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Kinect Paint Top 10 Best Kinect Hacks Thanks to ever-growing Kinect Community, there are a lot of great Kinect programs/hacks out there and more come each day. The artists, developers and technology enthusiast who belong to the Kinect Community have presented and share their Kinect programs not only within the community, but also to the rest of the world. In honor of the community as well as the Kinect device, has currently compiled its TOP 10 BEST KINECT HACKS. The team has gone through a lot of content it has featured in order to create this list of the best and most brilliant Kinect programs. Without further ado, the Top 10 Best Kinect Hacks of (Updated September 10, 2011) 10. The concept of a virtual fitting room has reached a new pinnacle of success! 9. Play games, browse the internet and get necessary information through our wall! 8. Award winning visual effects designer, John Gaeta, is on-board the Kinect development train! 7. Want to train your lightsaber skills to be a Jedi? 6. 5. 4.

Kinect for Windows Quickstart Series 7 minutes, 55 seconds 13 minutes, 36 seconds 14 minutes, 42 seconds 19 minutes, 2 seconds 15 minutes, 49 seconds 14 minutes, 51 seconds New Readers Start Here! « The Muse Garden Do you want to learn more about algorithms, programming, mathematics, or self improvement? If you’re interested in any of these areas, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find several categories with some of my most popular posts that you may be interested in if you’re looking for a specific thing or just want to get a feel for what I write about. I also take requests for new posts, and you can contact me at anytime on twitter by using the screen name @musegarden. After you read this page, drop by and say hi, or leave me a comment here. I look forward to hearing from you! Kinect Face Tracking — Senior Thesis 2013 I wrote a thesis for my BS Computer Science degree called “Facial Expression Analysis With Microsoft Kinect”. If you want to know more, you can find my code at: and the Microsoft API page for the Kinect Face Tracking Library is here: Algorithms and Intractable Problems

openni_kinect/kinect_accuracy This page discusses both the precision and the accuracy of the Kinect sensor. If you are not sure what the difference between precision and accuracy is, check out this Wikipedia page. Precision of the Kinect sensor Because the Kinect is essentially a stereo camera, the expected error on its depth measurements is proportional to the distance squared. The raw depth images coming from the Kinect sensor are not rectified. Accuracy of the Kinect sensor The accuracy of a calibrated Kinect sensor turns out to be very high. The accuracy of the Kinect is greatly affected by the intrinsic and extrinsic calibration of the Kinect cameras.

9 Incredible Developments for Kinect in Education For those of us raised in typical school settings, the memory of straight-row desks with little activity is all too familiar. As we’re all aware, the Kinect has the potential to evolve classrooms beyond this 18th century model of learning to a structure that’s aligned with brain research and the benefits of active learning. With the release of the noncommercial Kinect SDK, several new Kinect applications are emerging. Here are nine key developments that reveal the educational value of Kinect in education. Do you have an app you’d like to submit for download or link to? 1. This is a development by Tom Smurthwaite. [Arkaos is] a little experiment into using the Kinect with individuals with special needs. ArKaos is an application for live visual performance, conceived as a visual sampler for video loops that can be triggered from the computer, or through a hardware interface. Direct Video Link Kinect and FAAST Controlling Arkaos 2. Direct Video Link Synapse for Kinect 3. Direct Video Link 4.

openni/Contests/ROS 3D/RGBD-6D-SLAM Description: The Kinect is used to generate a colored 3D model of an object or a complete room. Submitted By: Felix Endres, Juergen Hess, Nikolas Engelhard, Juergen Sturm, Daniel Kuhner, Philipp Ruchti, Wolfram Burgard Keywords: RGBD-SLAM, 3D-SURF, Feature Matching, RANSAC, Graph SLAM, Model Generation, Real-time This page describes the software package that we submitted for the ROS 3D challenge. Summary We developed a novel method to quickly acquire colored 3D models of objects and indoor scenes with a hand-held Kinect camera. Video In the video we show the generation of a model of our PR2 and a 360° "panorama" of the students lab. Data As a sample for building 3D object models, here is an example of a box and a mug. The scene has been captured with several snapshots instead of a continuous run, to reduce the size of the resulting file. The bag file can be used to play the globally corrected point clouds, e.g., for visualization with rviz: rosbag play <bagfile>. How to Reproduce The Entry 1.

Kinect Hacks: Tips & Tools for Motion and Pattern Detection - Jared St. Jean openni/Contests/ROS 3D/Minority Report Interface Minority Report Interface Description: A minority report-like interface that lets you drag around photos Submitted By: Garratt Gallagher Keywords: Minority Report Video How to Reproduce Your Entry Physical Setup This works best with a projector, but any monitor will do. Code to Checkout First you have to check out and compile the mit-ros-pkg repository. Running the Code This demo uses the finger detector. roslaunch hand_interaction detectfingers.launch The launch the gui: rosrun kgui calgui Now check the boxes 'online mode' and 'hand in' *For tips on how to use this interface, see Minority Report Demo Nodes Involved Dependencies ni pcl hand_interaction

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