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100 Directions - F/T

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Current. 12/16/16
Finished. 5/13/17
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Jewelry Made Easy with Makin's Air Dry Clay - 100 Directions. Organize Jewelry and Tools with Fiskars and Buttons - 100 Directions. I Love the USA a DIY Extravaganza with Laura Kelly - 100 Directions. Cricut Explore the New Creative Adventure - 100 Directions. Colorful DIY Project Ideas - 100 Directions. Pretty Spring Floral Craft Ideas - 100 Directions. Cricut Explore. You know I love my Cricut Explore.

Cricut Explore

I wish everyone had one. The creative possibilities with this machine makes it far more than just a craft tool. Creating with Cricut is truly and adventure with the Explore. It's an every day appliance that you'd to be glad you invested in. Jewelry Craft Projects. There are so many beautiful styles of jewelry.

Jewelry Craft Projects

You can use beads, glass, metal, wood, clay and even yarn or paper to create fun handmade pieces of jewelry. Give personal gifts to friends or create special jewelry for yourself. The options really are unlimited. You can create jewelry from just about anything, its only limited by the materials you have access to. Pretty Pillow Decor. Have you ever made a pillow?

Pretty Pillow Decor

Pillows tend to be one of my go to craft projects because they can be so easy to make and so versatile to use. You can decorate a pillow, update pillows you already have or make a pillow from scratch. You can stuff them with polyfil or buy pillow forms and sew pillow cases to cover. You can even upcycle pillows you find at second hand stores and decorate, dye or even paint on them. Quick Crafts How to. Hello speedy crafter!

Quick Crafts How to

Maybe you don't have the time to spend all day making a project or maybe glue and paint make you itch. Maybe you just want to do something fun, but don't want to spend more than an hour (or 30 minutes) on it. I have an an answer for that! Get out the quick crafts! There are definitely all kinds of projects you can create really fast. Grab some glue and googly eyes and make a super cute google eye hair clip. Mason jars are all the rage right now. Spring Crafts and Decor. I Love Spring!

Spring Crafts and Decor

Even more than Spring itself, I really enjoy Spring crafts and creativity. After a cold winter (it's always a cold winter in Colorado), making Spring Decor Crafts is a fun way to breath new life and excitement to your home. Bright colors, fantastic fabrics and all kinds of floral ideas… Spring is fill with creative fun! Let's check out some ideas to help get you and your creative brain moving. Make bright and colorful Spring Decor with this fantastic printable Spring Subway art.

Design your own Spring birdhouse. Draw and Write with Cricut Explore. Did you know you can draw AND write with Cricut Explore cutting machines and coordinating pens?

Draw and Write with Cricut Explore

There are a ton of different pen colors to choose from and now, there is a brand new set of black pens. I love to create all kinds of projects with my Cricut, but drawing is my favorite. Stylish Organizing. 10 Amazing DIY Projects. Craft Room Tour. FINALLY!

Craft Room Tour

It's been years since my craft room was a happy place to be. Today I'm taking you on a craft room tour, sharing the spaces I work in and showing off my studio. My work space, over the years, has become more of a dumping ground for all things creative and even some non-creative general stuff. So, back in November I signed up to participate in a group craft room tour event hosted by my friend Angie over at The Country Chic Cottage. I knew if I committed to sharing my space, I would take the time to really clean it. I hope this inspires you to organize your space, set up a space or just use your creative space more! When I sat down to write this post, I ended up with 47 photos of my space. Until now, I've been creating projects all around the entire house. This is why…. my craft room as of last week: Right!? This paint cabinet, is my absolute favorite space in my entire room… if only I had time to paint more! But this time I meant business.

12 Project Ideas You Can Make Yourself - Colorful Crafts Ideas. Color!

Colorful Crafts Ideas

Add some color to your day with colorful crafts you make yourself. You can add paint, markers, paper, fabric… there are so many ways to add a splash of color. Paint Craft Ideas. Get out the paint and let's paint up our crafts today!

Paint Craft Ideas

I've asked my creative friends for paint craft ideas and they's shared some great ideas. Whether you want to spruce up old craft projects or make something new, paint is a great supply to have in any craft room! Plus, painted crafts are good for all ages. 21 Paper Craft Ideas. Making crafts from paper goes far beyond just cards and paper gift tags.

21 Paper Craft Ideas

Cricut Products I love. Cricut has released a brand new Explore cutting machine so now my list of Cricut Products I love just got bigger! The Cricut Explore Air 2 is beautiful. It comes in 3 colors, mint, light blue and pink. They have shiny chrome and gold accents… best craft tool a girl could have (boys too)! 100 Directions.