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Les 10 livres d’architecture à lire pendant les vacances. Et non, je ne dis pas que du mal, bande de mécréants… Je n’ai pas que des coups de gueules contre les starchitectes, j’ai aussi des coups de cœurs pour des choses simples : les livres. Juste avant mon départ en vacances, avec l’aide d’amis, je vous ai concocté une petite liste de 10 livres d’architecture (théorie, pratique, roman. essai…) à lire ou à re-lire pendant vos vacances. Essayez au possible de les acheter en librairie même si celles spécialisées en architecture ferment les unes après les autres. Le choix est divers et varié : sérieux, léger, drôle, intelligent, instructif : bref un peu comme moi. Adhocracy is part of the Istanbul Design Biennial. The exhibition presents a collection of some of the most relevant projects undertaken in previous years as part of the “Third industrial revolution.” Or as The Economist described it “The world of people who make things.” The scope of Adhocracy ranges from digital manufacturing and 3D printers to the re-appropriation of public spaces, open-source hardware and crowd funding.

Studio 2 ArchitectureJapanese architecture has been a source of inspiration for architects and designers throughout the world. The exhibition shows the work of a number of architects who, in both their architectural practice and lives, are committed to sustainable development. Studio 2: Kazuya Morita Kazuya Morita from Kyoto trained as a plasterer after qualifying as an architect and now specialises in how traditional methods of construction can be adapted for contemporary life. His modernist buildings use many traditional construction techniques. Imagine, Pedro Reyes Whilst in town for Audi’s Urban Future Initiative, we had the pleasure of taking in Istanbul’s inaugural Design Biennial – essentially a duo of exhibitions curated by Emre Arolat and Joseph Grima, for the Istanbul Found. for Culture & Arts, that weren’t afraid to challenge traditional beliefs of design, and to provoke a response through thoughtfully invited participants. If you were looking for the latest, greatest chair from the latest, greatest big name in international design; you’d happened upon the wrong place. Serving to exemplify this point, one floor of the rather charming Galata Greek School – which was hosting Joseph Grima’s Adhocracy exhibition – was largely dominated by Imagine, a recent body of work from Mexico City artist Pedro Reyes. Thought-provoking, innovative and empowering, the pièce de résistance here is that the hastily cobbled together instruments actually sound bloody good (just listen to that bass in the below video at around 4:15), and the real clincher?

jordi colomer - projects Barcelona (2002) / Bucarest (2003) / Brasilia (2003) / Osaka (2004) video and projection room master BETACAM digital 4 projections colour mute edition of 5 ex. and 1 AP Barcelona: 5', Bucarest : 3', Brasilia : 3'49", Osaka: 1'49" Performed by: Idroj Sanicne Photography: Marc Viaplana (Ramone), Ichiro Guerra, Jordi Colomer Models: Jordi Colomer, Jordi Encinas, Barry Paulson, Alberto Peral, Koichiro Togita. Production Bucarest: Radu Production Brasilia: Luiz Fernando Campiello Production Osaka: Shigefumi Sato, Koichiro Togita Production Tokyo: Pablo Taché Translator (Osaka): Koichi Hamajima Post-production audio & video: Adolf Alcañiz/Metrònom-lab Produced by: MARAVILLS (Barcelona) In collaboration with: Embajada de España (Brasilia), Ecco. Brasilia, Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Cultura (Spain), Fundación Marcelino Botín. Santander (Spain).

İKSV debuts first İstanbul Design Biennial İstanbul’s first Design Biennial is under way. It’s a big feature of the İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Art’s (İKSV) ongoing 40th birthday celebration, as well as an entirely new platform for presenting new designers to the world. The giant display of ingenuity and innovation is centered around the main theme “Kusurluluk” (Imperfection) and is divided between two venues: the Galata Greek School and İstanbul Modern. Running through Dec. 12, the double exhibition has two curators: Joseph Grima’s “Adhocracy” is in the Galata Greek School and Emre Arolat’s “Musibet” (Calamity) is at İstanbul Modern. Works include objects, photographs, video and film installations, inventions, research data presentations, models and interactive works and games. Additionally, there are academic programs, workshops, parallel participants’ events, design walks, film screenings and seminars.

Under the Shadow of the Drone I drew another drone, this one in Istanbul. More pictures: Drone Shadow 002, at Flickr. In February, Einar Sneve Martinussen and I were talking about drones. Einar is one of the team from AHO and Voy in Norway behind such wonders as Immaterials: Wifi Light Painting, and Ugle; both, in their way, visualisations of the invisible, instantiations of technological processes and communications.

Istanbul Design Biennial Highlights Istanbul's design community has come into its own as a powerful international voice. As a testament to their rightful place in the international creative community, the city's Foundation for Culture and Arts hosted the city's first-ever Istanbul Design Biennial bringing together Turkish and international artists in a multidisciplinary showcase. Separated into two distinct exhibition spaces curated by Emre Arolat and Joseph Grima, respectively, the artists and exhibits were chosen in accordance with the Biennial's theme, "Imperfection". Each curator created a sub-theme that guided their individual exhibition.