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Back-to-school: Five ways to help your middle-school student get organized. By the time our children inch their way to the end of fifth grade, they have that elementary school thing down.

Back-to-school: Five ways to help your middle-school student get organized

They know where everything is, from their favorite books in the library to the best seats in the lunchroom. Many sport fluorescent belts that signify safety patrol status, conferring the right to tell those first-graders on the bus to sit down or else. Quite simply, they are kings of their castle. Then, after an all-too-brief summer hiatus, they’re in middle school, where the kids are bigger and the hallways are wider. There are lockers and gym uniforms and multiple teachers to keep track of, plus, in some cases, different schedules on different days. Oh, and puberty, but we won’t even go there. New environment, new routine, new expectations.

If you’re feeling like your child is suddenly in way over his head when it comes to getting organized and managing his time, take heart. Ease up on the helicopter parenting Kids today are generally overscheduled, Schoonover said. 15 actividades de presentación originales para empezar el curso. Derechos de imagen: (c) Can Stock Photo El primer día de clase es un momento de gran vulnerabilidad para todos en el que afloran todo tipo de sentimientos: nervios, alegría, duda, indiferencia, esperanza, entusiasmo, miedo, etc.

15 actividades de presentación originales para empezar el curso

Nuestra labor como docentes es crear un espacio cómodo y agradable donde el alumno tenga confianza y se sienta seguro. De otro modo, será muy difícil que pueda fluir el aprendizaje y mucho menos la comunicación, algo esencial para nuestro objetivo de enseñar una lengua. Por eso, creo que es impensable empezar la clase abriendo el libro y explicando el primer contenido, porque corremos el riesgo de que se encierren en sus caparazones y vuelen a otra parte. Nuestra primera tarea será que nos conozcan y se conozcan con una de las actividades de presentación que te propongo más adelante; y después podemos ver sus expectativas sobre el curso y qué y cómo desearían aprender. Actividades rompehielos para empezar el primer día de clase A2/C2 | Nubes de palabras. 8 Creative Classroom Ideas for the First Day of School. The first days of school are often filled with jitters.

8 Creative Classroom Ideas for the First Day of School

Here are some ways to have a little fun in your classroom, and make your new students a little more at ease. 1. Take a selfie with each student. You’ll want to make sure it’s okay to take their photo first and you shouldn’t go posting it on social media, but the kids will get a kick out of taking a selfie with their teacher. 2. 3. 4. 5. Back to school resources on Macmillan English. ESL First Day Introduction Games. Secrets Age/Level: Elementary and above Time: 25 minutes Players: Individual Preparation: None Aim: To ask questions to determine who is telling the truth This is a fun mystery game to play on the first day of class.

ESL First Day Introduction Games

This game motivates students to ask questions. The students also get to find out interesting things about their classmates. The Macmillan Back To Class Special. 7 First Day of School Activities Students Love. The first day of school will be here before you know it.

7 First Day of School Activities Students Love

Most teachers face the big day with enthusiasm, but they dread the inevitable challenge: what to do on the first day of school. Every teacher’s approach is different. Whatever your goal, here are a few things to try to get the school year off to a great start! Goal: Getting to Know Your Students How well will your incoming students know you?

If you’re teaching kindergarteners (or high school freshmen, who often seem like kindergarteners), you may need to spend the first day – or the first several days –getting everyone comfortable. Teaching strategies for improving friendship skills at the elementary school... The School of Education at Gardner-Webb University has received national... We examine the classroom management characteristics of effective teachers. A few useful classroom management ways to get information from your students on... 7 great technology in the classroom apps to use this year. Plan a Scavenger Hunt.