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25 fun things to do with a Raspberry Pi

25 fun things to do with a Raspberry Pi

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GPS tracking August 03, 2012 at 10:26 PM I thought it might be fun to turn my Raspberry Pi into a vehicle tracker. The nearest I got to building a truly bespoke tracker was in 2004 using a Siemens TC45 & later TC65, where I wrote the firmware. There wasn't really anything on the market then to do what we wanted, so we built our own, and I took care of the software side. Finding an alternative to the Mac Mini Are there any good alternatives to the Mac Mini? I only know of the Asus Eee box. Size is an issue; performance not so much. Basically, I'm starting to think about upgrading my 2007 Mac Mini, and while I like the Mac, I'm wondering if I can get a similar computing experience from a PC alternative. I have no particular attachment to either Mac or PC, and I have a netbook running Jolicloud, so Linux could be considered. I use the computer for everything from photo editing to basic video processing, but mostly for media consumption and web surfing.Chris Taylor

coldtearselectronics.wikispaces LCD Sys info can be used with other software for custom application development. The device accept simple USB control packets. Once driver for your OS is installed, you can control the LCD using libusb library under VB, VC, VC#, python (Raspberry Pi or Linux) to send USB control packet command to control what the LCD display. Development samples are included for C# and python. Under Raspberry Pi (Linux - python):

Lapse Pi – Motorised Time-lapse Rail with Raspberry Pi Here’s another article in the series of photography related DIY projects using the Raspberry Pi single board computer. This time it’s a Time Lapse rail. In this case, I think it’s OK to start with the results, so here’s a video of a few time-lapse sequence that I’ve put together over the last few weeks. Installing Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi & using SSH and VNC to remotely connect to the Raspberry Pi UPDATED: July 18th 2013 This blog entry will describe: The installation of the Raspbian Wheezy Linux Distribution on an SD card.Powering up the Raspberry Pi (RPi) board and connecting it to the networkRemotely Accessing the RPi board via SSHInitial Configuration of the Rasbpian OS/ RPi boardRemotely Accessing the RPi’s graphical desktop environment (LXDE) via VNC For starters you’ll need a microUSB terminated AC adapter, an Ethernet cable & an SD card.

Install gphoto2 on your raspberry Via the free software gphoto2 it is possible to connect a digital camera (Canon/Nikon/Olympus, full compatibility list) to your Raspberry Pi in order to remotely take pictures and automatically download them to the Raspberry's memory. Easy case You can install gphoto2 very easily via the command line: Our Kinect Controlled living room Recently I created a project for a Swedish Kinect contest at this was my second entry, my first one (and third place winner) was my Robosapien project. I have always been fascinated by home automation, I bought my first X-10 system ten years ago. My friends thought I was insane, “-You can just get up an shut the light off". But that’s not the point, it’s not because I’m lazy it’s all about removing obstacles, what if when I enter a room the lights turns on, when I go to bed everything turns off. Saves energy, saves time, removes obstacles.

Raspberry Pi email/SMS doorbell notifier + picture of the person ringing it I have been receiving requests to build a SMS doorbell from all around the world ever since my SMS doorbel project got featured on hackaday, damnGeeky, hackedgadgets and few other places . My approach is relatively difficult to follow, so I decided to put up some simple steps for you folks to follow and get even better results than my original project. You will need the following components

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