you will want to avoid at all costs. Improving an easy target. Independent Drainage Ltd - Septic Tank Emptying in Wimborne BH21 3RN. GEZE - Pressarticle. GEZE UK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of door and window control systems, has opened its new London North service office.

Based in Leighton Buzzard the service team will support GEZE customers in the area from central London (W, WC, EC postcodes) to Norwich, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes, offering quotations, technical advice and faster response times. The office opening has created four new jobs, with the Service Manager Troy Collins moving from within GEZE UK to head up the new team. Eight experienced service engineers are also transferring from within the company.

The new office complements the service teams based in Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Farnborough (London South) and the Midlands team based at the company's head office near Lichfield. GEZE UK's service director Steve Marshall said: "I am pleased we are making this investment in service for our customers. "I also welcome our new colleagues to the business. GEZE.