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Yo. I started this pearl to keep up with artists, architects, and the design of new eco friendly low impact structures with an emphasis on initiatives tha have started in Houston, Tx.

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Texas Container Homes/ Jesse C Smith Jr/Consultant
Steel Buildings Houston | Metal Buildings Houston » CALL Budget® Houston Budget Buildings has been the leader in high-quality, low-cost steel building construction in the Greater Houston area for more than 17 years. We specialize in shops, garages, barns, and all-steel homes. You can choose from our designs or create your own custom steel building or home. Our buildings are loaded with tons of features at prices no other company can come close to. What sets us apart? Steel Buildings Houston | Metal Buildings Houston » CALL Budget®
UpCycle Living
Office of Mobile Design :: A Jennifer Siegal Company Fold-out. Plug-in. Boot-up. The iMobile is an online roving port for accessing the global communications networks and announcing the latest computer systems, peripherals, hardware and software. Marvel at the remarkable efficiency of a dynamic mobile enterprise. Office of Mobile Design :: A Jennifer Siegal Company
Numen Development, LLC : FAQ Numen Development, LLC : FAQ How does the cost of container construction compare to traditional home construction? As with any kind of construction, there are a wide range of variables that impact the overall cost. Many of those are driven by the owners’ preferences on mechanical systems, structural components, and interior finishes (much like options on a new car). These choices can affect the overall construction budget for a home to the point of doubling it.
LittleDiggs LittleDiggs Size: 400 sq. ft.Location: East Village, New York CityArchitect: Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture Storage, restraint, and efficiency were key in carving this bachelor’s studio in the East Village into a live-work sculpture for a grown-up. Living and working in just under 500 square feet, Michael Pozner, Head of Retail Development for American Apparel (which is based in LA), had been pushing the limits of what his apartment, in its current configuration, would accommodate. He’d purchased the studio back in 1999, before the boom of the last decade, and wasn’t anxious to move. But between his office needs and his many toys and quirky art pieces, the apartment was jam-packed and nothing had a place. The solution was ultimately about exploiting every opportunity for storage, and then combining those spaces and the kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft into an intricately sculpted wood-paneled central service core.
Beer Bottles in a Buddhist Temple
A paradigm shifting change is sweeping the globe and shaking the foundation of the current establishment – people are empowering people. At some point a critical mass of innovators and early adopters will force the establishment out of the driver’s seat and put the meek back at the helm. This sort of revolution won’t happen at the end of a gun barrel, but by sharing information and ideas that empower each other. The Acquisition Paradigm As the current paradigm – built on a single-minded focus on acquisition – requires every increasing economic growth and the increasing centralization of control to operate. It’s not a conspiracy or plan, this is just how the societal model around us works. Tiny House Design » Kits / Prefab Tiny House Design » Kits / Prefab
House Plans: Modern House Designs | Hometta
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Congratulations go to Sheila Blake, Code Administrator for the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department, and Amanda Tullos, AIA, LEED AP, and Director of the Houston office of Green Building Services, and, of course, the Houston City Council for having the foresight to adopt such a far-reaching document. Many people worked very hard to achieve "Appendix R," and most certainly the appendix can be a model of how large metropolitan areas can respond to the social issues of affordable housing and overburdened landfills. Every town, city, and metropolitan area in the nation has a procedure--adopted by that municipality--to ensure that new construction is done in such a way that the public health and safety are protected. Typically, this is done through the adoption of a building code, which specifies a minimum standard of protection for all construction. phoenixcommotion phoenixcommotion
Swamplot: Houston's Real Estate Landscape » Houston, Texas real estate development, home buying, landscape, and design “My condo complex sits on about 6 acres of land on the western edge of River Oaks. We’ve been approached a few times by developers, but our bylaws require 100% owner approval to terminate the condo regime. There was a reported offer of $39M, which comes to about $270,800/unit (not accounting for differences in common ownership). Swamplot: Houston's Real Estate Landscape » Houston, Texas real estate development, home buying, landscape, and design

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