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Cad blocks people vectors 2d - Free dwg & ai | PIMPMYDRAWING Emissive Materials - VRay for Rhino Manual VRay for Rhino Manual Emissive Materials Open file: Cups-Emissive.3dm and we are going to show you how to create a self-illuminated material. Select the green cup on the right. Add Emissive Layer 1. Open the Emissive menu. Self-illuminated material can make the object become a lightsource itself. Self-illuminated material is perfect to create objects like: light ball, light tube, light shade, stylish lighting, cold light and lit screen. Adjust the Intensity Default set the Intensity to 1. Adjust the color Default set the color to white. Please refer to below image chart for results of various Emissive Intensities. To avoid the self-illuminated object become white, please also refer to the Color Mapping Emissive Textures Except using colors as light source for the self-illuminated materials, you can also use texture map directly as light source. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Please note that if any type of map is being used in Texture Editor, the Color and Intensity under Emissive will no longer function.