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File:Yaacov Agam.JPG. ‘Solo Office’ by Office KGDVS (BE) ‘Solo Office’ by Office KGDVS The Solo Houses project, a collection of villas in Spain by international architects, has unveiled ‘Solo Office’, a house designed by Belgium’s OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen.

‘Solo Office’ by Office KGDVS (BE)

Currently under construction in a vast wilderness in the Matarranya region, 200 km south of Barcelona, Solo Office is a vacation home with a ring-shaped roof “that is as thin as possible, simply flooded by the light and landscape in a unique experiment with the surroundings” says Solo Houses, the promoter. “In Solo Office our aim was to see how far you can diverge from the preconceived idea of a ‘house’ and still create a comfortable place to live in; to produce a house that virtually disappears into its environment.” says Office KGDVS. “The chosen context was ideal for this endeavour, as it is extraordinary and imposing.

To the Solo Houses website view more architecture on Architonic. This Music Company Uses Its Building To Visualize What Users Download. Blade Runner: 30 Years of Synchromysticism - Part 2 (Aztec-Mayan Symbolism) Blade Runner: 30 Years of Synchromysticism - Part 2 (Aztec-Mayan Symbolism)by Loren Coleman ©2012 Set in November 2019, director Ridley Scott's Blade Runner celebrates its 30th anniversary on June 25, 2012.

Blade Runner: 30 Years of Synchromysticism - Part 2 (Aztec-Mayan Symbolism)

Director Scott's immediate previous film was Alien (1979) and his most recent film, of course, is Prometheus (2012). These two films share with Blade Runner a look at our future worlds impacted by genetic engineers. Scott's 1982 American science fiction film is based on a Philip K. Dick short story, and stars Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, and Sean Young. Ridley Scott has always maintained that Blade Runner is merely a piece of entertainment, nothing more, yet it is his "most complete and personal film. " Despite plans that did not include a journey to the "esoteric," Blade Runner's director seems to have not understood that synchronicity, as Carl Jung might observe, is something that Ridley Scott may have not seen coming his way. . ~ Carl G. Aztec Sawfish Rostrum. Architecture Category Archive. There’s a lot of talk about green design: why we need it, which developers are doing it, when elected officials set goals for it.

Architecture Category Archive

This is all good. But under-recognized are the architects who actually figure out how to reduce a building’s environmental impact, while still creating structures that meet the traditional challenges of good design. So three cheers to the Seattle chapter of the American Institute of Architects. For the past ten years it has encouraged architecture firms to submit designs for a “What Makes It Green” gallery. This year AIA Seattle received 57 entries from around the Pacific Northwest. “We wanted to inspire designers and policy makers to think about the future of the built environment in creating sustainable design,” say Lisa Richmond, Executive Director of AIA Seattle. Here are two of the ten. Another winner--yet unbuilt--Portland City Storage will store 350 boats to reduce river contamination. ARCHITECTURE OPEN LIBRARY.


Feng Shui. Maison en bois. Diogene: A cabin designed by Renzo Piano and RPBW for Vitra. A l'origine de la petite maisonLa maison originelle classique qui marque le début des techniques de construction issues du traité de Vitruve dans l'Antiquité classique, suscite à la fin du 18e siècle un regain d'intérêt, comme en témoigne notamment la gravure sur cuivre de la première cabane vitruvienne, publiée dans la seconde édition de 1755 de l'« Essai sur l'Architecture » de Marc-Antoine Laugier.

Diogene: A cabin designed by Renzo Piano and RPBW for Vitra

Dès lors, l'idée d'une maison réduite au strict minimum nécessaire ne cesse de fasciner les architectes qui mettent l'accent tantôt sur des aspects formels, tantôt sur des réflexions d'ordre social, à l'image par exemple du concept de « logement pour une existence minimale », en vogue dans les années 1920 et 1930. Diogene n'est pas un logement de secours mais un lieu de retrait choisi volontairement.

Censée fonctionner dans les conditions climatiques les plus diverses, indépendamment des infrastructures existantes, elle se comprend donc comme un système autonome. Ingenious Architecture: A Skatepark That Prevents Flooding. A rendering of the final skate bowl.

Ingenious Architecture: A Skatepark That Prevents Flooding

Image: Søren Nordal Enevoldsen A canal directs rainwater into three bowl-like basins that in totality can hold up to 10 swimming pools' worth of water. Photo: Søren Nordal Enevoldsen Keeping the functionality of the drainage system as a first priority; Enevoldsen had to work within the boundaries of the project’s basic design structure. Image: Søren Nordal Enevoldsen The site is part of an old industrial area in Roskilde. Up until recently it has housed a huge area with concrete-factory buildings. Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Official Site.