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Ring Could Log Users In to Houses, Phones and Website as Soon as Next Month The need for more passwords that our feeble human brains struggle to remember can make it feel like we work for the machines instead of the other way around. Wearable, and even embeddable, login storage has emerged has a possible solution. After Google researchers floated the idea of a USB stick or a ring that would generate login keys, it appeared the Web giant would lead the way. But a UK project recently closed a $380,000 Kickstarter campaign, promising delivery of 61,000 password-bearing rings in September. The company, NFC Ring, makes a simple silver ring with two near-field communication transmitters inside it, storing access information that can potentially be used to unlock phones, cars or houses or even to log in to websites. One transmitter faces out and stores information that the user may want to share, such as his or her contact information.

Simple mechanisms explained Email Below you’ll find animated diagrams and explanations of how various mechanisms work. Some of these have been crucial to major evolutions in mechanisms and technology, and allow us to do anything from fire weaponry to make cars move with the press of a pedal. Maltese Cross mechanism powers second hand movement in the clock: Radial engines are used in aircraft.

The Brain Scoop Welcome to The Brain Scoop, based out of The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. We're devoted to exploring the behind-the-scenes work of natural history museums and celebrating the diversity of this amazing world. Join us! Smarter Every Day Twitter SmarterEveryDay Loading... Working... Breakthrough: The World’s First Carbon Nanotube Computer "'m just wondering that, with less and less electricity required to make these "switches" in a carbon-nanotube processor work, how vulnerable does it make them to being accidentally switched by the ambient, static electricity already in the atmosphere, like from thunderstorms or generated by household appliances, etc." That is one of the reasons why you when you open your computer, you ground yourself first before touching circuit boards. I assume these new circuits would be protected and shielded in the same manner as circuits made of silicon are now. And they'd be handled with the same precautions.

The Royal Institution Create a wine glass orchestra in your kitchen and explore how sound is caused by vibrations. For more ideas, and to download an info sheet click here: Marieke and Tilly experiment with making music and doing science experiments at home. Using wine glasses filled with different volumes of liquids, they investigate how sounds are caused by vibrations and how changing the volume of liquid affects the pitch of the note. Simply rubbing your fingers around the rim of a glass can make an amazing noise. Zoochosis 101 Follow us on facebook where the conversation continues: A study of the sexual selection traits in adolescent homo sapiens. Or: If you can't do the dance, don't climb the pole. Fail Lab is an irreverent new science series from filmmaker Patrick Scott, creator of the viral production company Zoochosis. Watch each week as the top minds in science dig deep to reveal the hidden lessons and wonders in the world's best fail videos. FAIL LAB Episode Two: Sexual Selection

Accelerator on a chip: Technology could spawn new generations of smaller, less expensive devices for science, medicine In an advance that could dramatically shrink particle accelerators for science and medicine, researchers used a laser to accelerate electrons at a rate 10 times higher than conventional technology in a nanostructured glass chip smaller than a grain of rice. The achievement was reported today in Nature by a team including scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University.

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Great Moments in Science and Technology (Milestones of Science and Engineering) Meilensteine der Maturwissenschaft und Technik deutsch komplett hier: The viewer gains an insight into both the scientific and the socio-political background to an invention or discovery. Pioneers of science are portrayed, and the nature of their research and its further development through to the present are reconstructed. Computer animations are used to make certain processes easier to understand and to show how various systems function. Re-enacted scenes illustrate the conditions under which the scientists worked and the approach they took.