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Free Statistics Book

Free Statistics Book
Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study Developed by Rice University , University of Houston Clear Lake, and Tufts University Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study is a resource for learning and teaching introductory statistics. It contains material presented in textbook format and as video presentations. This resource features interactive demonstrations and simulations, case studies, and an analysis lab. If you are an instructor using these materials in a class we would appreciate hearing from you.

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About the Author - Fundamental Statistics Bryan Burnham received his B'A' from Utica College of Syracuse University ('02) and his M.A. ('04) and Ph.D. ('07) in Cognitive Psychology from the University at Albany. Other than that, since he is probably your statistics professor, ask him a question to find out more. He won't bite! Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Statistics, StatSoft Electronic Textbook This free ebook has been provided as a public service since 1995. Statistics: Methods and Applications textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics and data mining. It covers a wide variety of applications, including laboratory research (biomedical, agricultural, etc.), business statistics, credit scoring, forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining, engineering and quality control applications, and many others. The Textbook begins with an overview of the relevant elementary (pivotal) concepts and continues with a more in depth exploration of specific areas of statistics, organized by "modules", representing classes of analytic techniques. A glossary of statistical terms and a list of references for further study are included. You have filtered out all documents.

The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice Gerard E. Dallal, Ph.D Chief, Biostatistics Unit Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University 711 Washington Street Boston, MA Logistic Regression Poisson Regression Degrees of Freedom A good case can be made that the best set of articles about statistical practice written for the practitioner is the series of Statistics Notes appearing in the British Medical Journal. Fundamental Statistics This online book is designed as an introduction to statistics for undergraduates enrolled in various scientific disciplines, but is aimed more toward an audience of students in the behavioral sciences. However, because psychological theories can get a little dull, which would add to the conceptual-ness of an already conceptual and generally content-dry course, many of the examples in this book are related more to contemporary society. Read, relax and enjoy! This online book should be considered a work that is 'always in progress'.

Mathematicians mapped out every “Game of Thrones” relationship to find the main character — Quartz Fans of the Game of Thrones books and TV series have long quarreled over who the true hero of the story is. Daenerys? Tyrion? Jon Snow? Hodor? Psychology - University of Amsterdam The UvA website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the basic functionality of the site and for statistical and optimisation purposes. It also uses cookies to display content such as YouTube videos and for marketing purposes. This last category consists of tracking cookies: these make it possible for your online behaviour to be tracked. You consent to this by clicking on Accept or continuing to use this website. Necessary

The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences started in 1999, with funding from the University Initiatives Fund. It was the first center in the nation devoted to this interface, with the triple mission of galvanizing collaborative research between social scientists and statisticians, developing a menu of new graduate courses for social science students, and putting together an innovative case-based undergraduate statistics sequence for the social sciences. Research collaboration is fostered in a variety of ways, through seminars, seed grants, the consulting program, the working papers series, and the collaborative work of our core faculty. Our dynamic Seminar series meets on Wednesdays at 12:30pm in Savery 409 and is run by CSSS Seminar Director Peter Hoff. This features a great deal of interaction and discussion, and is highly interdisciplinary in terms of both speakers and audience.

Understanding Statistical Power and Significance Testing — an Interactive Visualization Type I and Type II errors, β, α, p-values, power and effect sizes – the ritual of null hypothesis significance testing contains many strange concepts. Much has been said about significance testing – most of it negative. Methodologists constantly point out that researchers misinterpret p-values. Some say that it is at best a meaningless exercise and at worst an impediment to scientific discoveries. Consequently, I believe it is extremely important that students and researchers correctly interpret statistical tests. Painless Guide to Statistics Bates College | WHY? | inferential statisitics | types of data | central tendency | measures of variation | | parametric statistics | assumptions of.. | t-test | ANOVA | correlation and regression | | nonparam. statistics | assumptions of... | chi-square one sample test |chi-square 2-sample test | other nonparam. tests | WHICH TEST DO I USE?: Flow Chart Introduction As maturing biologists, much of your life will be spent collecting data and deciding what to do with it. Unfortunately, this task has caused many in our profession to oscillate between anxiety and apoplexy and that need not be the case.

Math 101: A reading list for lifelong learners Ready to level up your working knowledge of math? Here’s what to read now — and next. Math 101, with Jennifer Ouellette First, start with these 5 books… 1. Blog — Stats Make Me Cry Consulting Four years is a reasonable amount of time between blog posts, right? Help me decide what to blog about. What topics do you want to hear about? Read More Statistical Soup: ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, & MANCOVA The distinctions between ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, and MANCOVA can be difficult to keep straight.