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Free Stuff - Viz-People

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SKETCHUPTEXTURES Click on the images to view the contentSEAMLESS TEXTURES ASPHALT, ROADS, RAILS SEAMLESS TEXTURES STONE WALLS, MASONRYIncluded: masonry quoins, misc brick, stone, old stone walls, dry stacked stone, retaining wall, stone blocks Archiforge - Cutout plants Note: All comments are moderated so you will experience a short delay before your comment appears. Comments should be respectful of other voices and I reserve the right to delete comments at my discretion. Cutout Plants V03 – Cutout Vegetation for Architecture Renderings » Price Not Announced Additional 80 high res cutout plants for architecture visualization – Vol.03 Additional 80 hi-res cutout entourage for your architecture graphic library The Cutout Plants V03 is the third of four professional collections with ready-to-use cutout plants for architects and landscape designers. If you like this collections make sure you check out the first collection of the product series: Cutout Plants V01 Vegetation Collection. Or you might take a closer look at our attractive bundle offers to speed up your business with this huge graphic library for your next architectural visualization.

Favorite Architectural Cutout and Texture Resources Architecture visualization can consume a lot of resources and time if you’re not careful. With the tediousness of Photoshop and renderings calculating through the night, spending more that 20 minutes searching Google images for a specific texture or image can become a breaking point for many. Any way to save time in this field is a big advantage, especially in school. The thing is, there are a lot of free resources online that have already put in the hard work so that you don’t have to. Many of these sites were life savers going through architecture school. Free: 10 HDRi Spherical Skies for Use in Your Architectural Visualizations It’s official: The (HDRi) sky is no longer the limit. Answering the call of architecture students, professionals and visualizers, the team at Viz-People is offering a free set of spherical environmental maps that are sure to enhance the spatial and temporal qualities of visualizations. Viz-People’s HDRi v1 Pack, which would usually set you back €50, also includes tone-mapped PNG versions of each sky. Both HDRi and PNG maps come as 360-degree spherical maps that perfectly wrap the environment of the scene, and each comes in an impressively large size of 12,000 pixels by 5,800 pixels. Without further ado, click here to download your free HDRi maps now. The 10 dynamic range images within the v1 pack are highly varied in color and tone, covering different times of day and a mix of weather conditions.

Freebies Juan Carlos Ramos kindly shares his second 2D Cut Out People Pack. As I always say – You can never have too many 2d people, and this pack has 10 groups of them that Juan prepared as part of his Post Production Spanish Master Class. Enjoy! Read More Mischa Winkler kindly shares his high quality grass models with Octane ready materials. You are free to use this for commercial projects too and files are available as .obj .fbx and .max with texture maps.

Walking Man Silhouette Silhouette Graphics Walking Man Silhouette Related Posts via Categories Related posts: Executive Man Silhouette Graphics Man Running Silhouette Graphics Man Silhouette Graphics ULTRA Architettura, David Vecchi, Emanuela Ortolani, Michela Romano, benchekroun — Living in the Desert Axonometric view © David Vecchi . Published on June 12, 2014. The dominant role of nature in shaping the desert landscape shows us how the natural things of this place impose strongly themeselves. Moodboards MILK TRAIN — Concorso per la progettazione di infrastrutture di servizio per la valorizzazione del lago di Varese (Primo Premio) © MILK TRAIN . Published on June 18, 2014. Eight towers, as guardians, to see the lake, at different heights. Eight towers rooted in context, that host different activities depending on where they are lowered: a kiosk, a canoes storage, a fishermens’ depot, a jury shelter for canoes’ races, an alcove for lovers, a space for bird-watching.

KAWAHARA KRAUSE ARCHITECTS — Wooden Hut © KAWAHARA KRAUSE ARCHITECTS . Published on July 29, 2014. The starting points for this project were two completely independent circumstances. One was a heap of firewood in the client’s garden that needed a place to be stacked and dried. VISMAT VRAY SKETCHUP Do you remember that a couple of months ago we did a survey to have your opinion on the functioning of our blog? (Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to thank you again for having responded and participated in so many) Of course, your answers have made me very happy because over 80% of you said she was satisfied, ... but there was also a 20% who did different considerations This prompted me to look for solutions in order to improve the site navigation ....always taking into account of course that it is a Blog, with all the limitations that this entails. In recent days, I proceeded to make many small changes to lighten the pages in order to speed up the loading of the site. I have inserted a horizontal menu that will allow you to more easily find the topics and items of interest.

City Forward By clicking accept, you agree to the City Forward Terms and Conditions. City Forward Terms of Use Thank you for your interest in City Forward. By accessing and using this website, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use. Free Texture - rusty paint garage door - Rusted Metal - luGher Texture Library Download for free this rusty spots on painted metal. rusty painted metal texture 1.7 Mb - 5 megapixel rusty painted metal. rusted metal flaked texture. Free high resolution, high quality rust panel texture. Textures grunge, dirt, plaster, concrete, rust and more. Download the high resolution 3500 x 2700 of the texture for free.