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Multi Tenant Architecture

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Multi-tenancy - Zack Owens. Multi Tenant Architecture with MVC 4. I’ve been faced with a daunting challenge the last few months which is how to effectively create a multi-tenant architecture utilizing MVC 4.

Multi Tenant Architecture with MVC 4

Creating an architecture like this can work several different ways depending on what you want to do. My particular project has a few goals. First, the application should support tenants as “sites”. Multi-tenancy part 1: Strategy. I want my eCommerce application Suteki Shop to be able to flexibly meet the requirements of any customer (within reason).

Multi-tenancy part 1: Strategy.

How can we have a single product but enable our customers to have diverse implementations. I think the solution depends on the level of diversity and the number of customers. The right solution for a product with thousands of customers with little customisation is different from a solution for a handful of customers with very diverse requirements. There are several axis of change to consider: