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Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone

Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone
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Home | RESOPAL iWatch Rumors And Reports The Bargainist Artograph Light Boxes, Art Projectors -- Artograph, Inc. Why the iPhone 6—not the iWatch—is Apple’s biggest launch this year While new gadget categories—such as the supposedly forthcoming “iWatch”—could fetch Apple plenty of attention this year, and take some pressure off CEO Tim Cook, the bulk of its growth is more likely to come from a familiar source: The iPhone, which will be 7 years old this weekend. For some perspective on this, former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée wrote this week, “The most ambitious rumors project 50 million iWatches sold in the first 12 months. I think that’s an unrealistic estimate, but if a $300 iWatch can sell at these numbers, that’s $15B for the year. This seems like a huge number until you compare it to a conservative estimate for the iPhone: 50 million iPhones at $650 generates $32B per quarter.” Over the past several years, the iPhone has generated more than half of Apple’s revenue and likely more of its profits. The iPhone also drives a disproportionate amount of Apple’s growth.

NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century by Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin Long before Google Glass ... there was the Camera Lucida. The what? The camera lucida. We have designed the NeoLucida: the first portable camera lucida to be manufactured in nearly a century — and the lowest-cost commercial camera lucida ever designed. What is this "NeoLucida"? Beginning in the early 17th century, artists routinely used optical aids to help them create realistic drawings. In short, a camera lucida allows you to trace what you see. By the mid-1800s, camera lucidas were everywhere. (If you'd like to learn more about how the Old Masters likely used optical technologies to create their work, check out David Hockney's book Secret Knowledge, or this terrific BBC documentary (at YouTube) about his research.) Now try this experiment. It hasn't helped that portable camera lucidas have become so rare and costly that most students will never have the chance to try one—not even in an art school. So, why are you doing this? Wait: aren't there modern, competing products?

Banksy’s latest sketch is a terrifying reminder of your iPhone addiction Banksy, the U.K. street artist who doesn’t shy from making commentary on social and technology issues with his graffiti street art, published a new sketch with a terrifying reminder that your iPhone has basically become a parasitic extension. In a separate piece of graffiti art posted on Twitter, Banksy had a subtle message against corporations like Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and others. Take a look: Source BanksyRelated

French Paper FLIR One gives your iPhone infrared Predator vision Like most geeks in my generation, my first real glimpse of thermal imaging was provided by John McTiernan’s 1987 film Predator, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of badasses are stalked and killed by an even badassier three-meter-tall alien out on safari. The eponymous "predator" perceives the world through machine-augmented infrared vision, and Ahnold’s body heat is brightly visible to the creature as he and his crew scurry around amidst the comparatively cool jungle foliage. It makes for a neat visual effect, and Ahnold must figure out how to evade the hunter’s thermal vision as the movie violently explodes toward the inevitable final showdown. But real-time infrared thermal imaging is expensive—McTiernan had a Hollywood budget and could afford to rent the bulky equipment required to capture the film’s iconic imagery. FLIR Systems wants to change that. The FLIR One is a $349 iPhone accessory. Lee Hutchinson The business end of the FLIR One. Stick around and let’s find out.