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Froufy Barbie Skirt Tutorial

Froufy Barbie Skirt Tutorial
I hope you’ve had as much fun with Barbie® week as I have! Here’s one more fun skirt tutorial! Enjoy But please pardon the name of the skirt. (unless you have something better?)I spent 3 hours up with baby last night, trying to get her back to sleep. Click below for more! You’ll need: 1 piece of fabric 12″x3.5″ (for the length shown here) 1 piece of fabric 1.25″x5″ for the waistband sew on velcro sewing stuff cut your pieces out-I’m not sure how my skirt piece ended up crooked-whatevs! Serge or zig zag stitch two short sides, and one long side of your skirt piece. On the other side of your skirt piece, sew a basting stitch down the edge, and gather to fit the waistband. Important! andd…sew together! press the waistband, folding a little bit over like so. fold that down over the front of your skirt-and pin. topstitch slowly along the bottom of the waistband. pin right sides together, and sew a seam about an inch from the bottom down… this is what it should look like. and tada!

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Easy Barbie Skirt Tutorial Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for a Barbie® skirt-easily customizable with ruffles or pleats along the bottom, as well as the pieced together look-you choose! Click below for more! You’ll need: untitled Hello all! Here’s the grand finale of Barbie® week! (Also, I made a couple of dresses and added them to my Etsy store! barbie cap sleeve shirt tutorial Continuing with Barbie® week here: a cap sleeve top. So…..let’s get down to business. (to defeat the Huns..) Click below for more! You’ll need: one 6 1/2″ x 3″ piece of fabric

Barbie Pants, Skirt & T-Shirt Nosing around Pinterest one day I found a great sheet of simple Free Barbie Clothes Patterns. They are from embyquinn. I tried to track down the written instructions but couldn't match these patterns up exactly. I haven't tried the skirt or shirt yet but made the pants and wanted to share my notes and instructions along with the pattern pieces. Barbie Skirts, Pants & Leggings Barbie Yellow short leggings I like this shinny yellow, it’s just perfect for summer! Happy sewing! Continue reading

untitled Craftiness Is Not Optional sewing, crafts, and parties Search Results for: label/Barbie® clothes Sorry, no content matched your criteria. Archives Categories Barbie® dress tutorial Kicking off Barbie® clothes week…can I have a drum roll please? ok, just kidding. quit banging on your desk. Yes, you! Catsuit, Vest, Boot Patterns In PDFs To Download Forest Fae This doll is in the home of a private collector and not available for sale or duplication.HOWever.... and, yes, before we get to the pics....Liale is something different. She was made specifically in order to create tutorials with for my Forum.SO..... just because Liale is gone, that doesn't mean you're out of luck? *grin*There are.......

Free Barbie Jeans Or Slacks Sewing Pattern If you sew, you have the opportunity to share the magic of transforming scraps of fabric into wonderful garments. This free sewing pattern can transform scraps of denim into jeans for a fashion doll the size of Barbie. If you have gabardine or wool scraps on hand, sew dress slacks to keep the fashion doll on the cutting edge of fashion. Tutorial: Sew a 11-1/2" (such as Barbie) fashion doll dress As promised in my previous post, here's a step-by-step tutorial for sewing this doll dress. The dress is one I designed and sewed (many, many times) in the 1970s. I scanned my original pattern pieces, which means they aren't perfect - you'll see the pin holes and slightly crooked solid lines. But that kinda adds to the charm don't you think? The document is a PDF and you can download it here.

20 Min. Barbie Vest Pattern Like all Real Clothes patterns, the 20 Minute Vests are well-fitting contemporary styles, designed to be easy to sew. Each of the three patterns in this series has optional cutting lines, to allow for your own creative modifications. Choose a non-fray fabric: felt, real or faux fur/leather/suede, micro fleece, soft upholstery fabric, knits, boiled wool . . . See page two for suggested hand stitches. For machine sewing, use a narrow zigzag stitch as for fur.