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Complications, actual stats and accidents

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Healthmatters Medics urged to ban circumcision as baby boy bleeds to death. Complications. Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience. Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience There is a circumcision scar on every circumcised penis.

Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience

This scar is very sensitive to touch. If you are a circumcised male you can touch the skin behind the scar and then the scar itself and compare. You will notice a striking difference. The scar feels very 'zingy' to the touch as opposed to the area behind it. This is because the scar is actually the inner sexually sensitive foreskin that has been externalised. In addition, the exposed glans is also meant to be internal and is super-sensitive, and is not meant to touch fabric. On an intact penis however, the entire penis is covered in the comfortable tissue that you felt behind the scar.

As you get on with your day to day tasks, all your sexual tissues would remain hidden inside. When this intact penis becomes erect, the foreskin rolls back on its self and reveals the sensitive inner-foreskin on the outer side, as well as the glans. Identifying Damage to an Adult Male's dick. Tight Extreme Painful Erections From Circumcision. BJ shares his experience with his tight painful erections from circumcision, resulting inrips, tears, and trips to the hospital…all of which could have been avoided had he not been circumcised.

Tight Extreme Painful Erections From Circumcision

One of the risks associated with circumcision is that too much skin is removed, resulting in these tight painful erections, some of which are extreme, which you will read below. Thank you BJ for sharing with us your personal story. BJ writes, “I was circumcised when I was an infant. I never really knew the difference or that anything had ever been done to me until I reached puberty. THAT is when I knew something was wrong, erections were painful. Cut vs. Intact Outcome Statistics. 75 will not readily breastfeed post-op 55 will have adverse reactions from the surgery 35 will have post-op hemorrhaging to one degree or another 31 will develop meatal ulcers 10 will need to have the circumcision surgery repeated to fix prior surgical problems/error 8 will suffer infection at the surgical site 3 will develop post-operative phimosis 2 will have a more serious complication (seizure, heart attack, stroke, loss of penis, death) 1 will require additional immediate surgery and sutures to stop hemorrhage.

Cut vs. Intact Outcome Statistics

Deaths from Circumcision. Paediatr Child Health Vol 12 No 4 April 2007 Coroner's Corner Circumcision: A minor procedure?

Deaths from Circumcision

Paediatric Death Review Committee: Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario A male infant at 37 weeks' gestation was born ... weighing 3.9 kg, with Apgar scores of seven at 1 min and nine at 5 min, Prenatally mild bilateral dilation of renal pelvises and ureters was noted on ultra­sound. A urology consultation at 36 weeks' gestation sug­gested a possible normal variant ... The baby was bottle-fed and was reported to he doing well when he was circumcised using a PlastiBell ring (Hollister, USA) at 10:00 on the seventh day of life (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Death From Circumcision. By Danelle Frisbie © 2010 1 ounce of blood - size comparison in glass beaker to a U.S. quarterA newborn baby is in a state of critical hemorrhage from a loss of just 1 ounce of blood.

Death From Circumcision

A baby only needs to lose 1 ounce of blood to hemorrhage, and just 2.3 ounces to die as a result of this blood loss. Circumcision and SIDS: Only One of Them Is Preventable. Botch Gallery 1 - skin bridges. A Gallery of Circumcisions 1. Skin-bridges A skin-bridge is formed when the raw remnant where the foreskin was cut attaches to the raw surface of the glans and heals that way. This happens after the doctor has lost interest in the case and the mother, who has been told her son's circumcised penis is now "low maintenance" and has no idea what it is "supposed" to look like, does not notice that anything is the matter.

Circumcision Gallery. Circumcision Gallery. 6. Unevenness Unevenness This is the least serious kind of circumcision damage, since it has no additional effect on sexuality or health - beyond that caused by the circumcision itself. It poses a serious challenge though, to the claim that circumcision makes the penis look better. All the following pictures are taken from images intended to be erotic. Circumcision Gallery. 4. Gangrene The following pictures are not for the squeamish. Necrotising fasciitis, "Galloping Gangrene" Circumcision Gallery. 9. Wound dehiscence (re-opening) These were all caused by the Tara KLamp in Kwazulu Natal. Original at Wikimedia Separation seems to have occurred only on the patient's right (lower) side. Botch Gallery - scarring. These penises would probably be considered "normal" by the men who own them or the doctors who cut them.

But the very fact that they are so different indicates that circumcision has varying effects. Circumcision Gallery - excessive skin removed. Botch Gallery 2 - skin tags. 2. Skin-tags. Circumcision Gallery. Circumcision Accidents. History of Circumcision. Excessive removal of skin and mucosa is one of the most common results of neonatal circumcision, yet the true frequency of this injury and its adverse effects on physical and psychological development have never been adequately documented.

History of Circumcision

In this account, Shane Peterson tells his own story of the lifelong trauma he has suffered as a result of the “routine neonatal circumcision” to which he was subjected soon after birth – an operation in which nearly all the skin of the penis shaft was removed in addition to the skin and mucosa of the foreskin. The horrific results and damaging long term sequelae of this iatrogenic injury distorted Shane’s physical and psychological development, his sexuality, his perceived place in society, and his career. Doctors and psychiatrists were unsympathetic when he complained of pain and disfigurement. Reconstructive surgery to resolve the physical injury yielded such disappointing results that he attempted suicide. Introduction Overview Major life events 1. Circumcision Complications. Complications, risks, adverse effects of circumcision. This directory contains articles about the complications, risks, adverse effects, and disadvantages of circumcision and their treatments (not including repair of the circumcision itself; see Foreskin reconstruction).

Complications, risks, adverse effects of circumcision

See also Psychological Impacts of Circumcision. Medical journal articles about complications are divided into case reports, propective studies, retrospective studies, and literature survey articles. Case reports report individual cases. Prospective studies are forward looking studies that record the complications experienced by a particular group of infants. Retrospective studies look backward by examination of medical and/or hospital records.

Man raised as a girl after losing penis to circumcision commits suicide. Circumcision Complications. For a fuller list of Reasons Not to Circumcise, click there.

Circumcision Complications

Death now has its own page. Strictly speaking, a disease has complications, surgery such as circumcision has side-effects. Risks vs Benefits. Newborn Baby Survives Heart Failure Following Circumcision. Almost one year to the day that sweet Baby Joshua, who had been struggling with a congenital heart defect, lost his life to post-circumcision blood loss and heart failure, another little one clings to life in a horrifyingly similar experience.In the United States today, more newborn baby boys die each year from circumcision than from choking, from auto accidents, from suffocation, from SIDS, from (recalled) sleep positioners and from (the newly banned) drop-side cribs.

The risk of complications, including death, are monumentally heightened for premature babies, or those born with pre-existing health conditions, including heart defects. No medical or health organization in the world recommends routine infant circumcision - including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). What follows is one authors' write-up of Baby Chance's story for the Herald Citizen, a Cooksville, TN newspaper in the same city Chance was born. Just 9 days old, Chance endured his first open heart surgery.