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Using Kinect + OpenNI to Embody an Avatar in Second Life Download the software to connect the Microsoft Kinect to Second Life. At the MxR Lab at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies we are developing methods of recognizing social gestures in order to explore the transference of emotion and gesture between a virtual world and the real world. Thai Phan an engineer at the MxR Lab, using the OpenNI toolkit as a foundation has developed new software which utilizes Kinect to read gestures and triggers corresponding server-side scripts within Second Life. These methods may allow the user to feel a deeper emotional connection to the social gesture performed by their virtual avatar, regardless of the bond which already exists between the user and his recipient. Instead of having to think about pressing the right sequence of keys to make a ‘wave’ gesture, the user can simply raise their hand and wave. This project is made possible through the use of the OpenNI toolkit, Kinect, and Second Life.

Joshfire Framework Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) Contributors Evan A. Suma, Belinda Lange, Skip Rizzo, David Krum, and Mark Bolas Project Email Address: 32-bit(recommended for most users) 64-bit(for advanced users) Note from Evan Suma, the developer of FAAST: I have recently transitioned to a faculty position at USC, and unfortunately that means I have very limited time for further development of the toolkit. You may also view our online video gallery, which contains videos that demonstrate FAAST’s capabilities, as well as interesting applications that use the toolkit. Have a Kinect for Windows v2? We have developed an experimental version of FAAST with support for the Kinect for Windows v2, available for download here (64-bit only). Recent News December 12, 2013 FAAST 1.2 has been released, adding compatibility for Windows 8. Summary FAAST is middleware to facilitate integration of full-body control with games and VR applications using either OpenNI or the Microsoft Kinect for Windows skeleton tracking software. E. Support

FAAST Video Gallery World of Warcraft (proof-of-concept) Controlling Virtual Humans and Video Games Astrojumper Exercise Game Virtual Rehabilitation Introduction Upper Extremity Virtual Rehabilitation User in Wheelchair Comments on Motor Rehab Kinect dans le Blender Game Engine Cette page est une suite de l'installation d'un Kinect sous Linux. Nous utilisons les datas envoyée par OSCeleton en OSC pour les utilisés dans le Blender Game Engine avec un jeu simple de gardien de but de foot. Avant, il faut donc avoir installé les drivers de la Kinect, OpenNI , SensorKinect, NITE, OSCeleton. Recommandation Pendant le jeu dans votre salon, veuillez faire attention à ne pas vous blesser et à ne rien casser ! Les fichiers Le blend sans pack data: 31 mai 2011 : Fichier:Foot blend rev 19.tar.gz avec du son et de vrais poteaux ! A utiliser dans blender, P pour lancer le jeu au-dessus de la vue 3D. L'exécutable: 31 mai 2011 Fichier:Foot exec rev 19.tar.gz avec OSC Pour utiliser cet exécutable sous linux, installer blender sudo apt-get install blender décompresser, aller dans le dossier, cliquer sur l'exécutable. Vidéos Un joueur en action lors de l'Open Atelier du 19 mai. OSCeleton Lancer avec . Les fichiers pour Blender 2.57 et python 3.2 OSC est-il lent ? Non, définitivemnt non ! 1.

Nicolas Burrus Homepage - Nicolas Burrus homepage Augmented Reality with Kinect Fusion - Point Cloud Library The recent ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) research conference hosted another successful PCL tutorial on Friday, May 10. Given the fact that some of the PCL luminaries were present at the event, this was the perfect opportunity to use the day prior to the event and hold a meeting for a generic "PCL roadmap" discussion. Taken almost as a scene from a Cosa Nostra movie, the group talked about PCL 1.7, interoperability issues regarding the PointCloud2 format, but also the way to push forward agendas using pcl-developers@ as a forum for discussions. Decisions such as "to break" or not a part of the API have always been open for vote in PCL, and as the code base and the community continue to grow, these decisions and discussions around them are going to be increasingly more important.

Processing - V // Pixelnerve I’ve made an application as an example for this thread on how to compute/evaluate a Cubic Bézier Curve using a Geometry Shader. The formula is pretty straightforward as described by this wikipedia article (look for Cubic Bézier Curve). I will not go over the bézier math or theory. On this case we will need 4 points: 2 anchor points (the line end points) and 2 control points. As we need to send this data to the shader i have decided to use LINES as input primitive, 2 points define a line so it’s perfect, we’ll use that for the 2 anchor points. On the vertex shader side it’s pretty simple: What the code is doing is sending the data further down the pipeline to the geometry shader, where all the magic happens. Both control points are sent by the application for the geometry shader, still, as in the the vertex shader comes before the geometry shader, we will need to send them down on the vertex-shader, otherwise the GS won’t be able to “see” them (i know, hurray for Cg). What’s next?

Kinect Il existe aujourd'hui un driver opensource qui permet de récupérer pas mal d'informations produites par le nouveau périphérique de la XBOX, la (ou le ?) Kinect. Ce driver est "branchable" sur les logiciels d'interaction temps réel de divers manières, voir ci-dessous pour techniques et réalisations, et lire ce post pour en savoir plus sur l'origine de cet appareil : Matériel Kinect Alternatives asus-wavi-xtion Drivers - Installation Driver pour la Kinect : Compil Drivers pour Linux : Utilisation de la kinect sous Linux : Installation Kinect Linux Connection logiciels Connection TUIO : - Pure Data Processing Open Frameworks Wrapper pour openFrameworks : Sujet dans le Forum oF Quartz Composer Framework pour Quartz Composer : Cinder Kinect Cinder Block