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Using Kinect + OpenNI to Embody an Avatar in Second Life Download the software to connect the Microsoft Kinect to Second Life. At the MxR Lab at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies we are developing methods of recognizing social gestures in order to explore the transference of emotion and gesture between a virtual world and the real world. Thai Phan an engineer at the MxR Lab, using the OpenNI toolkit as a foundation has developed new software which utilizes Kinect to read gestures and triggers corresponding server-side scripts within Second Life. These methods may allow the user to feel a deeper emotional connection to the social gesture performed by their virtual avatar, regardless of the bond which already exists between the user and his recipient. Instead of having to think about pressing the right sequence of keys to make a ‘wave’ gesture, the user can simply raise their hand and wave. This project is made possible through the use of the OpenNI toolkit, Kinect, and Second Life.

Drenton72's Blog The Khronos Group Inc. Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) Contributors Evan A. Suma, Belinda Lange, Skip Rizzo, David Krum, and Mark Bolas Project Email Address: 32-bit(recommended for most users) 64-bit(for advanced users) Note from Evan Suma, the developer of FAAST: I have recently transitioned to a faculty position at USC, and unfortunately that means I have very limited time for further development of the toolkit. You may also view our online video gallery, which contains videos that demonstrate FAAST’s capabilities, as well as interesting applications that use the toolkit. Have a Kinect for Windows v2? We have developed an experimental version of FAAST with support for the Kinect for Windows v2, available for download here (64-bit only). Recent News December 12, 2013 FAAST 1.2 has been released, adding compatibility for Windows 8. Summary FAAST is middleware to facilitate integration of full-body control with games and VR applications using either OpenNI or the Microsoft Kinect for Windows skeleton tracking software. E. Support

Main Page Joshfire Framework All About Kinect The Kinect is currently the hardware that provides developers with the greatest opportunities for innovative programs - both games and "serious" artificial applications. How does it work? How do you use it? What can you use it for? Microsoft's Kinect is described as a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" and is commonly sold bundled with the Xbox 360 - but to see it as just another way to play games is to underestimate its significance. In this article we look at how it works, why it is special and what people are doing with it. Microsoft acquired the 3D sensing technology that is the key to the Kinect hardware from Israeli company PrimeSense. Essentially this hardware is a box with some cameras that makes use of infra-red (IR) illumination to obtain depth data, color images and sound. A custom chip processes the data to provide a depth field that is correlated with the color image. The PrimeSense reference implementation The depth map Why depth?

KinEmote - Free XBox Kinect Software for Windows Asus WAVI Xtion to Hit the Market in October motion control features have become immensely popular among different types of users. The success of motion based user control technology has led other companies to take the initiative to develop their own motion sensing systems. One such company is , which demonstrated their own version of a motion sensing system for the PC early this year called . Set to launch by October this year, Asus plans to send out as many as 100,000 WAVI Xtion’s in the first round of shipping. The system will come with a wireless receiver, also called , which has been developed by Asus. Asus is targeting China as the first market to which its devices will be shipped. The special is a user interface that will enable users to interact with the technology more closely than they do on other devices. will be accompanied by a range of software products such as the which is a fitness training game that uses motion sensing as well as which is a racing game with multi-player capabilities. Alan

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