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Bank for International Settlements

Bank for International Settlements

Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Interest rates are set by the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee. The MPC sets an interest rate it judges will enable the inflation target to be met. The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is made up of nine members – the Governor, the two Deputy Governors, the Bank's Chief Economist, the Executive Director for Markets and four external members appointed directly by the Chancellor. The appointment of external members is designed to ensure that the MPC benefits from thinking and expertise in addition to that gained inside the Bank of England. Members serve fixed terms after which they may be replaced or re-appointed.

International Maritime Organization 15/04/2014 IMO Secretary-General Sekimizu chaired the judging panel for the Seatrade Awards 2014 (14 April). The ceremony included an award in support of IMO's theme for World Maritime Day 2014 ‘IMO Conventions: Effective Implementation’, won by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). IACS Chairman Mr R. OPPT: One list for all Shows and Live Interviews – to be updated regularly This will be an ongoing list of all OPPT shows & interviews based on the One People’s Public Trust. Newest shows/interviews will be shown first and will be continuously updated. 4 April 2013

iTunes U - Aprende todo, en cualquier momento y lugar. Center for Pacific Basin Studies (CPBS) Bank Risk-Taking and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from China Working Paper 2020-27 We present evidence that monetary policy easing reduces bank risk-taking but exacerbates capital misallocation in China after implementing the Basel III capital regulations in 2013. Fonds Monétaire International EN DIRECTConférence de presse : Moniteur des finances publiques La zone euro a besoin d’une union budgétaire La zone euro connaît une reprise vigoureuse, mais l’architecture qui sous-tend l’union monétaire de l’Europe demeure inachevée et laisse la région exposée à de futures crises financières. Un rêve différé : inégalités et pauvreté intergénérationnelles en Europe La jeunesse européenne est accablée par la pauvreté, le chômage et une protection sociale inadéquate.

Representative Office for the Americas Last update 26 February 2014 The BIS established its Representative Office for the Americas in Mexico City in November 2002. The Office's main areas of activity are related to Latin America and the Caribbean and include: strengthening the relations of the BIS with, and promoting cooperation among, central banks and supervisory authorities and other relevant institutions in the region; cooperating closely with regional organisations (eg CEMLA, ASBA, CMCA, FLAR) in the pursuit of its goals; research on regional financial market issues and related monetary policy or financial stability issues; facilitating the organisation of meetings Publications and research Publications authored or co-authored by Americas Office staff are made available on the Bank's website.

Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques 효율적인 통화신용정책의 수립과 집행 Central Bank of Somalia