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THE GAP by Ira Glass

THE GAP by Ira Glass
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Five Basic Tips to Improve Your Prose : writing The $200 Los Angeles Bike Ride Music Video This is a Guest Post by Nick Roberts of “And the Giraffe” A short introduction about myself: My name is Nick Roberts and I play in a band called “And the Giraffe” based out of Nashville, TN. A few months ago, after putting out our second album, we decided to shoot a music video to support the single from the record. Given that we’re an independent band, our budgets for just about all creative projects may as well look like we found loose change in our couch. In short, the music video features a camera mounted to the handlebars of a bicycle with the camera pointed towards the riders’ faces, as opposed to looking forward at the sidewalk, as we ride around downtown Los Angeles and into the desert. We shot the video with a Black Magic Design cinema camera, a recent purchase by our friend/director. The most challenging part of the entire shoot was figuring out a way we could mount the camera to the front of a bicycle without it being too heavy and falling over. And The Giraffe – Sorry

What to do when nobody notices you: the power of the ‘300 Rule.’ | by Alex Mathers | ART + marketing An hour later… Three measly likes and a comment from a stalker. What happened? Doesn’t the world appreciate quality art/tweets/photography/film-making/writing anymore? Online guru guy said create GREAT content. What gives? Maybe you do suck after all. Your motivation to do more is out the window. It could be days…weeks until you build up the courage to create something new. Crappy traction. Your confidence may have taken a hit, but the last thing you want to do now is to create less. Many people say it’s all about the quality. Creating QUALITY things is no longer the be-all-end-all solution to attracting an enthusiastic audience these days. With the range, depth and amount of talent out there, bolstered by the fact that more people have access to better tools, quality is now a given. You can paint like Van Gogh (in public) today and still go unnoticed. But there is a solution… To make an impact; to gain traction; to see engagement with what you do, now requires you to go beyond quality. And so on.

Found this tumblr post for when yourself stuck in the middle of a scene! : writing The Painful Truth About Filmmaking No One Tells You When You're Just Starting Out YouTuber and independent filmmaker Darious Britt is back, this time with some hard truths about independent filmmaking that are sure to be painful to hear for anybody just starting with making their own films. Despite the bleak outlook, this video is one of the most inspiring things you'll see this week. Take a look. The painful truth is this: filmmaking -- particularly the independent variety -- is an uphill battle, and that's putting it mildly. For most of us, every step along the way will be fraught with unforeseen obstacles, most of which we won't have the proper time, money, or physical resources to solve. Some of these obstacles are technical, and can be solved with some ingenuity and a few healthy strips of gaffer's tape. However, many of them are far more debilitating, especially from a psychological perspective. On top of all that, the business of independent filmmaking is perilous -- cutthroat even. Where's the upside in all of this doom and gloom, you ask?

Everyone is a designer. Get over it. | by Daniel Burka | GV Library Recently, Jared Spool caught my attention with an article about how Netflix’s performance engineers are actually designers. It’s a provocative idea, but it makes sense. His argument is that everyone in your organization (including performance engineers) designs the product, not just the people with “design” in their job titles. From some of the reactions, you might think Jared had kidnapped a baby for ritual sacrifice. What exactly did Jared write? The members of this team are performance engineers. I made that last sentence bold — because it’s really important. Whether you like it or not, whether you approve it or not, people outside of your design team are making significant design choices that affect your customers in important ways. This shouldn’t be provocative — it’s just a statement of fact. If this is so self-evident, why do Jared and I press the point? For a moment, consider how this shift in perspective could change the way you work. Everyone needs a design mindset

Why good characters need good flaws : writing Comments Arguably the most articulate human being the world has seen. He shares a very important message, while doing so in a way that provokes both our inner thought processes and a hidden love for poetry. Good man! Great message! Sri Pavan Sunnam Fantastic message which ended with an open question to us. Dallas Mack Not true. Aida Cerina I do the internet but only to get even more inspiration from people like you. Brian Mullins The solution to all these paradoxes is Jesus Christ. Jeremy Daniel Too much focus on opposing themes to clearly state his message. Apoorva Abhinav Technology has killed everything. Alexander Moss Wow he must be so wise, all those opposing metaphors and quoting the Daila Lama as well as Einstein! Tenzin La People have the tendency to 'pay attention' to the 0.01%.

Evolving Coursera’s Brand Identity Today, we’re excited to share Coursera’s new brand identity, a reflection of our commitment to make transformative learning accessible, inclusive, and impactful for all. As we continue to serve our global community of learners, partners, and customers, our new identity expresses the power and potential of every learner—and every learning opportunity—on Coursera. Learning has the power to positively transform our world. It’s the reason Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded Coursera in 2012 with the mission to provide everyone, everywhere, access to the world’s best learning. Today, in partnership with more than 200 leading university and industry educators, Coursera has evolved into a global learning platform where over 75 million learners have come to learn job-relevant skills and earn career-advancing credentials. Coursera’s brand needed to reflect this growth. To bring this strategy to life, our brand identity is guided by the following principles: Coursera learners: Paulina M.