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Simple mechanisms explained Email Below you’ll find animated diagrams and explanations of how various mechanisms work. Some of these have been crucial to major evolutions in mechanisms and technology, and allow us to do anything from fire weaponry to make cars move with the press of a pedal. Maltese Cross mechanism powers second hand movement in the clock: Radial engines are used in aircraft.

The Brain Scoop Welcome to The Brain Scoop, based out of The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. We're devoted to exploring the behind-the-scenes work of natural history museums and celebrating the diversity of this amazing world. Join us! Homebrew CPU The Royal Institution Create a wine glass orchestra in your kitchen and explore how sound is caused by vibrations. For more ideas, and to download an info sheet click here: Marieke and Tilly experiment with making music and doing science experiments at home. Using wine glasses filled with different volumes of liquids, they investigate how sounds are caused by vibrations and how changing the volume of liquid affects the pitch of the note. Simply rubbing your fingers around the rim of a glass can make an amazing noise.

Aerospace Digital Library Smarter Every Day Twitter SmarterEveryDay Loading... Working... - Elektronik und AVR-Projekte, SMD löten, Tipps & Tricks zum Platinen herstellen The Good Stuff The Good Stuff is a show featuring playlists of videos on a variety of different themes. The videos can be fictional, documentaries, educational, or whatever we think is interesting. We've covered topics such as Time, Recycling, Senses, Airplanes, and much more. Join Craig Benzine as he scours the depths of the universe and the inner recesses of the mind in a never-ending quest for the good stuff. Help support The Good Stuff by contributing on our Subbable page! music byDriftless Pony Club