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European Commission - Education & Training - The Bologna Process - Towards the European Higher Education Area

European Commission - Education & Training - The Bologna Process - Towards the European Higher Education Area

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Lisbon Recognition Convention The Lisbon Recognition Convention, officially the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region is an international convention of the Council of Europe elaborated together with the UNESCO. As of 2012, the Convention has been ratified by all 47 member states of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg except for Greece and Monaco. It has also been ratified by the Council of Europe non-member states Australia, Belarus, the Holy See, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and New Zealand. Canada, Tajikistan and the USA have signed but not ratified the Convention. Aims[edit]

Why All LMS’s Are ‘Pretty Good/Bad’ I got a lot of positive feedback on my “Advice for Small Schools on the LMS Selection Process” post, so I’m going to continue the occasional series. You can find all the posts in the series at any time by going to the “small school LMS selection” tag on my site. To recap, these posts may apply to your school if at least three of the following are true: You work at a small school of 3,500 students or less.You have a couple of dozen faculty “heroes” who are using the LMS heavily, a bunch more who just stick their syllabus in it, and a substantial number who don’t use it at all.You offer a small number of distance learning and/or blended courses, but you don’t have any online degree programs or similar systematic collections of online classes.Your school hasn’t migrated to a different LMS in a long, long time. In my first post, I wrote both that “all of these systems are pretty good” and that “all of these systems are pretty bad”.

The Management Consulting Competency Framework - Institute of Management Consultants USA "Management consultants are those organizations and/or individuals that participate in the process of management consulting within a framework of appropriate and relevant professional disciplines and ethics designed for the activity of management consulting."Source: Institute of Management Consultancy, definition in self-regulation paper (the Institute of Management Consultancy, the UK equivalent of IMC USA, merged in April 2007 with the Institute of Business Advisers to form the Institute of Business Consulting) In March 2010, IMC USA was accredited as a ISO/IEC 17024:2003 Certifying Body for the CMC®, and the IMC USA Competency Framework was combined with the IMC USA CMC® Eligibility Standard 1 to form the IMC USA Competency Framework - Certification Scheme for the Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®), a comprehensive overview of the certification process. The definition of management consulting is a key driver for the development of our competence framework.

14 books educators should read Here are 14 books that I have read over the last two years that have had a positive effect and impact on me as an educator. Some of these books were read in the book club at Seckman High School, and some were read as part of my doctoral studies. Despite doing a lot more online reading of late (blogs, articles, etc...), I still feel that books play an important role in educator growth and development. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate School courseintro UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI), founded in 2006, represents a strategic global partnership between the University of Michigan (UM) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). The Chinese Government and both partner universities are fully committed to develop JI as a world-class institute for engineering education. As a specially designated reform zone in SJTU, the JI has merged and utilized the best practices of both universities, whose primary mission is to establish a highly reputable institute for innovative global engineering education and research activities that will eventually extend to various other academic disciplines. Students can benefit from the Institute’s top caliber faculty from the globe contributing to its global education.

European Network of Information Centres The European Network of Information Centres (ENIC) were established as a join initiative of UNESCO and the Council of Europe. They are intended to implement the Lisbon recognition convention and, in general, to develop policy and practice for the recognition of qualifications. The ENIC network works closely with the NARIC network of the European Union. The network is made up of national information centres from each of the member states of the European Cultural Convention.

e-Learning Industry Market Research The E-Learning Industry With the cost of implementing e-learning tools falling, more governments, businesses, and schools have added online courses and other forms of distance learning to their organizations. By keeping an eye on the top trends in e-learning, meeting some of the most influential experts in the e-learning field, and asking critical questions about your own strategy, you can make important decisions about how you use e-learning tools in your own life and at your own organization.

What is a competency framework? What is a competency? There is often confusion between the terms competence and competency. In truth the two terms mean the same thing, in that they are both used as a word that means: a required behaviour within a job role. However, competence is more usually used when describing a basic minimum level of job behaviour and competency would be more usually understood to be a description of performance excellence. This framework aims to support excellence. What is a competency framework?

Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube YouTube w/out a doubt is the most popular website for video on the internet. However, this site is cause for concern w/ school districts due to the inappropriateness of some of its content. For this reason YouTube is blocked in many school districts around the world (for safer ways to view YouTube videos click here). While there are paid solutions for bringing video to the classroom such as Discovery Education Streaming or Safari Montage there are a number of free websites that provide a nice alternative as well. 2012/2013 Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students USST administers 3 types of international students scholarship offered by the Shanghai Municipal Government in an attempt to encourage excellent international students and scholars to study at USST. I. Types of scholarship and who shall apply Type A (full scholarship) It is granted to excellent international students who will apply for Master/Doctor degree program in USST Type B (partial scholarship)

Pluto Press - The Assault on Universities With funding cuts well under way and many institutions already promising to charge the maximum £9,000 yearly tuition fee, university education for the majority is under threat. This book exposes the true motives behind the government's programme and provides the analytical tools to fight it. Widespread student protests and occupations, often supported by staff, unions and society at large, show the public's opposition to funding cuts and fee increases. The contributors to this sharp, well-written collection, many of whom are active participants in the anti-cuts movement, outline what's at stake and why it matters. They argue that university education is becoming increasingly skewed towards vocational degrees, which devalues the arts and social sciences – subjects that allow creativity and political inquiry to flourish. Michael Bailey is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Essex.

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