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A Tour through the Visualization Zoo

A Tour through the Visualization Zoo
Related Content Visualizing System Latency Heat maps are a unique and powerful way to visualize latency data. Explaining the results, however, is an ongoing challenge. Browse this Topic: Queue on Reddit Jeffrey Heer, Michael Bostock, and Vadim Ogievetsky, Stanford University Thanks to advances in sensing, networking, and data management, our society is producing digital information at an astonishing rate. The goal of visualization is to aid our understanding of data by leveraging the human visual system's highly tuned ability to see patterns, spot trends, and identify outliers. Creating a visualization requires a number of nuanced judgments. This article provides a brief tour through the "visualization zoo," showcasing techniques for visualizing and interacting with diverse data sets. Most of the visualizations shown here are accompanied by interactive examples. Time-Series Data Time-series data—sets of values changing over time—is one of the most common forms of recorded data. Index Charts

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Scary Big Data, Cool 3D Analytics and More What’s going on in the analytics world this week? Big, Scary Big Data The New York Times did some “etymological detective work” to resolve the tricky question of who first coined the term “big data” in its current meaning (and some man-in-the street reporting shows that nobody really knows what they current meaning is). What we do know is that big data is powerful, and that means it’s also potentially scary. Data Visualization, Graphical Analytic Techniques Brief Overviews of Types of Graphs Representative Visualization Techniques Categorized Graphs One of the most important, general, and also powerful analytic methods involves dividing ("splitting") the data set into categories in order compare the patterns of data between the resulting subsets. This common technique is known under a variety of terms (such as breaking down, grouping, categorizing, splitting, slicing, drilling-down, or conditioning) and it is used both in exploratory data analyses and hypothesis testing.

Graph Visualization and Neo4j So far we’ve learned how to get Neo4j up and running with Neography, how to find friends of friends and degrees of separation with the Neo4j REST API and a little bit of the Gremlin and Cypher languages. However, all we’ve seen is text output. We haven’t really “seen” a graph yet, but that’s about to change.

Tools on Datavisualization A Carefully Selected List of Recommended Tools 07 May 2012 Tools Flash, JavaScript, Processing, R When I meet with people and talk about our work, I get asked a lot what technology we use to create interactive and dynamic data visualizations. To help you get started, we have put together a selection of the tools we use the most and that we enjoy working with. Documentation CanvasXpress works in all major browsers, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and IE. It even works in substandard browsers like Internet Explorer 6 if an additional javascript library like ExplorerCanvas or FlashCanvas is included. Older versions of many browsers like Firefox 1.5, Opera 9, Safari 3.x, Chrome 1.0, IE 6 also require additional javascript libraries, canvas-text and typeface.js to support printing of text.

Improving visualisation - Gallery "Spike" map Interactive United States population density map. Average rating: 7.5 (23 votes) Les 50 plus beaux graphiques... Studyscape Patrick Vuarnoz Suitmen State-of-the-Art Innovation Management We're sorry, we can't find the page you're looking for. Return to Home Page Try searching for the page you're looking for: How to Position Your Innovation in the Marketplace Visipedia Accident Reconstruction diagrams are visual recreations of a vehicle accident which has occurred. They normally depict the accident and the surrounding area, as well as the vehicles and people involved and the location of each at the time based on eyewitness reports and physical evidence. They can be pictorial diagrams, 3D images, or even animated representations. In any case, Accident Reconstruction diagrams assist in the imagination of exactly what occurred in a vehicular accident through the use of symbols and pictures. Typical Uses

The Digital Capabilities Your Company Needs These days, the most fundamental technology requirements are not just the responsibility of your IT department. New research suggests that digital transformation will require companies to draw from a core set of four digital capabilities: a unified digital platform; solution delivery; analytics capabilities; and business and IT integration. Image courtesy of Flickr user In today’s business environment, digital capabilities are a fundamental building block with which companies can transform customer experience, operational processes and business models. Although CIOs and existing IT departments in many companies have the skills to lead some digital initiatives, most companies find they must hire extra skills or implement separate units to coordinate digital transformation.

View topic - Adequately scaling maps Hi, Thanks for your prompt and clear reply (you didn't include the link to more information... I'm still a bit dubious about safely resizing maps to compare characteristics (like GDP or population) across countries. If I get it right, the scaling applies to the frames around the maps and to the maps themselves –which is ok. However I still have the problem of countries having different shapes and therefore filling different areas within the frame. Take for example Spain and Chile, which are both framed in a 4x4 square.

Digital Transformation The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting Mark Keil et al. Will your next big IT project be on time and deliver what was promised?