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Mem. 5 Places to Download Free, Ethnically Diverse Render People. 5 Places to Download Free, Ethnically Diverse Render People The significance of people in architectural rendering is nothing new – the added realism, and addition of narrative elements can make or break whether a render successfully sells its project.

5 Places to Download Free, Ethnically Diverse Render People

With sites like Skalgubbar, architects and architecture students have easier access than ever before to “Render People”: PNG cut-outs of people, ready to be photoshopped into buildings. In the early years of free, online render-people databases, there was a stark homogeneity to the people represented. As the people providing the crowdsourced images were from predominantly Caucasian, Scandinavian countries, there was a surge of such people appearing in renders in projects across the world. In wake of this, other groups have worked to produce workable databases of diverse, culturally representative render people, giving architects and architecture students the freedom to accurately depict their work in its intended context. Escalatina Mr. Blocs CAD gratuits. Architecture Software Tutorials: Which Are The Best Out There? In contemporary architecture practice, proficiency in an ever-widening array of architecture software is becoming increasingly important.

Architecture Software Tutorials: Which Are The Best Out There?

For almost every job in the field, it is no longer enough to bring a skilled mind and a pencil; different jobs may require different levels of expertise and different types of software, but one thing that seems universally accepted is that some level of involvement with software is now a requirement. While software has opened a huge range of capabilities for architects, it also presents a challenge: universities have taken wildly different approaches to the teaching of software, with some offering classes and access to experts while others prefer to teach design theory and expect students to pick up software skills in their own time.

The internet has therefore been a huge democratizing effect in this regard, offering tutorials, often for free, to anyone with a connection - as long as you know where to look. General Purpose Tutorial Sites.

Projet MA2 - inspirations

Maisons Minimalistes. Banque d'images. Projet MA1. Simple Ideas For Creating a Harder-Working Workspace. When considering your company's future growth, upgrading your office can--and should--be central to your strategy.

Simple Ideas For Creating a Harder-Working Workspace

Ideally your workspace should be organized, professional looking, and representative of your brand's consumer-facing image. It should also be designed with space in mind. Firms--no matter their sizes--should ask themselves how much space is really needed to conduct business? And are their spaces used to maximum effect?

Simply put, doing more with less space is a practical business decision since smaller, optimized offices are less expensive to build, operate and maintain. The following ideas for creating harder-working offices will inspire you to get the most out of your space. Graham Hill is a serial entrepreneur and founder of LifeEdited, a specialty consultancy that works with architects and real estate developers to design and market buildings that optimize for space.


Divers. Europa, comité français. Biomimicry Europa est une association à but non lucratif née en 2006 à Bruxelles et qui se consacre à la promotion du biomimétisme.

Europa, comité français

Bien que portée par des acteurs européens, l’américaine Janine Benyus, principale théoricienne du biomimétisme, en est membre fondatrice. Devant l’intérêt croissant de nombreux acteurs en France, le Comité Français de Biomimicry Europa est créé en 2010 à Paris (association Loi 1901) en vue de promouvoir le biomimétisme en France. Biomimicry Europa rassemble des profils d’une grande diversité allant des biologistes aux designers et artistes en passant par les métiers de l’ingénieur, de la gestion des entreprises ou des collectivités locales.

Tous apportent une pluralité de points de vue, mais partagent une même conviction : l’observation des systèmes vivants peut être source d’inspiration pour accélérer les innovations, nous mettant en marche vers une humanité réconciliée avec le vivant et les grands cycles bio-géochimiques de notre planète. Iam Architect Magazine. La révolution de la Paille. Après le triomphe de la maison en brique, l’engouement pour la maison en bois, la maison en paille reste encore victime des préjugés du conte des trois petits cochons.

La révolution de la Paille

Et pourtant, la révolution de la construction en paille reste à faire. Certes, aucunes normes ni DTU n’encadre ce procédé de construction (cf interview d’Emmanuel Jayr), pourtant, il est tout à fait possible de construire une habitation durable, parfaitement bien isolée et à prix très réduit en paille : le ballot de paille coûtant entre 1€ et 1.50€, sachant qu’il en faut 500 pour construire une maison… Un mur en paille est aussi isolant d’un mur en parpaing de 20cm + 25 cm d’isolant.

La paille n’attire pas plus les rongeurs qu’un isolant classique, ni craint ni l’humidité ni le feu (paroi stable au feu 1h30). Essai au feu par le CSTB Les techniques de construction préconisent un enduit « perspirant », permettant de protéger durablement la paille tout en la laissant respirer. Olivier Leclercq. NL Architects Blog. Be.passive - A new quarterly magazine by pmp/php.