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5 Free and Underrated Twitter Analytics Tools This is a guest post by Jessica Malnik, a PR/marketing assistant, social media specialist, videographer and avid blogger. Visit her blog for social media, technology, public relations and marketing ramblings. Twitter may only allow 140 characters or less in a tweet. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t track and analyze those results. Social media analysis and reporting can be a daunting and downright expensive task. Tools like Radian 6 are phenomenal for companies with a large marketing budget.

6 Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing Do you know if your Twitter marketing is working? Monitoring and analyzing your Twitter projects can be challenging. With the right metrics, you can improve and tailor your Twitter campaigns for better results. Luckily, third-party Twitter tools provide these metrics, but there are MANY tools to choose from out there. So here I’ll share some of the best Twitter analytics tools to help you improve your Twitter marketing. #1: SocialBro: Explore Your Community 20 tools and apps for digital journalists Storytelling tools: Five easy ways to create visual stories that can be embedded within a news story 1. Storify: A journalist favourite No list of journalism tools would be complete without Storify.

Is Quora the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years? I’ve now been blogging for 10 years. Looking back we haven’t seen all that much innovation for bloggers. You have a box. You type in it. Put an image into it. And hit publish. 10 free social media monitoring tools - Canada Canada Social Media Do you know what people say about your brand? Do you know what they think of you? Social media may still be very young, yet millions of net surfers use them at any given time of the day or night to connect with the world, and share their thoughts, comments, pictures, videos, etc. Companies striving for success must keep abreast of this content in order to engage with present and potential customers in a meaningful way.

Know and show what you got - TwentyFeet - TwentyFeet Wiki The performance post for twitter is a cool way to recap your last week for your followers and friends. It's for free. You can do that with your "forever free" twitter account . It contains the changes in your key twitter metrics. 8 Great Twitter Tools to Save You Time If you aren't getting the results you want from Twitter, the problem might not be Twitter. The problem might be you... or at least the tools you're not using. Here are eight apps that can make Twitter a lot more efficient and effective: Storify

Simple Share Buttons This page is a temporary measure, while I work on the Simple Share Buttons HTML Generator! In the meantime, I figured it’s only fair, to share the share buttons in a plain HTML format. Trade Fairly Online Shop First things first (although you may have thought it last), you need to style your buttons. Here is some pretty basic CSS code that will apply the default settings, best placed within your <HEAD> tags (it’ll work just before the buttons though if you can only place it there). Obviously feel free to add to/amend any of this, if you’re not too sure how to amend things to your liking, please just leave a comment.

Why I was wrong about Quora as a blogging service … I must apologize to Dave Winer. He warned me about supporting services that aren’t the open web and I wasn’t willing to listen to him a month ago, because I was infatuated with a cool new service that lots of insiders were supporting. I’ve seen a LOT of discussion about Quora in the past few weeks since I wrote it could be the biggest blogging innovation in the past decade. GigaOm even wrote a post asking whether it was worth the more than $80 million the investors are hoping it’s worth. Turns out I was totally wrong. It’s a horrid service for blogging, where you want to put some personality into answers.

Serious Analytics for Social Relationships Twitalyzer's Data Use and Privacy Policy Twitalyzer makes use of publicly available data in all cases, regardless of source. We rely on public Twitter streams, publicly available data from Klout, PeerIndex, and Rapleaf, and reserve the right to add other data from the public domain from time to time. We do not use direct messages or any other type of private information in any of our processing or reporting.

Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v3 Jisc CETIS MASHe Important: Changes to Twitter API Because Twitter are making changes to their API this version of TAGS will stop working in March 2013. TAGSv5.0 is compatible with the new API and you should get it here! For existing TAGS users: What will happen to my existing TAGS sheets? Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search Drag down from the middle of the Home screen and type what you're looking for.

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